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list of proposed projects
for CHT season 7
→ also see

< DRAFT+ >

Last updated:
    20190614 started
    20190714 merged file from desktop + restyle + overview
    20190821 touch (at camp) ++
    20190907 overview (rough read)
    20191007 total merge <d
    20200718 quick overview

Also see:
    * 🔗todos - what can you do for the project, at any level?
    * 🔗works - general focus semaphore for long-term/recurring projects
    * 🔗tech-tree - an overview of CHT infrastructure categories (including next steps)
    * 🔗history - previous subseasons are full of (un)finished projects
    * XXX🔗todos - internal orga
    2018-10-30 Page coming soon.
    2019-05-31 Here it goes
    2019-08-22 Touch @ cccamp19

Table of Contents
1.1   PREFIXES → project categories
1.2   SUFFIXES → type of work
2 *** On next camp (CHT7B)
2.1 [!] •COOP• CCC, 36c3, etc | PC °
2.2 [!] •COOP• "Lim0" Distribution system | PC+@@ °
2.3 [!!] INFRA: Maintain Trucko van | @@+PC °
2.4 [] •INFRA/OPS• Boat / Sailing | @@+PC
2.5 [!] •INFRA• Ordering new stuff | PC+LIVE
2.6 [!] •INFRA• Washing Machine
2.7 [] INFRA: Second Van | @@+PC
2.8 [!] INFRA: Lanzarote secondary project storage / #Vaults | @@
2.9 [!] •THEORY• Postinternet distribution | PC+LIVE
2.10 [] •THEORY• Post-Postmodernist Art | PC+LIVE
2.11 [!] •THEORY• Base type 5: Squatting | @@
2.12 [] •THEORY• Overview Questionniare | PC
2.13 [] •THEORY• Overview All Hackbase Types | PC
2.14 [] •THEORY/PR• General Outcomes : Think CHT beyond "place" | PC
2.15 [!] •THEORY• Overthink CHT problems & solutions | LIVE+PC
2.15.1     * Lack of liquid capital:
2.15.2     * Unstable timing:
2.15.3     * Worldwide situation developing fast
2.15.4     * Lack of people power:
2.15.5     * Precarious, unstable conditions to work:
2.16 [!] •PR• Project Spread | PC+LIVE
2.17 [!] •PR• Overview all PR (promotion, public relation) docs
2.18 [!!] •PR/MEDIA• How to keep people updated? | PC+LIVE
2.18.1   * Send regular site "patches" to mailing list
2.18.2   * Opt-in to specific topics
2.18.3   * Media reporting ?
2.19 [!] MEDIA/PR: Website ++ | PC+LIVE
2.20 [!] •SYS/THEORY• Revectorize alliances. | PC
2.21 [!!] SYS: Research and list other island activity. | PC+@@+LIVE
2.22 [!] •OP/DEV• "Remote work"
2.22.1   A) Remote work outside of subseasons
2.22.2   B) Remote support during subseasons !!
2.23 [] •OP/EVENT• Collaboration project with Gov Institutions
2.24 [!] •OP/COOP/THEORY• Hackbase-In-A-Box (HIAB) : Standardize CHT as Post/Extra-capitalist System
2.24.1     * write it down
2.24.2     * develop this into a purchasable item (#lim0):
2.25 [] •OP/PR/SYS• Overview: Local People Contacts
2.26 [?] OP: Position to win grants. | PC
2.27 [] •HACK• Run Trucko van on Vegetable Oil
2.28 [!!] CoCo council #2 | PC+@@
2.29 _____________________
2.30 [!] EVENT: Define Trucko van as a mobile hacklab
2.31 [!!] EVENT: Tenesar PCC | @@
2.32 [!!] DEV: Server todos | PC
2.33 [!] DEV: OsmAnd offline maps sharing | PC
2.34 [!] INFRA: High-level projects overview ("tech tree")
2.35 [!] MEDIA/EVENT: CHT Exhibitions
2.36 [] INFRA/MEDIA: mobile publishing house | PC+@@
2.37 [!] INFRA: socio-ergonomics | @@
2.38 [!] MEDIA: representation systems | PC+LIVE
3 *** TOPICS (older subseasons)
3.1 _____ CHT6A + CHT6B _____
3.1.1     * (General happening every time)
3.1.2     * Make a temporary lab
3.1.3     * Reorganize project equipment
3.1.4     * Try connecting more with locals - organize:
3.1.5     * maps & navigation development:
3.1.6     * rewrite Newcomers protocol
3.1.7     * Work on tents tech
3.1.8     * upkeep and document the 🔗lights system
3.1.9     * upkeep: generator:
3.1.10     * upkeep: drone:
3.1.11     * upkeep: DC-regulation electronics !!!:
3.1.12     * Visit Fuerteventura (the closest other island) with van
3.1.13     * improve: protocol about where to set camp?
3.1.14     * advance the cooperation with the local governments
3.2 _____ OLDER  _____
4.1 Spectrometry (build & find uses for)
4.2 More DIY science (but not gimmicky)
5.1 THEORY/OP -- Document short "parallel activity"
5.2 INFRA/MEDIA -- CHT Radio
5.2.1   CHT radio
5.2.2   Camp radio
5.3 THEORY/COCO -- Support radicalizing interpersonal relations
5.4 PR/THEORY -- Communicating the project
5.5 MEDIA -- Hypermedia Artsy Ideas
5.6 OP/COOP -- A Month of Trading
5.7 DEV/COCO -- Resources-based Social Network
5.8 SYS/LAND -- Farming @Lanzarote (and @Canarias)
5.9 OP/PSYCHO -- The "Fun" Factor
5.10 [] THEORY | Food Systems & Breadbasket failures
5.11 [] LAND: Birds and Cats | PC+@@
6.1 DIY -- Fix +christo ipad (80gb) !
6.2 LAND -- Wild Animal "Management"
6.3 PSYCHO -- Social media company infleunce engineering


TODO !!!
... Merge this to 🔗projects & (then perhaps transclude)

  PREFIXES → project categories

    * INFRA = new infrastructure & maintenance

    * SYS = systematics

    * THEORY = generalized reflection, including tactics (manifests, protocols, etc)

    * PR = spread, promotion and public relations

    * MEDIA = hypermedia, representation systems

    * LAND = practical & research nature-culture interventions

    * DEV = software (programming) & hardware development, deployment (servers), etc

    * OP = administrative operations (archives, grants, bureocracy, treasury, etc)

    * EVENT = public happenings

  SUFFIXES → type of work

    * PC = at computer & at telephone (can do anywhere)

    * LIVE = present outside, together, but anywhere

    * @@ = present at bases - exploring/meeting/working there


*** On next camp (CHT7B)

See !

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[!] •COOP• CCC, 36c3, etc | PC °

* 36c3 event (December 2019):

* Get CCC attendance vouchers for 36c3 !

* Finish work from 🔗event-cccamp19 !:
    Document best 🔗ccc-solar setups at camp.

* Approach critically CHT vs CCC organisation patterns:
    economic, community, ...

[!] •COOP• "Lim0" Distribution system | PC+@@ °

* Continue 🔗lim0 project !

* Ready another batch of portable solar setups:
    ORDER NOW !!!

* [...]

<-------------------- (coop)

[!!] INFRA: Maintain Trucko van | @@+PC °

See 🔗trucko-now !

[] •INFRA/OPS• Boat / Sailing | @@+PC

See 🔗boating !

[!] •INFRA• Ordering new stuff | PC+LIVE

Defining, researching, selecting, financing, buying, shipping/delivering ... new equipment.

See 🔗ordering-new.
Addresses at 🔗shipping.

Also consider connection / #tomerge to 🔗lim0 !!!

Specifically, for more on Van parts see 🔗trucko-new.

[!] •INFRA• Washing Machine

#tomerge : (i wrote options somewhere before)

    * hand washing - need more buckets !!!
    * @kos

    * set up a public station ?
    * rogue apts use ?
    * +tila ??

[] INFRA: Second Van | @@+PC

Found a candidate:
    A white ~1985 Syncro (4x4) Dokka T3. ("Platform Chassis").

Is it worth betting 1000€ (500€ buy + 500€ fix + 2 months work) on the second van?

What would it be?:

    * A containerized tiny-house platform?:

    * A distribution system:
        * food truck ?
        * "drop in" 🔗lim0 store ?
        * [...]

    * A to-distribute a copy of 🔗trucko?:
        aka "sell off" aka 🔗lim0

    * [...] !!!

[!] INFRA: Lanzarote secondary project storage / #Vaults | @@

Move the stuff that we cannot fit into the van, from current place (@MB1), to some new place.

    * ASK people for (temporary) storage space
    * RENT (temporary) storage space
    * BUY land
    --> Installing & synergizing different base-types!
    * [...]

<--------------------- (infra)

[!] •THEORY• Postinternet distribution | PC+LIVE

#Vaults, coop logistics

Postinternet content & goods networks.

Developed during "Networks with an Attitude" @ Antwerp/BE, April 2019.

See 🔗postinternet-distribution !

[] •THEORY• Post-Postmodernist Art | PC+LIVE

Beyond classic-mimetic, modernist, and postmodernist.
Contemporary art is most often whimsical, out-of-context, inconsequential, and not truly engaging the "topics of our time".

Considering the present - environmental, political, ... - situation, this is aesthetically grotesque.

Assemble manifesto and practices:
    * Establish measure of Urgency, and a consequent ethics-politics-aesthetics. 
    * Call-out all the bullshitt.
    * New curatorial strategies - what is Totalist curation?
    * [...]

[!] •THEORY• Base type 5: Squatting | @@

Document the process of occupying a house, with a case in progress.

[] •THEORY• Overview Questionniare | PC

Keep rewriting...

For newcomers, to fill in:
    * subflow !
    * goals (general) !
    * activities (planned projects) !
    * XXX🔗coop-join
    * XXX🔗whatistobedone
    * [...]

Ties to:
    * XXX🔗postfriends
    * [...]

[] •THEORY• Overview All Hackbase Types | PC

See 🔗hackbases !
Must be presented properly at 🔗36c3 !

[] •THEORY/PR• General Outcomes : Think CHT beyond "place" | PC

        Screenshot from 2017-05-16 18:59:53
        What about people that can't come to the hackbase???? #TODO #NOW.png


    1) "we are a community (lol) at a place" [implementing a pattern]
        * we offer infrastructure

    2) we are researching some pattern ("hackbase type X")

    3) we are a general lab researching a set of patterns <------------
        * we make systematics and tactics
        * we offer infrastructure to research infrastructure
        * we document patterns that can be replicated

In a sense it is about abstraction but also
it is populair to consider this adv lesser than “real action or even activism”

talk antw set of tactics, tricks tools and manuals and Dairs

[!] •THEORY• Overthink CHT problems & solutions | LIVE+PC

    * Lack of liquid capital:
        (coco/pau, coop?, few donations, ...)

    * Unstable timing:

Can be solved with:
    * fixed timing (=yearly "A", "B" and "C" seasons)
    * then supplemented by "X" SEASONS (if by 🔗flocking)

    * Worldwide situation developing fast

-> 🔗consolidation !

    * Lack of people power:

    * self-determined
    * realize need to do the job (and only quit if there is alternatives)
    * [...]

-> 🔗consolidation

    * Precarious, unstable conditions to work:

-> 🔗consolidation !
* Less experimentation, more release.

<--------------------- (theory)

[!] •PR• Project Spread | PC+LIVE

Figure out:
    * how to find more executive people for the projects.
    * how to have a more participatory works
    * ... and preparation works ... -> redo 🔗flocking !
    * improve PR in general
    * improve project definitions
    * re-activate people we know
    * [...] !!!

[!] •PR• Overview all PR (promotion, public relation) docs

    * 🔗pr (old)
    * XXX🔗pr !
    * (CHT pod docs ???) >d
    * [...]

[!!] •PR/MEDIA• How to keep people updated? | PC+LIVE

  * Send regular site "patches" to mailing list

Make a system for this !!!

  * Opt-in to specific topics

Ties to 🔗list !!!
Basics (new stuff, announcement in due time, general open calls to action, etc), political/intepersonal protocols, software development, consolidation/intersub (other orgs, calendar, etc).

  * Media reporting ?

Ties to XXX🔗postmedia ?
Eg have "press kit", etc.

[!] MEDIA/PR: Website ++ | PC+LIVE

* Make user tester group.

* Reread all content also from other pods-internals, old wikis etc.

* Develop better content release graduation (by PRIORITY, CURRENT STATE, etc).

<--------------------- (pr)

[!] •SYS/THEORY• Revectorize alliances. | PC

No more alliances based on simulacra!

”Too many college radicals are two-timing punks. The only reason you should be in college is to destroy it.”
― Abbie Hoffman, Steal This Book


🔗alike page is good, but lacking.
    * It needs to merge with 🔗intersub and even 🔗postmarket.
    * Develop "Call-out culture" for anyone involved with, based on distinct re-processed set of values.

Who are really our closest organisations? Are we comrades, or are we "friends"?

[!!] SYS: Research and list other island activity. | PC+@@+LIVE

We have never been there, and do not know much about the initiatives or people there.

--> 🔗canarias !!!
Starting with Fuerteventura and Tenerife.

Need to:
    * list, map (PC)
    * go there
    * send 100 mails to these places:
        write generic communiques !!!
    * [...]

<----------------------- (systematics)(sys)

[!] •OP/DEV• "Remote work"

  A) Remote work outside of subseasons

    * ### protocol to make calls, use the right tools
    * ### protocol to organize hypertrips
    * [...]

  B) Remote support during subseasons !!

Important and under-utilized so far !!!

[] •OP/EVENT• Collaboration project with Gov Institutions

A project with Ayuntamiento, Cabildo, [...]

!!! Link past materials about this !!!

Also involve:
    * people of 🔗canarias
    * +uroš (send a student!)
    * [...]

[!] •OP/COOP/THEORY• Hackbase-In-A-Box (HIAB) : Standardize CHT as Post/Extra-capitalist System

    * write it down

    * develop this into a purchasable item (#lim0):
        * possibly, find an investor (Vinay?)
        * adopt + note down in excel-like system


    * [...]

[] •OP/PR/SYS• Overview: Local People Contacts

Who could we work with more?
See XXX🔗contacts !

[?] OP: Position to win grants. | PC
(Pekinpah, dyne, paillard, s14, constant, ljudmila all do it.)
    * a semi-associated form / fiscal sponsor
    * new push for 🔗grants
    * roles development, capacity building
    * [...]

<------------------------------- (op)

[] •HACK• Run Trucko van on Vegetable Oil

    * read the book
    * find sources
    * find where oil goes currently from orange bins distributed around island
    * try different fuels
    * find other people doing this
    * find typical polluting data (for different fuels)
    * sensors to measure exhausts ?
    * [...]

<------------------------- (random)(research)(hack)

[!!] CoCo council #2 | PC+@@

We will hold a week-long 🔗postmarket council !


[!] EVENT: Define Trucko van as a mobile hacklab

See: 🔗trucko-mobile !

[!!] EVENT: Tenesar PCC | @@

See 🔗tenesar-pcc !


[!!] DEV: Server todos | PC

All >david ...

* fix the server extra disk drive:
    * local server + remote backups !!!
    * #ttarchive

* better redundancy and uptime checks

* redo admin semaphore !

* [...]

[!] DEV: OsmAnd offline maps sharing | PC

Continue work from CHT6B +korentin !

See 🔗dev-maps.

<-------------------------- (dev)

<-------------------------- (unsorted)

[!] INFRA: High-level projects overview ("tech tree")

See 🔗tech-tree-new !

        * advance subfields: architecture, energetics, washing, studio...
        * read, re-write and publish existing documentation !!!

[!] MEDIA/EVENT: CHT Exhibitions

Ties to 🔗representation and XXX🔗postpostmodernism

Develop/collect content and systems to present the project in different formats:
    * exhibition
    * workshop (like "how to self-organise a hackbase")
    * lecture (communiques)
    * [...]

    * CHT goes to Latin America
    >lies is talking with different people in Chile, Bolivia, El Salvador, Mexico

[] INFRA/MEDIA: mobile publishing house | PC+@@

* make instant-publications, zines, manuals/protocols, etc
* we have already a lot to just make this working...:
    * organise a specific tool-box:
        * printer
        * paper
        * stapler (>lies has a big one, to make publications)
        * [...]

[!] INFRA: socio-ergonomics | @@

* establish better working conditions for group+individual use
* ties to 🔗tech-tree

[!] MEDIA: representation systems | PC+LIVE

"Corporate identity" - generator
* ties to XXX🔗relational-aesthetics

<---------------------------------- PICKED PROJECTS above (now)(new)

*** TOPICS (older subseasons)


_____ CHT6A + CHT6B _____

    * (General happening every time)

    * Hang out, read books, drink wine, eat good food, swim in the ocean

    * Raise money & buy new stuff

    * Share media and data

    * Make a temporary lab

    * Reorganize project equipment
        * (to fit in the van better)
        * Buy more Ikea boxes ! #ordering
        * Find better ways to group by contexts of usage, and document this

    * Try connecting more with locals - organize:

        * regular weekly events, like:
            * WED: hack-together in library
            * SUN: generator party (generator + projector + loud sound = desert film/music)

        * one-time events:
            * technical workshops, see 🔗teaching
            * public presentation of camp, as site
            * public presentation at cultural venues
            * [...]

    * maps & navigation development:

See 🔗dev-maps !

    * use and document new software parts we've developed
    * move away from Google MyMaps !

    * rewrite Newcomers protocol

See 🔗newcomers !

    * get clear info about:
        * physical condition (can you bike? walk a lot? carry weight?)
        * camping priorities (fun to learn? want to do extreme? only if very comfortable?)
        * [...]

    * [...]

    * Work on tents tech

See 🔗hypertent !

    * upkeep and document the 🔗lights system

It should work still ... ?

    * upkeep: generator:

    * runs fine cht6a, cht6b !
    * needs to be a bit better documented
            (think I have somewhere?) >david
            which oil, etc...
            need to buy oil, gas, ...

    * upkeep: drone:
        * order & install new engines
        * learn to fly in auto-mode :)
        * TODO: check legality:
            find the zoning documentation (some corridors are more strict than others) >david

    * upkeep: DC-regulation electronics !!!:
        Some stuff broke last time!
        We still have atleast one buck/boost !
        Need to put in a proper box etc
        Should document under 🔗solar !

    * Visit Fuerteventura (the closest other island) with van


    * improve: protocol about where to set camp?

        1) develop landsites to reflect all knowledge
        2) deciding? probably voting.
            prepare residents for these situations !:
                "you'll need to carry, walk, bike, hitch this much..."

    * advance the cooperation with the local governments

        * we started talks during CHT5-A

        * offer:
            * workshops
            * art

        * [...]

_____ OLDER  _____

Get from 🔗camps !!!!!!


Spectrometry (build & find uses for)

inspired by +public.lab

More DIY science (but not gimmicky)

lots of work here:

... but what can we actually integrate ?
use as infrastructure → 🔗tech-tree ?
cc >dusjagr

<---------------------------------- UNSORTED (new) above


THEORY/OP -- Document short "parallel activity"

See 🔗flow-microtime !


  CHT radio
    * use mpd to stream, from server
    * devise a schedule, play:
        * curated podcasts
        * curated music
        * curated other media (, etc)

  Camp radio

(could use):
    * stock radio (like ......... #ordering !!!

    * project androids, via 🔗dev-android-repurpose

    * all residents in group call 
    * push to talk (with different priority settings)
    * "always connected, without physical proximity":
        #hyperconscience #workflow #intersub

THEORY/COCO -- Support radicalizing interpersonal relations

See XXX🔗interpersonal !

PR/THEORY -- Communicating the project

    * do more user testing ! put to XXX🔗usertest !
    * ... include historic analysis: what worked in the past?
    * connect with 🔗dev-visu, 🔗
    * [...]

MEDIA -- Hypermedia Artsy Ideas

    * look cool on instagram
    * awkward / awesome situation for local people ("hAPPENING")
    * [...]

    * PROJECTING STUFF on a piece of desert / rock wall / desert trees / occupied something / 🔗trucko:
        * 🔗graph-index
        * [...]
    * [...]

OP/COOP -- A Month of Trading

Making money in the financial system.
    * Is it hard, or easy?
    * How far could we go in month with Wikipedia🔗Quant stuff?
    * If we put in 100€, what would we get out?
    * How can trading easily be compounded, shared? #collaboration
    * Who's doing similar things? :
        * Robin Hood fund
        * "ethical investment"
        * [...]

DEV/COCO -- Resources-based Social Network

Ties to 🔗CoCo !!!

    * networks of convictions:
        like XXX🔗polemics
    * network of cash:
        #hypercommunism type fund
        fractional delegation of "own money" to common accounts
    * network of material resources:
        (see 🔗postmarket for template)
    * dynamics of routing it:
        (see 🔗postinternet)
    * [...]

SYS/LAND -- Farming @Lanzarote (and @Canarias)

    * create a site that merges what we have already !!! :
        ties to #garduino #herding etc

    * prepare ENG/ESP statement for collaboration

    * work with people:
            * +manuel.potato.farmer !
            * alejandro (has land in tabayesco)
            * +kos and +gonzalo also  !
            * [...]

    * explore the island and tag best practices!:
        define/merge oldie system of "tagging people progress":
            (has solar panel? has water mgmt? has advanced crops? ...)

    * problem : it's long term, so we need to either:
        a) monitor
        b) collaborate + monitor
        c) have something that works in the short run (<3 months), and stage it at start

    * [...]

OP/PSYCHO -- The "Fun" Factor

Is CHT "fun"? Should it be "fun"? In what way is it "fun"?

    * "fun" : a bodily experience
    * "funny" : (related to Kant's experience)
    * "enjoyable"? : a more high-level, rationalized, calculated
    * "exciting"? : bodily, momentous, "avant-garde"
    * "comfortable" : bodily, societal, def often used negative
    * [...]

See XXX🔗fun !

[] THEORY | Food Systems & Breadbasket failures
"""According to the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (Statistics Division 2016), a relatively small area of the world, 23 percent of total cropland, accounts for a large proportion of total global cereal production, with most of the area devoted to three major cereal crops: maize (70.3 percent), wheat (69.3 percent), and rice (84.5 percent)."""

* What would a MBBF (Multi Breadbasket Failure) look like?

* What would be the dramaturgy of such a collapse?:
    How long into the Sowing-to-Harvest timeline would we realize this?
    How would panic buying play out?

* [...]

[] LAND: Birds and Cats | PC+@@

#ecology #ornitology

Birds are amazing, but often highly troubled.
"Feral cats kill an estimated 480 million birds in the US each year"

There are existing organisations working with that in Lanzarote:
    * WWF
    * Punctum photographers
    * Island  Ecology  and  Evolution  Research  Group  (IPNA,  CSIC)
    * Archipelago Chinijo
    * [...]

Domestic and semi-wild cats are a direct threat to birds.

* What is the population, and other factors that can be (or are) traced?
* What is the numeric scale of the problem?
* What can be done to counter this?
* Are there laws in place, are they respected?
* What is the state of protected areas?
* The cost of pets and pet food:
    * (bushmeat as pet food)
* [...]

    * [...]


Also see XXX🔗toxoplasmosis !

<---------------------------------- (new)(INTERESTING) above


DIY -- Fix +christo ipad (80gb) !

    * [...]
    A) fucked batt
    B) disk mode!
    C) ???
    * attack vector at laptop!
    * ???

LAND -- Wild Animal "Management"

It's 2019-06, Slovenia is about to kill 200 bears and 20 wolves.
How many are killed?
How to monitor?
How to rebalance?


+KuM have ideas about this
"i don't want wolves in my garden"
also "killing is cruel"
"pastoral sheep = very bad":
    <-- !!! might be ...

PSYCHO -- Social media company infleunce engineering

#antifacebook #postfacebook

""" If you click on the hashtag #primarkljubljana on my post on Instagram (that follows all policies), the post magically disappears from the collection of posts with that hashtag, only the cover remains!!! This with no doubt shows that my content has been censored to CONSCIOUSLY MANIPULATE THE PUBLIC."""

Also called "Shadow Banning".

Does this really happen?

is this a #redline for facebook?

<---------------------------------- RANDOM (new) above

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