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" ⁠There should be one in every city. Then you would not need to take much with you to travel, could leave stuff, and pick it up later, for common use, or whatever. We need this as a new kind of public space / infrastructure / platform, to build new "services" on top of it: post-ownership access, logistics, supply chains, etc ... "

    2016-05-30 finally, a vaults stub !
    2017-10-14 touch
    2019-11-17 imported @cht7a
    2020-07-04 quick overview

Also see:
    🔗resources, 🔗stuff, 🔗lim0, 🔗postmarket, 🔗hypertravel, 🔗architecture
    "tool libraries", etc.


    You travel, or even live completely nomadic.
    You need to store stuff, so you don't need to carry everything around.
    You can access any type of things anywhere.

    Stuff can be indexed and shared with other people
    Protocols are in place, so things don't get destroyed

  Some problems
    * How to control access? ... By having people there, like F2F librarians?
    * Stuff should not become a target to get robbed
    * ... How to insure it?

  Typical stuff stored
    * clothes! (heavy warm clothes, random t-shirts, etc)
    * travel life bits (tents, sleeping bags, battery packs, etc)
    * bikes !
    * basic tools
    * band equipment (guitars, amps, PA, etc)
    * creative tools
    * [...]


Vaults need to become more standardised, and easier to start-up & run !

    Define standard protocols !!!
    * user agreement
    * access protocols
    * object state evaluation ("this guitar did not change since last use")
    * establishing new places:
            * a place wishlist
            * an effort to get new vaults (people) on board with this !
    * [...] !!!


Also see 🔗hacking-housing-pad !

    * temporary storage at F2F network (friends, allies, ...)
    * detourned normal shop
    * community places (free shops, etc)
    * pirate vault in nature ("camouflaged tent") / squatted ("box in an abandoned house") / ...
    * [...]


_____ True vaults


_____ Proto-Vaults

    * CHT @ Canary Islands

→ (2011-!)

    * Kranj/SI

→ (2017-!)

    * Antwerp/BE

→ (2019-!)

    * Mechelen/BE

→ (2020-!)

_____ Faux-Vaults a.k.a. prior art

Just some places where people have historically left stuff behind.

    * Mala/Lanzarote @dushan (all our stuff, for a while)
    * Hamburg/DE @lorenz (guitar, etc)
    * London/UK @eirini
    * Berlin/DE @benjamin (tent, since 2019)
    * Arrecife/Lanzarote @mr.j
    * Berlin/DE @marzena (D stuff, tent, etc)
    * Berlin/DE @wischi (?)
    * [...]

* geocaching (usually more substantial caches get hassled by cops for being a 'suspicious package')
* dead drops including data dead drops

*** PAD

delta green (RPG game) has "green boxes"

useful info @

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