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Hosted since 2014 by @dcht00 / CHT Hackbase.


This is the project's manifesto,


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It is a question of building which is at the root of the social unrest of today:
    architecture or revolution.
-- Le Corbusier (he he!)

We don't know the building codes and laws clearly so we can't hack them ...

    As a result there's little avantgarde architecture being built, proper systemic squatting, co-operative land buying and construction, or room for lifestyle experimentation. It makes a project like the CHT offgrid hackbase an enigma. Everyone keeps paying rent - spending maybe a third of their money! - and nothing happens. Lack of knowledge organisation, proper research and basic information technology.

For this reason:
    The project is setting up an open knowledge base that models, collects and assembles a compendium for hacking housing. Like Hitchwiki or hackerspaces.org it will contain pages with general approaches, and crowdsourced pages focusing on what works in specific localities. (A page for EU in general, UK, Spain, Slovenia and each individual US country.)

Sets the ground for engineering, but does not duplicate (links to Appropedia etc). It is mostly a properly curated legal & tactical trickery!

The goals . . .

  -> Collect practices of radical lifestyles & liveable situations !

    * Hacker mindset strategies -- Less dependent on the current mainstream system, without need for permits, via building code legal study & field tests:
        Tents, simple buildings, campers, tiny houses, "tool sheds", a hexayurt in your garden, expanding into the attic/basement, hacker HVAC systems, hacker bathrooms, squatting, wild camping, earthships, ...

    * Collecting and authoring legal docs for tactical scenarios:
        * Simple permits;
        * Cooperative buying land in installments (like Calafou does)
        * Lobbying land from some random local gov;
        * Temporary partnership on somebody's land;
        * Diluting inheritance to a cooperative;
        * Co-maintaining inheritance with others;
        * "Rich ally": finding a well-meaning leftie to donate land to causes;
###AWK [!!]
### business minded ally (not per se left, not per se rich, can grift)
        * "Squat first, negotiate a contract second";
        * Adversarial Possession

    * Hacker architecture:
        Interior / Exterior; Parasitic, Cellular, Virtual, Processual, ...; Sociodynamics; ...

  -> Systematically identify special contexts !

    * Develop indexes of wellbeing:
        Overview: Costs (to buy and keep land, subsistence,...), Legal situation, Cultural situation, Connectedness/Remoteness, Climate, ...

    * Identifying opporunities:
        Example: Amsterdam in the early 90s, with unique legislation, and the collision of squatting and hacker cultures ... Maybe there are other places that are a paradise for this thing right now ...?

    * Case tracker:
        Successful and reproducible projects & tactics.

  -> Help coordinate hacking places to live !

    * Support Network - local & remote support contacts; maps & cartography; ...

    * Establish Processes - modes of coordinated interaction.

Contribute !

Does this really not exist ? Does this make sense ?
Add ideas or comments to 🔗hacking-housing-pad !

Or, let me know on Twitter or david@totalism.org.

If you use Facebook, join and post to Hackbase Architecture Group.

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