Hackbases index @ pad.land
Discussion channel: #hackbases:matrix.org
Mail contact: info@totalism.org

Subtypes (year of declaration):
    🔗hackbase-type1 — Liquid shared rented/owned house (2010)
    🔗hackbase-type2 — Nomadic resilient base (2014)
    🔗hackbase-type3* — Rural land facility (2014), —conceptual
    🔗hackbase-type4 — Harbours & Mobility (2018)
    🔗hackbase-type5 — Building occupation & Re-appropriation (2018)
    🔗hackbase-type6* — Totalist City (2020), —conceptual
    🔗hackbase-type7 — Base within institution (2021)
    🔗hackbase-type8 — Exploratory outpost (2023)

Establish a new base:
    → 🔗new-hackbase (written for Type 2, but also useful general)

Current types of progressive institutions that provide livelihood — cooperatives, NGOs, academia, autonomous zones, political parties, the artworld, etc — have limited and insufficient carrying capacity to change the system in radical and desirable ways. Hackbases are a new institutional type that can increase the potential for this kind of work.
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