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Collection of software & organisational behaviours, powering CHT/Totalism.org since 2011.
Generally applicable.

    2015-06-25 @Stubnitz, Hamburg/DE
    2015-09-05 @Berlin/DE
    2015-10-04 @Kranj/SLO : linkroute addons +matic
    2016-11-19 @London/UK : touch + css normalization david
    2016-12-12 @Prague/CZ : touch
    2017-08-03 @Kranj/SLO : restyle
    2017-10-10 (added graph)
    2021-01-24 MO/reimport
    2021-02-25 first review
    2021-09-06 @Fuerteventura/ESP: ping 

Ties to:
    * 🔗hacker-tools — Extensive list of particular GNU/Linux tools
    * 🔗real-hacks — Listing useful & politically transformative — not just fun — things coming out of hacker culture
    * 🔗protocols — Index: people coordination
    * 🔗dev-index — Software under development at CHT
    * 🔗remote-work ###
    * XXX🔗workflow, XXX🔗workflow2 — MERGE THESE ALL !!!
    * 🔗workflow-graph — REVIEW !!!
    * ###

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postmarket-stuff :CHT:cht-role-comm :CHT:cht-role-comm :XXX:-20201005 :XXX:-20201005 resources-ship resources-ship :XXX:materials-textile :XXX:materials-textile microscopy microscopy :XXX:caravan :XXX:caravan @ @ :CHT:truco-drone :CHT:truco-drone materials materials mobile mobile :XXX:20210329 :XXX:20210329 boating boating :XXX:20190402 :XXX:20190402 medical medical :XXX:lies-now :XXX:lies-now dev-thumbs dev-thumbs :cht7a:photoshare :cht7a:photoshare :XXX:@khg-archive :XXX:@khg-archive london london brussels brussels ljubljana ljubljana madrid madrid berlin berlin kranj kranj zagreb zagreb amsterdam amsterdam antwerp antwerp paris paris new-system new-system :TOTALISM:33c3-hacker-workflows :TOTALISM:33c3-hacker-workflows :CHT:truco-packages :CHT:truco-packages list-archive list-archive


    * free software
    * easy to deploy on GNU/Linux
    * both backend + data easily replicable ("self-hosted" on every machine)
    * resilient (=you can still read & work) even with full-offline, or localnet-only
    * takes best of intermittent periods of internet
    * works offline


    1) find out what is really needed
    (speculative information tech research)
    2) research what is available:
        → 🔗hacker-tools
    3) curate, test, long-term adopt
    4) specify & develop the remainder here


@ PC

Ubuntu (or any other GNU/Linux distro), with 🔗packages.
### also DISTRO
### new-system

Mozilla 🔗firefox.
### XXX🔗new-firefox !!!

Also see → 🔗workflow-basics.

@ Server

Debian / Ubuntu Server, with:
    * node.js, for Etherpad
    * php, for 🔗E2H
    * scala, for 🔗glia-graph
    * DISTRO
    * [...] ###

Contact & Social Media

🔗contact :
    Including popular social media profiles, such as Twitter and Instagram

→ ... especially the mailing 🔗list:
    Hosted by Riseup.

    Including other public profiles, such as hackerspaces.org.

Text, including Website
### documentarianism

There is no separation between the system for real-time group writing, internal & public documents, "wiki", "website", "blog" etc. It is all the same, based on pads. (Including, of course, this document).

    * Etherpad

"Etherpad is a highly customizable open source online editor providing collaborative editing in really real-time.":
    * installed on the server
    * also installed on local servers & laptops, for offline collaborative writing
    * enables individual and group brainstormings
    * for all-hands meetings ("overviews" / "reviews")

Also see 🔗ethering for good practices on collaborating with Etherpad.

    * E2H

🔗E2H auto-generates HTMLs by transforming and styling Etherpads.
It extends Etherpad use into a general, hypermedia collaboration / content management system.
Author all sorts of web documents, or use as a content management system for wiki-like sites.

    * Etherpad Fetches
    * bash script downloads Etherpad pads to local filesystem (as text & html)
    * files go to Syncthing folder

    * Syncthing
    * P2P local file sync
    * user discovers others by manually adding any single node
    * (all other files there too)

In this way, even if "local server" is down / unreachable, all resources are still accessible to everyone on their own PCs.


### XXX🔗graphs
We developed and are using 🔗glia-graph.
Related to 🔗representation.systems.

Used for:
    * document / hypermedia indexes
    * decision / flow charts
    * people<>tag networks
    * nature system diagrams
    * actor networks
    * protocols & state games
    * social dynamics
    * [...]


We actively minimize need for currency; see → 🔗subfinance.
We use cash, IBAN accounts, Paypal & crypto currencies; see → 🔗donate

Numeric Data

Spreadsheets in .ods format, using LibreOffice Calc.

These include:
    * presence (log of people staying, financials, etc)
### !!! bring back
    * full financials (running costs per person, space totals, ...) → 🔗subfinance
    * resource use (water, energy, gas, food, ...)
    ### see CHT-ARCHIVE🔗subeconomics
    * inventory of equipment →  🔗stuff
    * simulations / modelling:
        * food & nutritional needs → 🔗food
        * food production (agriculture) ins & outs
        * solar energy → 🔗solar
        * subflow/subtime (🔗time & work models)
        * global logistics & supply chains
(cargo ships, visual cargo count...)
        * land attribute analysis → 🔗land-attributes
        * generative architecture → 🔗hacking-housing
        * competencies & activities per EU spaces - see 🔗fields

Spreadsheets pro/con:
        * easy to use + accessible for everyone
        * prototype new UIs
    why not:
        * bad for external data read/write
        * not consistent

Future / #TODO:
    * adopt, self-host & improve EtherCalc (again)
    * make it easier to extract data (.ods to CSV/JSON/...)
    * replace data entry/edit moves to etherpad + middlemachine-based "template" user interfaces
    * replace data processing and display moves to apps
    * [...]


Collaborate on listing, prioretizing, comparing & executing acquiring new equipment and resources.



    * Public maps
    → 🔗maps

    * all maps are public accessible & open-editable !
    * based on Google MyMaps (ex "Google Maps Engine"):
        but, you don't need to access them via Google, because ...
    * custom .GPX export endpoint available (via GPSBabel):
        can be used with OsmAnd, including offline !!!
    * this will be migrated to self-hosted OpenStreetMaps
    <------ #TODO [!!]

    * OsmAnd (Android/iOS)
    * free worldwide offline maps!
    * get full free version via F-Droid
    * possible to import our points from 🔗maps
    * supports position recording ("tracks") to .GPX
        (currently have no good organised storage for this) #TODO

        * offline .KML and .GPX copies of 🔗maps
        * subset of .PDF maps
<--------- #TODO: offline "Nomad Pack"
        * stored .GPX tracks (trekking, etc)
        * [...]

    * Telegram
        (used sometimes for ad hoc location sharing) 


Also see 🔗contact.

    * Telegram group

Please make a personal introduction.

    * Matrix/IRC

Easiest to use with via a Matrix client, such as Element.


Video conferencing

Jitsi → https://meet.jit.si


    * nmap (discovering others on network)
    * .local (avahi/mdns/zeroconf)
    * lan2lan (direct crossover cable between two PCs)
    * Android phones (with broken screens) as 4G wifi routers + cheap EU roaming dataplan
    * [...]

Calendaring & Scheduling

Using pads, for people to coordinate when they're coming around, assisting 🔗flocking.

🔗calendar — public events tracking
🔗planning — setting subseason timing
### "doodle" also?

Tracking Updates

To track website updates, we are currently using:
    * Etherpad Fetches — producing .txt exports of website pads
    * git gui — comparing revisions

#TODO !!!:
    * need to find some RSS solution for 🔗E2H
    * probably put the complete website as a git repository on github (would also handle RSS)!

Music Studio



* files:
    don't often share files
    do not  keep a filestore

* mails:
    For tasks that need to:
        1) be immediately resolved
        2) do not need complex collaboration
        3) do not need a documented trail OR report is written in pads
    We don't run our own server and have nothing to reccomend. ###

* [...]

<--------------------------- (new) TOOLS ↑


P2P Local Resource fetching / Routing ~ LINKROUTE


Media curation — photo/audio/video ~ HYPERPHOTOS


Selfhosted maps


Reading & Theory ~ HYPERTHEORY

### → XXX🔗hypertheory

What is needed:
    * acquire (beyond libgen and aaarg) - a "total collection"
    * curate library (personal, interpersonal)
    * either way:
        a) read pdf/epub/mobi/...
        b) better - compare to new, universal, better format, etc
    * ability to annotate and share annotated stuff
    * default mobile device to work with (eink / tablet)

Also using:
    * https://hypothes.is
    * e-ink readers (by "Kobo", "Kindle", "Sony")
    * Calibre
    * [...]

Offline archive ~ MIRRORABLE / TTARCHIVE

A way to access mirrors of most important content when offline.

Funding system (for land, etc)

Wrap own? Take one of crowdfunding sites? Have a "shares" system with plots?

Managing common accounts & sharing access

This includes:
    * keeping passwords and permissions to operate (wifi, server, ...)
    * multi-person decision / clearances
    * [...]

Sharing contacts


Representation Systems



    * 🔗stuff — CHT's equipment
    * 🔗ordering — equipment under ordering
    * 🔗laptop — procurring Lenovo Thinkpad X series
    * 🔗trucko — CHT's van mobility platform
    * 🔗openhardware
    * [CHT🔗truco-pi] ###
    * [...] ###

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