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Collection of software and organisational behaviours, that powers the Totalism hackbase.
for hack-art-theory lifestyle & residencies

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    * document all own projects (green ellipse)
    * link them from graph

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Basic principles

The Totalism Hackbase is running since 2011.

This is a collection of software and organisational behaviours that powers it.

    1) finding out what is really needed (speculative information tech research)
    2) assemblage + assembling for easy deploy of existing tools
    3) coding the remainder ourselves

    * free software
    * easy to deploy on GNU/Linux
    * both backend + data easily replicable ("self-hosted" on every machine)
    * resilient (=you can still read & work) even with full-offline, or localnet-only
    * takes best of intermittent periods of internet


    Contact & Social Media

See ?contact

Also see: ?pr, ..


Current hackbase workflow for text does not need internet

    1) Etherpad:
        * installed on local server (= somebody's lap
        * enables individual and group brainstormings
        Also see ?workflow-ethering for some good practices on how to collaborate with Etherpad.

    2) Etherpad Fetches:
        * bash script downloads Etherp

    3) Syncthing:
        * P2P local file sync
        * user discovers others by ma

    Numeric Data

There are spreadsheets in .ods format.

These include:
    * full financials (running costs per person, space totals, ...) - see ?subfinance
    * resource use (water, energy, gas, food, ...) - see CHT-ARCHIVE?subeconomics
    * inventory of bought stuff - see ?stuff
    * simulations / modelling:
        * food and nutritional needs - see ?food
        * solar energy - see ?solar
        * subflow/subtime (time and work models)
        * land attribute analysis - see ?land-attributes
        * generative architecture - see ?hacking-housing
        * hack fields + activities per EU spaces - see ?h

Spreadsheets pro/con:
        * ea
        * prototype new UIs
    why not:

        * not consi

Future: <---- #TODO
    * make it easier to extract data (.ods to CSV/JSON/...), see here:
    * replace data entry/edit moves to etherpad + middl
    * repla


    * Internal maps site:
        * ?maps
        * All maps are open-editable !
        * based on Google MyMaps (ex "Google Maps Engine")
        * This will be migrated to self-hosted OpenStreetMaps <------ #TODO

    * OsmAnd (Android/iOS):
        * offers free worldwide offline maps!
        * g
        * possible to import our points from ?maps !!!
        * also supports recording (tracking) to .GPX:

        * offline .KML and .GPX copies of ?maps
        * subset of .PDF maps <--------- #TO
        * store

    * Whatsapp:
        * used sometimes 

Future Ideas:
    * const


    * IRC

    * IRC: quassel server + client

Software - Testing:
    * migrating IRC to + weech
    * Telegram Groups are supposed
    * gajim + av
    * tox.c


    * nmap (discovering others on 
    * .loca

Testing VPN:
    * tinc-

    Calendaring / Scheduling

Some way for people to coordinate when they're coming around, assisting ?flocking.

See and ?schedule

    Tracking site changes


    * need to find some RSS solution for ?E2H

    Music Studio

See: ?studio.

    (other small bits)

    * ?dev-keyc


    P2P Local Resource fetching / Routing ("LINKROUTE")

See ?linkroute.

    Media - photo, audio, video - curation ("HYPERPHOTO")

See CHT?hyperphoto(R/W)!

    Selfhosted maps

See ?dev-osm.

    Theoretical work

(David has a ton of research on this in last 10 years...)
Ties to ?text, and subprojects.

What is needed:
    * acquire (beyond libgen and aaarg) - a "t
    * curate libr
    * either way:
        a) read pdf/epub/mobi/...
        b) better - compare to new, universal, bett
    * ability to annotate and share annotated stuff


    Offline archive ("MIRRORABLE" / "TTARCHIVE")

A way 
See ?mirrorable.

    Funding system (for land, etc)

    Managing common accounts & sharing access

This inclu


    * ?x220
    * ?openhardware
    * CHT?truco-pi(R/W)
    * [...]

Also generally:
    * ?stuff - stuff we have
    * ?orderin


    * merge from local "cht"
    * david's "+++ workflow"
    * david


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