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Transcends the "right to the city" vs "back to the land" attitudes.

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Ties to:
    🔗cfp-jvea #tomerge [!!]
    🔗hacking-housing (patterns)
    🔗tech-tree (infrastructure)


* Low cost

    lower side of between 1k (CHT) and 100k (NORMAL)

* Low resource use

* Simple and accessible to manufacture
    create necessary industry as part of the city. (self-replicating)

* New culture
    * new, post-nuclear family sociality
    * each place has its own culture anyway ... it's a blank slate
    * this one just has a different geneaology
    (had discussion with Gustavo, for a "maximum reconfigurations", but can't remember)

* Shared participation for stakeholders
    * youth without any chance of owning a house in the west
    * migrants, refugees
    * [...]

* Prevent ghetto-isation
    (derelict minority areas)
### defined as?

* Integrate within existing flows of travelling culture
    "be on the map" for bands, productions, exhibitions, residency artists, etc ... to visit

* Radical inclusivity
    measure by both:
        * ability to make a decision
        * having awareness of possibility of decision
    for all

_____ new/unsorted


<------------------- (new) PATTERNS ↑


Money & resource considerations
    * ground up, already-available public (base)
    * sponsorship, own production abundance (upgrades)

various CHT #numerics

What do people do in cities?

What are cities for?

    * subsist!
    * easily find a job
    * be close enough to a variety of cultural & social (production & consumption) offerings
    * environment already built up
    * super-specified division of labour
    * [...]

Parallelity of cities

Cities inherently have parallel, multiple realities.

    * to what extent?
    * cla
    * [...]

How to establish and advance ...


Repurposed cities

### !!!

* el jablito as example?
* [...]

Speculate: Extramadura
    * build test cities in Extramadura
    * go orders of magnitude up each year (100, 1000, 10k, 100k, 1mil)
    * [...]

Speculate: Sahel


<------------------ (new) RESEARCH DIRECTIONS ↑


( STUB [!!!] )


* Refugee camps


* Mass Hexayurt deployment prototypes


* Shanty towns

* including El Jablito
* other EU examples (like Ostia)
* ###

* China's "ghost cities"
(which aren't ghost cities a few years later)

* China's "forest cities"

* "Smart cities"

* Festivals
(from more to less self-organized / technically sovereign / capacity for durational) 

    * ZADs / occupation camps
    * CCC camps
    * Going Nowhere
    * Burning Man
    * big music festivals
    * ###


* Urban USA (was built in 200 years)


[!] compare, represent:
    * their resources
    * contemporary mainline
    * contemporary alter/DIY

* (how did other contemporary urban areas develop?)


* The Line ("NEOM") @Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM to build 170km-long, AI-powered carless city . The Line development will be home to a million people and have “zero streets and zero carbon emissions,” says crown prince. (...)The belt of “hyper-connected future communities” will stretch from the Red Sea coast inland through the 26,500-square-kilometer NEOM giga project in northwest Saudi Arabia, according to a press statement. (...) “We need to transform the concept of a conventional city into that of a futuristic one.”

*** PAD

[!!**] rewrite basic

Neither the self-depletion of fighting for "the right to the city", nor the escape of "back to the land" 

Transcending the opposition of "the right to the city" vs "back to the land" tactics,


on "the city"
    + exogenous
    + non-escape
    - self-depletion (vs the formed state):
        always on the defense
    + keep culture ... some dwindling ("to defend")
     [...] ###

on "the land":
    - escapist
    - "self-sufficiency" and "localism" are self-centered, dumb, politically rank
    - self-depletion: inexperience in non-cultivated nature
    - too small scale in itself:
        always "idealistic" and never considering patterns to really matter
    - need middle class money anyway
    - no culture
    - hippie
     [...] ###

Only a tiny minority of the newcomers have achieved the movement's goal, self‐sufficiency. Those who have come anywhere close usually have done so with money that they or their parents earned in the middle‐class world.

urban city + "little plot" = worst of both worlds

you live:
    * opression of the city
    * opression of not knowing what to do in nature
    * too small to have valuable production
    * big enough to need all the tools
    * big enough to think you're doing something

though, this is almost almost always practised by "home owners" who then "have" an extra abundancy of time to waste.
(rather than re-distribute to maximize the original resource)

    * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homesteading
    * [...]

[!*] what to do with contemporary cities?

A) abandon proto-fascist dynamics to stay there

B) leave:
    * find comrades
    * find and deploy new sociophysics patterns
    * bootstrap further regeneration:
        start more hypercities
        develop more hypernature
    * ###

[!*] city-building within computer games

"""Been doing some gaming on the holidays. There's a lot of differences between different city building games, and it reflects the places where they're designed. Here's a thread on SimCity, Cities Skylines, Transport Tycoon, A-Train, and Soviet Republic.  1/"""

Meanwhile, liberal elites...



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