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"Databox" Representation, CHT hackbase ~Season 3 (2013/2014).

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Also see:
    * 🔗web, search "funding"
    * 🔗workflow, search "numeric data"
    * 🔗manual, search "subfinance" (somewhat deprecated)

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"Subfinance" is way of tracking and representing, in complete, an institution's (or person's) outgoing finances (expenses). It's a core part of representing a lifestyle. (For this, also see: 🔗metrics).

Expenditures can then be:
    1) documented
    2) represented and understood
    3) prioritized for elimination
    4) eliminated
    5) all fully eliminated

For CHT:
    * a core tool to monitor the approach to zero monetary expenses ("full money independence"). The Subfinance chart "implodes", when expenses are hacked away. Aka, "full postscarcity".
    * a way for expenditures to be:
    * no money = post-scarcity, post-capital(ism), post-market(ing)


* CHT: Currently <-------- !!!

Basics for residents:
    * "be able to cover your own costs + support the base infrastructure"
    * the goal of the project is to minimize these expenses, to approach zero

Current contribution breakdown (sketch):
    * crew:
        (shared complete food, nootropics, ... for current camp)
        ~5€/day, 35€/week
    * space _ maintenance account:
        (infrastructure repair calculated average, project upkeep, ...)
        ~4€/day, 28€/week
    * space _ investment:
        (dividing TOTAL 🔗stuff costs by all person days, to repay past investment, and keep at least the same future investment trend, buying 🔗ordering)
        ~5€/day, 28€/week
All of the details are available in spreadsheets.

    ~14€/day, 100€/week, 400€/month
    You can definitely survive with this during your stay.
    There is a limited chance for a starving rate (~10% people):
        if you are broke, unemployed, and break nothing
        remove "space_investment"
        ~9€/day, 63€/week, 270€/month
    You're very encouraged to do donation rate (~50% people):
        if you have decent work, or if you're staying <2 weeks
        20€/day, 140€/week, 600€/month

    * space _ investment accounts for stuff you bring, if we want to take it. Bring stuff from 🔗ordering or what you're sure is useful!
    * check what personal costs are, below
    * [...]


For a complete expenses breakdown, ask for "cht5a.ods" at .
        <---- This will work in 2017-03 somewhere.
        <---- Haha, still not there in 2020-01 ! ;-)

The crew rate depends on:
    * the effectiveness of your food shopping:
        quality food (and other running shopping) is ~5€/day
        there is room to bring this to ~3€/day!
        consult: 🔗markets, 🔗resources, 🔗manual
    * [...]

Project-related outgoing expenses:
    * ~50€ / year: projected for infrastructure (domains, servers)
    * ~50€ / year: paper promo materials
    * (future) project-related travel
    * [...]

Forms of contributions:
    * Memberships:
        🔗membership (€ for equipment investment)
    * Donations:
        🔗donate (€),
        🔗ordering (equipment),
        🔗todos (labour)
    * Future:
        🔗coop (€, 2017!)

* CHT: Past camps notes / log

    * cht4a:
        * seth was treasurer
        * individual extra contribs (seth car, etc)
        * used Gnucash
        * [...]

    * cht4b1:
        * missing people break financial plans !
        * individuals extra contributions (r4mp)
        * misunderstanding with jarkko
        * [...]
    * cht4b2-4 (david):
        * running costs with La Graciosa were <200€/month
        * (but this with no infrastructure contribs and expert supplies organisation)

    * b->c:
        * subfinance chart sticker, done by lorenz yay
        * select small donations

    * cht4c:
        * lots of investment +strfry
        * expenditures on car
        * [...]

    * cht4d:
        * drama with pre-paid, and what it covers (+ww, +lor):
        * unclear situation "convertible debt" (+cumbia):
            (TRANSCLUDE TEXT)
        * <----------- [NOW] : write this out
        * [...]

* CHT: Seasons 1-3

    Seasons 1-3 were perfected and more centralised - the keeper of the lab was always the same guy and also did Treasury and Supplies/Shopping. These are now defined as Roles (separated, freely assignable to anybody, and structured), see 🔗roles.

Outcomes + problems:
    * unoccupied house we still needed to pay in summers
    * collecting money regularly
    * once the system got going, it was good
    * [...]

    see Databox above

* Others

    * david while hypertravel year 1/2 ?
    * elf pavlik lives moneyless ?
    * joey hess (ex Debian, etckeeper, git annex) lives off the grid
    * Kranj/Slovenia temp hackbase (stub)
    * roo case (London) ?
    * [...]


Practices and tools used:
    * collecting and archiving all paper trail (bills)
    * the Subfinance Calc (.odt) numerics sheet
    * GnuCash (deprecated, used in Season4-A)


* general expenses a.k.a. space expenses
    * all hardware
    * stay and utilities (power, water, bottled gas)

* crew expenses
    * shopping budget (food)
    * buses for shopping
    * rented car
    * (more per crew consensus)

* personal expenses
    * drinks when going out
    * discouraged food:
        * sweets >0.2€/day
        * eating out (covered only to level of crew budget)
        * excessive booze (>2 units OR >0.5€ of alcohol/day)
        * excessive nootropics (>0.5€/day)
    * [...]
Can be zero! All essentials are covered in crew expenses.

* personal investment

Unless agreed:
    * laptops
    * clothes
    * specialty clothes
    * sleeping bag
    * basic personal products
    * [...]

#TODO : Develop this - this is what the space normally expects you to have and doesn't provide. ;-)


* "Databox"

A representation of a pie chart is used, for the reason that it shows:
    * the totality as totality (unlike for example bar charts)
    * still a good focus on rough relative differences in part sizes

CHT's typical "Subfinance" is also it's logo:
    * The last version of the has been generated in Season 3, so it should be updated. <--- [NOW]
    * Idea was to show how it progressively IMPLODES <---- #generative #logo
    * Important is to focus on the relative parts.

* Current development

Also see / merge:
    * 🔗
    * notes +lisa , see cht🔗chtcharts(R/W)
    * 🔗dev-charts
    * E2h will support charts soon. Lorenz did some work here.
    * [...]

    * current:
        * data out of "subfinance" calc numerics
        * current one done in Illustrator (awkward! shame!)
    * future:
        * physical versions: keep printing stickers! also t-shirts!
        * [...]

Similar / interesting:
    * view-source: <-- data totally page integrated
    * [...]


Spending, as a strategy of deciding what to buy, where from, etc - is being investigated as a separated protocol / set of processes. See 🔗ordering.

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