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"Databox" Representation, CHT hackbase ~Season 3 (2013/2014). ###

"Subfinance" is a way of handling (tracking, representing, strategizing with, ...) common finances.

For CHT, it serves to both represent the costs to Crew, and to guide infrastructure development towards continous minimization of costs - in a clear-enough way for anyone to understand and replicate.

    2015-09-07 stub
    2015-11-17 touch
    2016-01-29 touch
    2016-02-04 redo
    2016-11-20 touch
    2020-01-12 (IN PROCESS) overviewing
    2020-07-19 overview

Also see...

    * 🔗metrics - non-financial aspect of lifestyle representation
    * 🔗web, search "funding"
    * 🔗postmarket manifesto - "Ban personal money!"
    * 🔗workflow, search "numeric data"
    * 🔗manual, search "subfinance" (somewhat deprecated)
    * ### from Internals:
        * Subfinance spreadsheet models !!! (include power & water)
        * Gnucash logs for CHT4A
        * [...]
    * ### David's desktop notes

Project goal

The financial goal of CHT is to minimize financial expenses,
    approach elimination of need for money to satisfy resource needs,
    and so the need to participate in the capitalist economic system.

As CHT crew, choose ...

    A) Join the Communist Conspiracy



    B) Pay a contribution

This covers all basic life costs.

You will cover your own consumables ("CREW"), and the upkeep ("MAINTENANCE") & equipment ("SPACE") costs of the common base infrastructure. Together, this is sufficient for subsisting during your stay, and you will need to additional money.

This does *not* cover personal extras (booze, cigarettes, idiosyncratic expensive food...), so if you want that, budget for it.

If you bring 🔗stuff to leave, its agreed value to the space is accounted into your contribution. Best to talk about this in advance & corroborate it with 🔗ordering.

For first-time crew short stays, there is a 🔗membership cost.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  

Rough totals are stable since 2014:

    → BASIC:
        ~15€/day, 100€/week, 450€/month

    → ENCOURAGED (if you have work):
        ~ 20€/day, 140€/week, 600€/month

    → MINIMUM (if you are broke):
        ~9€/day, 63€/week, 270€/month

More details below.

Handling expenditures

    0) Spend money well

A spending strategy - deciding what to buy, where from, etc - is being investigated separately.

See 🔗resources, and follow the links there.

    1) Track & Document

    * Collect and archive all paper trail (bills)

    * Digitize to semi-public (Ethercalc) sheets
        ### examples !!!

    * Output clear and public results:
        ### examples !!!!!!
        r ough financials template (7B, 7A, and some back???)

    2) Categorize, to bring clarity

A pie chart is used, for the reason that it...:
    * graphically represents totality of costs as a single unit (unlike for example bar charts)
    * offers focus on rough relative differences in sizes of parts

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  

CHT's Subfinance Databox is also its logo:
    * the last version of the has been generated in Season 3 (2014):
        !!! should be generative & (live) updated
    * it should show how costs, through progressive infrastructure improvements, implode!

See further below for details on categorization:
        → by ACCOUNTS ("how will it be accounted?")
        → by CLASS ("what is it"?)

    3) Strategize: Prioritize & Eliminate
Represent-Understand, Strategize

    * Develop infrastructure improvements. → 🔗tech-tree
    * Connect with potential allies. → 🔗consolidation

The expenses are being hacked away. The pie is contracting!

    4) ... Eliminate All !

At some point, no money is needed for procurring the needed basic 🔗resources.
The pie has imploded!

    moneyless, post-money, "postscarcity", "post-capitalism", post-market(ing), ...
    "full money independence"

Categorize: Expense Accounts

    ( Common )

      → CREW

Shared consumables, spent among current crew.
aka "running costs".

    * shopping budget (food)
    * shopping travel
    * (more per crew consensus):
        * rented car?
        * [...]

Will depend on the effectiveness of your day-to-day shopping.

    ~5€/day, 35€/week

Quality food & other running shopping is ~5€/day.
There is little room to bring this down to ~3€/day, without (precarious) own production.
Consult → 🔗markets, 🔗resources, etc.

      → SPACE

aka "general expenses"
aka "space expenses"

These costs are averaged over the duration of the whole project.:
    * hardware ← 🔗stuff
    * stay costs (=rent)
    * difficult-to-track utilities (power, water, bottled gas, ...)

Sum TOTAL costs. Divide by ALL person days.
This repays past investment & sustains at least the same future investment trend - buying 🔗ordering.

    ~5€/day, 35€/week


Long-term infrastructure repair calculated average & project upkeep.
Basically, an insurance.

    ~4€/day, 28€/week

    ( Personal )

      * your hardware

These is your basic equipment.
The space normally expects you to provide & maintain this yourself.

    * laptops, phones, etc
    * clothes & specialty clothes
    * sleeping bag
    * basic personal articles
    * [...]

All provided for 🔗communist-conspiracy comrades.

      * your extra spending

These can be zero! All essentials are covered in crew expenses.

    * eating out (covered only to level of crew budget)
    * drinking out
    * rationed food:
        * sweets (>0.2€/day)
        * booze (>0.5€/day)
        * nootropics (>0.5€/day)
    * [...]

Categorize: Expense Classes

Expenses are categorized roughly into ... :

    * The Rent:
        costs associated with having a place to stay
    * Food
    * Drink Water
    * Nootropics:
        minerals, vitamins, cognitive improvemt pills, caffeines, alcohols, cannabinoids, etc
    * Water
    * Net+Server:
        all running telecommunication costs
    * Power:
        energy production & distribution
    * New Lab Stuff:
    * Households:
        (usually marginal)

See, again, the reference pie chart ...

( Special rates )

    Reduced Rate (↓)

There is a limited chance for a reduced rate (1 in 5 people):
    If you are totally broke, unemployed, and break nothing ...
    Remove "SPACE" costs.
    ~9€/day, 63€/week, 270€/month

    Donation Rate (↑)

You are very encouraged to do donation rate (1 in 3 people):
    If you have decent work, or if you are staying for a very short time.
    Give 50% more.

*** ( CHT specific )

Ask for more details.

For a complete expenses breakdown, ask at .
        <---- This will work in 2017-03 somewhere.
        <---- Haha, still not there in 2020-01 ! ;-)

All subseasons have quite detailed budgets.

Project-related outgoing expenses

    * ~50€ / year: projected for infrastructure (domains, servers)
    * ~50€ / year: paper promo materials
    * (future) project-related travel
    * [...]

Forms of contributions

    * Memberships:
        → 🔗membership (€ for equipment investment)

    * Donations:
        → 🔗donate (€),
        → 🔗ordering (equipment),
        → 🔗todos (labour)

    * Labour:
        → 🔗coop (€, 2017!)

( Season Reports )

    2011-2014 (Type 1 base)



    Seasons 1-3 were perfected and more centralised - the keeper of the lab was always the same guy and also did Treasury and Supplies/Shopping. These are now defined as Roles (separated, freely assignable to anybody, and structured), see 🔗roles.

Outcomes + problems:
    * unoccupied house we still needed to pay in summers
    * collecting money regularly
    * once the system got going, it was good
    * [...]

    see Databox above

    2014-... (Type 2 camps)

    * cht4a:
        * seth was treasurer
        * individual extra contribs (seth car, etc)
        * used Gnucash
        * [...]

    * cht4b1:
        * missing people break financial plans !
        * individuals extra contributions (r4mp)
        * misunderstanding with jarkko
        * 🔗cht4b-christina makes some comments → search "subfinance"

    * cht4b2-4 (david):
        * running costs with La Graciosa were <200€/month
        * (but this with no infrastructure contribs and expert supplies organisation)

    * b->c:
        * subfinance chart sticker, done by lorenz yay
        * select small donations

    * cht4c:
        * lots of investment +strfry
        * expenditures on car
        * [...]

    * cht4d:
        * drama with pre-paid, and what it covers (+ww, +lor):
        * unclear situation "convertible debt" (+cumbia):
            (TRANSCLUDE TEXT)
        * <----------- [NOW] : write this out
        * [...]


### fill in the gaps !!!

season 5:
    * more contributions accepted in material form
    * [...]

season 6:
    * 🔗postmarket first deployed
    * [...]

season 7:
    * 🔗postmarket continued
    * [...]

*** PAD

Others / alike ...

    * david while hypertravel year 1/2 ?
    * elf pavlik lives moneyless ?
    * joey hess (ex Debian, etckeeper, git annex) lives off the grid
    * Kranj/Slovenia temp hackbase (stub):
        there's nothing to pay.
        food is shared.
        contribute with work.
        * soft loans
        * donations
        * [...]
    * roo case (London) ?:
        "I will contribute nothing more as if I wasn't here. No rent, no fixed utilities, no heating. I will contribute expanded consumption of water and power."
    * [...]

<----------------------------------- (new) ALIKE 

[!] DEV -- current development ... (charts, etc)

Also see / merge:
    * 🔗
    * notes +lisa , see CHT🔗chtcharts
    * 🔗dev-charts
    * E2h will support charts soon. Lorenz did some work here.
    * [...]

    * current:
        * data out of "subfinance" calc numerics
        * current one done in Illustrator (awkward! shame!)
    * future:
        * physical versions: keep printing stickers! also t-shirts!
        * [...]

Similar / interesting:
    * view-source: <-- data totally page integrated
    * [...]

[!!→] SKETCH: Expectation for lim0 app

Ties to → 🔗lim0



    * I want a general list of all that, as a HOUSEHOLD MANAGER, am supposed to maintain:
        → 🔗resources
        → 🔗food

    * UI:
        I don't want submenus.
        Quick narrowing search field would be nice.
        If you can't narrow-in, you can send a "request", going straight → 🔗ordering

    * Now it's clear what I'm waiting for:
        * some will be delivered from central vault, or I pick them up there packed, or unpacked
        * ... maybe from several vaults
        * ... maybe not even in storage. have to acquire myself. the funds are made available to me.


already kind of there:
    * [...]

        some things we don't have cash for. so there needs to be a "cost cutting" priority list.
        i want more/less/none of some things ("eggs"/"coffee"/"potato chips")
        wow, this is an amazing deal. it's already on the list / i'm sure (myself) that i should get it for vault
        hitting the market regularly. yippie-style hustling with a mandate.
    * you invite (non-comrade) people over and cook them a meal:
        → have a communique strategy
        → write off as personal
    * [...]


more on MEMBERSHIP !

clear up - why? (is in the new cr

(deprecated tools)

    * the Subfinance Calc (.odt) numerics sheet
    * GnuCash (deprecated, used in Season4-A)


Q: how do you get total "space costs"

it's an approximation.
there used to be complete clerity over both "person days" and "total expenditures".
it settled over time, and is now considered stable and a lesser priority work to upkeep.

Q: do classes (like net, power) include long-term accounts

A) they should, to show clarity, and have comparison
B) that would be difficult, as you'd need to assume amortization time (and upkeep)
C) that's not the point
D) maybe they could be internally separated within the part !:
    1) running cost = bad
    2) breakable investment = better
    3) hardly breakable ... = even better
    4) no cost whatsoever = best
E) ???

Q: often saving money (~not eating out) results in more labour (~cooking time) ...

yes, for this reason, there is 🔗subflow.
see on 🔗vocab.

lim 0 and other charts

a visualization of cost through time would be good

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