Type-2 Hackbase:


"Nomadic resilient base"

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People living & hacking in portable architecture (tents, etc)
Part of 🔗hackbases.
More → info@totalism.org

    2016-12-29 33c3 (stub v2)
    2017-02-23 ejected 🔗hackbase-type3 !
    2017-09-22 merged-in from 🔗base-eu
    2017-10-09 cleanup
    2020-08-20 re-importing + currently overviewing ...


How it works

    * People living & hacking in portable architecture (tents, etc)

    * Deployed:
        in nature, or in cities
        in and around hacker festivals / camps

    * Financed with use contributions, and (cash, equipment) donations

    * Stored or sold away after use:
        parts left in different places, recomposing, adding up

    * Moved into place for next deployments

Example: CHT4-C (2016-Feb, Mar)

(Packed up.)

Contents (What's in the boxes)

Full subsistence infrastructure.
Standard CHT #boxes.
See 🔗stuff, also 🔗ordering.
    * http://twitter.com/chtotalism/status/708048605513445376 (like image above)

The equipment is sorted and stored in plastic impermeable storage boxes.

Ties to 🔗tech-tree, 🔗graph-index, 🔗roles, ...!
Also to the OLDEST CHT PAGE ... on mediawiki ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ###

Design targets

    1000€ (but can already start with 300€)

    1 ISO pallet




    * 🔗season4 : 2014 manifesto for temporary camps in Lanzarote

    * past → 🔗history

    * present/future → http://next.totalism.org

    * 🔗base-eu : CHT's planned EU instance of a Type-2 base


* Nomadic peoples around the world:
    "It is estimated that there are about 30-40 million nomads around the world." *

* Hacker camps attract thousands of people yearly, with hundreds of crews:
    → 🔗calendar

* People interested in survivalism, high-performance camping, bushcraft, etc:
    → 🔗camping


    These setups are not hackbases.
    They do not invite open participation, etc.


### merge with 🔗flocking stages !!!

Downtime->Preparation Downtime->Preparation Downtime->Upkeep Downtime->Storage Downtime->Virtual infrastructure Preparation->Takeup Preparation->Takeup Preparation->people enter schedule info Preparation->flocking Preparation->land-attributes Preparation->draft Preparation->draft Preparation->auto-schedule when conditions are met Preparation->smart contracts ?? Preparation->ICO ?? Takeup->CAMP Takeup->CAMP Takeup->flocking Takeup->newcomers CAMP->Teardown CAMP->Teardown CAMP->roles CAMP->manual Teardown->Downtime Teardown->Downtime Teardown->flocking Teardown->newcomers Upkeep->Diplomacy Virtual infrastructure->Servers Virtual infrastructure->Workflow deployment people enter schedule info->dates people enter schedule info->conditions (min x, min y) subseason start->Preparation Downtime Downtime Preparation Preparation Takeup Takeup CAMP CAMP Teardown Teardown Upkeep Upkeep Diplomacy Diplomacy Storage Storage Virtual infrastructure Virtual infrastructure people enter schedule info people enter schedule info dates dates conditions (min x, min y) conditions (min x, min y) flocking flocking land-attributes land-attributes draft draft auto-schedule when conditions are met auto-schedule when conditions are met smart contracts ?? smart contracts ?? ICO ?? ICO ?? Servers Servers Workflow deployment Workflow deployment roles roles manual manual newcomers newcomers subseason start subseason start

(2017-10: graph just a sketch, also the main documents covering this need a re-ordering)


    * Get people involved + find initial funding


    * 🔗flocking
    * 🔗pr

    * How to cover initial investment? Maybe ICO?
    * How to secure maintenance budget (running costs)? What to do if the base goes bankrupt?
    * How to effectively re-fund the base for new deployments?
    * [...]

    * List needed parts/contents, and buy them

See 🔗stuff, 🔗ordering and 🔗markets

    * Determine location

Consult 🔗land-attributes.


    * Move boxes to location (Logistics)

Reference shipment quote:
    via http://www.pallet2ship.co.uk
    * Europallet = 100x100x100cm, 100kg
    * Berlin -> Guildford (UK), location of EMF camp
    * = ~200€ + VAT
        looks that's too much

Some equipment would better be not shipped, but bought on site:
    * very heavy/big stuff (like: batteries)
    * very breakable stuff (like: solar panels?)

Perhaps logistics in itself is a mistake:
    * "Always strive for replication, not for transportation"
    * The end tab should be picked up by local people, and so a new "hackbase seed" started
    * This would need a unique system of funding
 <--- #subfinance

Alternative ways:
    * People already going there, helping to transport ("hitch-hiking logistics")
    * [...] !!!

    * Uptime / Day-to-day work

See 🔗roles, etc.

    * Teardown + Move to Storage

Also see 🔗flocking.


    * Storage

"Where boxes are during downtime".

It's currently an annoying and recurring problem for the CHT base in Lanzarote, as well.
This ties to #vaults.

    * buy a van:
        (what CHT did with 🔗trucko)
    * weather-proof + bury boxes underground
    * separate into parts / modules (boxed up anyway), and disperse around different people
    * deploy as a local hackerspace ("active storage" pattern)
    * #vaults, an european network
    * [...]

Storage is simpler, as the base prototype/model is improved:
        capacity to be stored outside or buried underground:
        (this now supposedly almost works, since #cht4c)
    * more compact, lighter, etc:
        (needing less space, easier to move around by anybody on the ground)
    * better appearance:
        (so it can be stored in somebody's living room)

And also as:
    * the network improves (#vaults)
    * [...]


Open questions:
    * How to make decisions about where the base goes next, etc?
    * What constitutes deciding power?
    * [...]

Protections for stewardship-transfer:
    * The model must not be a "no-profit pre-assembled & optimized all you need pack" ending up in the hands of bourgie campers
    * New stewards must commit to maintaining the openness:
        in some way, a GPL-like transitivity
    * so: bases should not be bought and sold as "speculative commodities" !

I guess this opens the space for a "hackbases foundation".

*** PAD

!!! compare with type 1

    * seems to CHT focused
    * find other type 2 collectives ?!
    * [...]

Related / also see...
    * 🔗hacking-housing-pad
    * #hiab ("hackerspace in a box")
    * #vaults


via CHT🔗cht4c3-2 ...

    * these are modes of hacker being
    * based on actual things you can do on the side (~10-20h/week)
    * that are cool ("agree with you")
    * sensible, agreable work
    * ... that you need to be on the land for
    * cleaning up trash (plastic, construction leftovers, hunter bullets, etc)
    * herding ("hacker cowboys") would be good for the land
    * "forestry": cleaning up wood, invasive species control, etc
    * terraforming: planting trees, terrain modifications, etc
    * water + aquifier management: canals, aljibes, etc
    * biology & other field science research
this typology, as all, needs:
    * a WORKFLOW with tactical tools
    * totalist awareness of complete environment ("don't pick a random valley")
    * totalist (complete) environment awareness:
        * location selection
        * contingencies
        * [...]
    * processes / methods

first nature / second nature / third nature

via CHT🔗cht4c3-2 ...

nature logics:
    * VISIONING different NATURE LOGICs on a "google earth"-like terrain
    * studying different ones
    * IMAGING 
    * biology <> geology <> arcaeology : "what/how was this piece of land 1000 years ago?"


via CHT🔗cht4c3-2 ...

#important #catastro

    * some land is public
    * land register is private
    * the information which land is public (municipality, country, etc) owned should probably be public as well?
How ownership/interest here would be represented and legally enforced (who'd care to report?, etc)

#forestry Responsibilities

via CHT🔗cht4c4-1 ...

    * Who takes care of the trees on private lands?
    * ... trash?
    * if the wood is not put away, doesn't this increase wood parasite growth etc?
    * [...]
#tomeet +medioambiente discuss this!

Standard template for Log

via CHT🔗cht4d-log ...

1408-    * FAILS of the day
1409-    * rest / camp situation
1410-    * food !!!
1411-    * environment monitoring / quantification:
1412-        * animal / ufo sightings
1413:        * trash sightings (in natural/cultural context)
1414-    * stuff worked / hacked on (software, etc)
1415-    * moods
1416-    * [...]

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