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Things you can do to help. Most even if you don't make it to the base!

    2016-06-07 stub
    2016-10-07 touch
    2016-11-21 touch
    2017-08-07 touch
    2017-09-14 touch
    2020-09-05 moveover + quick overview

Ties to:
    🔗projects — CHT proposed projects
    🔗why-how-what —Why do it? How to do it? What is CHT?
    🔗works — Overview of larger projects 

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Visit the base ! for current/upcoming subseason.

For some things you can do here:


    * Contribute website content !
All pages are editable.
Just do it - there is admin oversight, so don't worry about writing something in the wrong place, or messing something up.

A good place to start is to make additions to the systematics:
    * 🔗calendar: Check if your favorite events are already listed. Also historic ones, so future editions can be found.
    * 🔗alike: Do you know of any other spaces like this?
    * 🔗maps: Anything missing from a city you know well?
    * more → 🔗systematics

    * Improve the website by user testing it
Help improve the  & do 🔗pr#____USER_TESTING.

    * Ordering gear: Research choices & help buy
Help find the right products for gear we are currently 🔗ordering !!!
(Or even better - find them, and somehow help get it to the base).

    * Become a member of the project

    * Donate to the project
Consider making a financial → 🔗donate, or equipment→🔗ordering donation.

    * Help promote the project
Share the link, tell people, connect with another project, print some material and post it around.
Post on mastodon, diaspora, twitter, whatever.
Find profiles on 🔗contact. Also see 🔗pr

    * Invite project to your event/gallery/university

    * Join the work cooperative
See → 🔗coop !

    * Help discover and prepare grant/CFP proposals
Update and manage 🔗grants, coordinate with
Collaboration here can also be paid.

    * (Add more ideas & constructive directions)
You've been to the base?
You've seen the website?

Add your own ideas for todos:

For Canarias/Spanish locals

    * Improve the map of related local initiatives
See → 🔗canarias.

    * Find Canarias address & storage spaces
Ties to 🔗vaults.

The storage space:
    * Can be outside (open air).
    * Can be in any island, but especially Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.
    * We need easy access to it.

    * Find place to store our van when we are away
Around 4-6 months/year.

    * Translate website to Spanish
    * basic parts of site
    * list of phrases we need to further develop (especially medioambiente part)
    * [...]
Feel free to start @ 🔗ESP-web !

Website Development & Server administration

This ties to 🔗E2H, the plaform running the site.
Also see 🔗dev-index.
### !!! #tomerge, actually ... also with 🔗projects

    * Help with server admin & dev-ops

Containerisation, Data, Deploying new software ...
It's running Debian.

    * Website Search function

    * Text-to-Chart graphics
See 🔗dev-charts.
Main checks: 🔗metrics/🔗poster and as a part of that 🔗subfinance (databox).
Something in D3 maybe?

    * Fix site CSS (especially for mobile)
All the CSS on the website is easily editable in pads.

Unsure about mobile device look (font-size and line-spacing).
        * max-width & margin ???
        * increase font-size ?
        * line-spacing ?
        * [...]

First simple step would already be:
    * walk around the site
    * find worst themes
    * write them here!

    * Migrate maps to Open Street Maps (
🔗maps is running on Google Maps and that's not okay, even though they are public (so it's not a matter of "privacy", but rather extending the feature set).
See → 🔗dev-maps.

    * Website RSS feed
At least for some pages?
Since the site is structured and not a "blog"-type sequential content, a "UPDATES DIFF" solution is needed.
Probably best to have curated diffs.
send email when RSS IS achieved (I WANT RSS!) - the 1 button browser click is perhaps a luxury but seems GREAT to keep in contact / bookmark / remind - a  minimimal-essential to keep in 1-click contact / see new page titles etc - yeah you don't need example probably but this feed adds to browser (and is of course safe / aaron swartz inspired)
1st lame suggestion / inspiration for RSS  - Couldn't a WP self-install + plugin be used as the meta-feed for this, or as some kind of scraper? Crazy and I can't do it or... well I'll think about it. Maybe taking a change list by created time and exporting it to page might do - crappy out loud thinking - a list of updated / created pages in order of date even- maybe you have it already but most pages are longish/detailed we might not even know the difference for updates but newly created yeah.
- A separate matter but following the idea to follow what's going on which might not be actually needed is:
    a simplified menu at the top (for new people) on main site (like wordpress bar, or HTML frame or sorts!) putting for NEW people these buttons allow them to get comfy
    ok you have a hidden sidebar menu on - but for main page also would be idiot proof / jumpable a bit but yeah looks like you thought of this can delete this back up to RSS sugestion
    Add mastodon link for example for non-gmail contact and better social circles or better social practice in contact perhaps

    * 🔗whats-new is kind of a manual version of this

Next step:
    * put the site on github
    * push E2H -> text there
    What makes an issue? → Starred revision (max 1 / 3 days).

    * Transclude + filter pages (as lines, as fragments)
    * Transclude already works
    * filter not
    * it would also have to be "piped" somehow
Usecase example:
    everything tagged with "#todo" should appear here!
    <<<- #todo

    * Support for templates and forms

    * Set up the missing parts of Workflow
See → 🔗workflow

The van

See → 🔗trucko-now !


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