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hypermedia documents

A totalism.org project.

Author all sorts of web documents, or use as a collaborative content management system for wiki-like sites. E2h auto-generates HTMLs by transforming and styling Etherpads.

Last updated: March 21 2023

    2014-10-xx first version, hacked @ TechInc, Amsterdam
    2015-10-30 readying for release
    2016-01-29 added CSS support
    2016-10-07 feature additions
    2017-04-19 more feature additions
    2018-03-21 moved to new pad server
    2022-02-13 — towards merge with 🔗ethering

E2h->HTML websites E2h->HTML websites E2h->HTML websites Author Etherpad documents->E2h Author Etherpad documents->E2h Author Etherpad documents->E2h Author Etherpad documents->using the basic styles (bold, italic, underline, etc) Author Etherpad documents->using the extended E2h syntax E2h E2h HTML websites HTML websites Author Etherpad documents Author Etherpad documents using the basic styles (bold, italic, underline, etc) using the basic styles (bold, italic, underline, etc) using the extended E2h syntax using the extended E2h syntax


    * Collaborative & realtime website authoring

    * Simple internal links (Wiki-like), and cross-instance links:

    * Insert images:

    * Auto-generated Table of Contents

    * Responsive design (portrait / landscape modes & composable layout)

    * Collaborative theming (via pad-editable CSS files)
        with pre-defined variables for simple, flexible & consistent control of presentation
        and many importable pre-made themes

    * Hyperlinks-on-text, like this, or image https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/48/GraphvizLogo.png

    * Powerful text-to-graph capability

    * Transclusion (inclusion of pages, or their parts, by reference)

    * Support for Pods:
        * simple addressing of content on other instances (E2h, Mediawiki, ...)
        * seamless mirroring of content (including offline!)
        * latent addressing of resources, accessible depending on user's personal pod resolution list
    * Emoji support 😸🤠🧜‍♀️🧶🧠

    * Deploy to own web domain
(with customizable URL paths)
    (with Apache mod_rewrite)

    * Collaborative slideshow presentations (multi-media, multi-screen)

    * SSL (with Let’s Encrypt)

    * Optional advanced analytics (with Matomo)

    * Collaborative annotation (with Hypothes.is)

    * Etc!
    * Multi-screen projections
    * Master-key (by levels) access control system
    * Text→programmable lighting control


There are several options, depending on your needs.

    #1: Use the pad.land instance

pad.land !

Available on a fair-sharing agreement for smaller sites/projects,
or full-scale for allied collectives.
→ Contact info@pad.land.

    #2: Your own fully hosted version

    * custom domain name
    * regular & reliable technical support
    * also available:
        * work sessions teaching effective-use
        * development of special features to specification
        * editorial & content maximizing support

→ Contact coop@totalism.org to host your (public or internal) collaborative project.

Future development / Todos
See 🔗e2h-todo !
    * hypertheory, see 🔗text and 🔗hyperreader
    * Ted Nelson's view of the web, see Wikipedia🔗Project_Xanadu
    * also see 🔗workflow, for developments to cover the CHT Hackbase's case
    * [...]

    #3: Use own Etherpad, with totalism.org's E2h

Available for single-page sites, or allied collectives on a fair-sharing agreement.
E2H works with all modern Etherpad instances. You can use the totalism.org E2h proxy together with any Etherpad instance, as long as it is whitelisted.

    'link' = pad URL (part after "https://")

    → Source pad
    ← E2H transformed

→ Contact info@totalism.org :
    Need to whitelist your project's Etherpad server?
    Having problems using it with a specific pad?
    Want help to make it look better?

    #4: Fully self-hosted

If you're interested in obtaining the source code & setup instructions,
and would like to offer a significant contribution to help support the development,
→ Contact coop@totalism.org


See → 🔗ethering 


* totalism.org pod:
    * whole of https://totalism.org
    * ( including this webpage )
    * systematics like 🔗alike, ...
    * graphs like 🔗graph-index, ...
    * also see 🔗puzzles, ...
    * hosting files: here

* ... transforming pads from other Etherpad pods (and with custom styling):
    * blue-narchy, via framapad.org
    * *globalista*radio*kit*, via pads.ccc.de

* ... ooooo.be own instance: 
    * http://www.ooooo.be/etherhtml/e2h.php?_=techotsukumogami
    * http://www.ooooo.be/etherhtml/e2h.php?link=annuel2.framapad.org/p/blue-narchy

* thelastmeeting.net
    A hosted version of E2H supported realtime collaboration of 15 artistic researchers, over a week-long intensive exchange.
    see → thelastmeeting.net

* internal CHT instance:
    CHT🔗CHT ( accessible only with the right routing keys )

Support the development

    * Comission to set up your own custom instance
    * 🔗donate to the hackbase
    * Join the 🔗coop

Developed 2015-2022 by david@totalism.org.

→ Contact (coop@totalism.org) for support.
Etherpad, CSS, PHP, Graphviz
The Etherpad logos by Marcel Klehr are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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