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To be able to think and communicate current life-or-death topics has exceeded the descriptive reach of common language. A combination of capital-controlled manipulative media, a culture of self-interest with short-term arithmetic, advertising-powered capitalism, and yet still somewhat democratic control of politics, leads to unacceptable outcomes.

This is a open-to-add list of powerful representation systems, that might as such have power to inform & influence beliefs. Curated by @dcht00 and @chtotalism.

Life representation


middlemachine/David Potocnik, ~10.000 nodes, (2011)

    Living Context

David Potocnik/Sara Vrbinc/Totalism Hackbase, For CHT 2011-2014, 🔗poster/🔗metrics.

Politics, Economics

    Fact Checking

(, example Trump's Truth-O-Meter)

More sites:
    * NYTimes, example 2016 US Elections
    *, example, give bite-sized TLDRs and longer groundings
    * Google will reportedly launch truthness icons on search results


Totalism Hackbase, Graph of personal expenses,


    Subjective Time

The American Time Use Survey is an ongoing program from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that asks thousands of people, what they did during the last 24 hours. See @.

    Change dynamics

* Ed Hawkins, Climate spirals (Global warming: Temperature + Time)

    * Reproduced in Wolfram:
    * Updates:

* Wipneus, Global Sea Ice Area (NSIDC data)



    Subsets (Directed Venn Diagram)

(via @)


Mark Lombardi’s World Finance Corporation and Associates, ca. 1970-84: Miami, Ajman, and Bogota-Caracas (Brigata 2506: Cuban Anti-Castro Bay of Pigs Veteran) 7th Version. Photo by John Berens, © Pierogi Gallery, Donald Lombardi

See @ for digitalized versions.




    * videos (youtube, etc):
        * population graphs : (density, distribution, age structure, growth rate, mortality/fertility, demographic transitions, future prediction...)
        * [...]

    * mystic-inspired objects:

    * film, visual poetics, ...

    * Visual vocabulary !!!:
        data/relation type to appropriate visualization types

    * wolfram alpha and blog

    * gov statistics departments

    * Visualisation & investigation by Tactical Tech

    * A Map of Hegel's Science of Logic #hypertheory #philosophy

    * "The Philosopher’s Web," Influences Connecting Ancient & Modern Philosophers

    * Share Lab /

    * Neural Network Zoo

    * Gallery of Concept Visualization !!!

    * Visual intriduction to probability and statistics !!!
    * Graphs, maps, plots, ... of import/export by country !!!

    * Big Data+ML for social networks of the past @Time Machine Venice

    * Large-scale method to identify ancient human settlements and their connections with satellites

    * "See the invisible" (magnetic fields)

    * !!! :
        "Explore cultural collections along time, texture and themes"
    * :
        "e.g. What makes human language more powerful than "the communications of chimps"?  This table outlines the evolution of symbolic cognition, e.g. "mental time travel." The book then discusses the debate on how language development might influence cognitive development & vice versa" <

    *  Distill is dedicated to clear explanations of machine learning :
    * Bret Victor / @worrydream:
        * @oakland
        * [...]

    * :
        show number of surviving members of species by pixels ...
        (Effective display of 10^3-6 set cardinality)
    * :
        language to code real-life behaviour
        similar to #subflow <joe.edelman

    * :
        heureka moment for 🔗glia-graph ;-)
        glitch of creating pad with default etherpad welcome message :
            "Pad is synchronised while you type..."
            on 2018-11-07"
            #TODO - stabilise to another pad name after v4

        SQEK collaborative research map (with history - temporal dimension) of the squatting movement

    * ""Diasporas Atlas aim at mapping and analysing the occupation of the Web by diasporas""

    * :
        some nice eco charts

    * :
        To Dissect a Mockingbird: A Graphical Notation for the Lambda Calculus with Animated Reduction

    * :
        "Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems" !!!!
        * [...]

    * :
        Emergence of the Transnational Managerial Class Ideology
        By Orsan Senalp
        Tektology is a comprehensive methodology. Upgrading Dialectic and Historical Materialism of Marx and Engels, with Energetism of Mach and Ostwald, it was founded by Lenin’s most important challenger Alexander Bogdanov Malinowski, between the late 1890s and 1920s. It was developed as a radical critic of Taylor’s Scientific Management yet beyond that in order to look at the entire universe and all its properties from an ‘organizational’ and ‘class’ points of view; in order to discover and study common / general patterns and mechanisms in the emergence, transformation, evolution, and demise of all complex elements and systems forming human experience, and rebuilt it in an emancipatory way. Although it is recognized as the forerunner of the modern Cybernetics of Norbert Wiener, and the General Systems Theory of Ludwig von Bertalanffy, some claims that Tektology was going further then the two and foreseeing many later discoveries made in these latter fields, following the developments in the 20th century. 

    * loopy, a simple systems sim/game:
        part of explorables:
        points to D.Meadows book:


    * :
        a collection and co-position of a bunch of peculiar charts
        offered without an explanation
        ### !!! ... attempts linked → comments

    * [...]

<----------------------------------------------------- (new) individual ↑↑↑ ↓↓↓ titled

   * "A web version of the off-axis projection effect"

#3D #threejs
(nice quick demo)

    * "Notational compendium" : a history of notation systems (!)

### #toread !!!

    * global energy flow & greenhouse gas emissions (2010)
uses (=flow rate!)
Fuel → Sector → gas
... updated !
Sector → end use → gas

___________ (2010)
The efficient use of energy: Tracing the global flow of energy from fuel to service

    * a representation (media) thought as (outcome) domains and co-domains
(aka SLO: "definicijsko območje" & "zaloga vrednosti")

    * Essential to Capitalism:

    * Stock pages:
        (and, as Marko Pogačnik / OHO, "thing as itself / embodying itself" ... not as "representation", but "embodiement")

    * Candlestick charts:
        * Patterns:
        * Timezone ...:
            * UTC if not noted otherwise ?
            * (Would be great to see "most important" ticks noted - "Chinese wake up", etc)
        * "Why don't opens and closes connect"
        * [...]

    * Bloomberg Terminals

    * [...]

    * Cross-Comparison as Reality check: (cause of death VS media reporting)
        ties to #postmedia !!!

    * narrative map/flow

        * 🔗glia-graph

    * photography

    * numerics:

        * spreadsheets

    * maps & cartography:

        * psychogeography / drift

        * curated tactical maps

        * Hours of Daylight on the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere

          ( via )

        * Deforming maps based on statistics:
            ( via: )
            ( tool: )

    * charts / dataviz

        * 🔗dev-charts <--------- #tomerge

    * theater and scenic arts

    * Ted Nelson's next-level hypermedia
        * zig-zag

        * connectomes (neuro-maps)

    * [...]

Future work

    * find associates
    * construct reading list, akin to 🔗commonground
    * FAQ

Research topics:
    * linkroute <> ?
    * #comphermeneutics ?
    * persuasion?, marketing?, propaganda?, [...]
    * "attention economy"
    * #polemics , and how to challenge, for example:
        * (super-capitalist)
        * ... they're taking stuff out of focus?
        * ... demand Totalist numerics!
        * [...]
    * [...]

*** PAD

See also:

P2P Etnography

P2P Ethnography, can be defined as a qualitative research design aimed at exploring cultural phenomena. Different from Ethnography, its aim is not to produce field studies or case reports, but to establish continuously available, accessible, participatory, performative and collaborative processes which allow gaining understandings about the knowledge and the systems of meanings in the lives of a social group, and its interactions with other ones.

Edward Tufte's data visualisations

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