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Research on living environment quantification, and FLOSL (Free and Libre Open Source Lifestyles).
by @dcht00 of @chtotalism hackbase

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CHT poster (2014)

Data-medium for lifestyle description in CHT hackbase.

Also see 🔗poster (currently in development to be generative).

Lifestyle Metrics & FLOSL

A framework that enables description / representation of a lifestyle, and as a consequence, comparison between lifestyles, and as a consequence of that, switching lifestyles.

In a way, it enables "good choices". But in another it transcends the idea of choice - choices are often only apparent, with options appearing sensible because of being either traditional defaults, "presented well", etc.

The necessity came out of the realization that even if the CHT hackbase would suddenly find its original goal - the perfect recipe for hacker freedom - it would still need to keep "marketing" that to its "target audience" and "sell them the idea". The project would have to do so with "social media outreach", "calls to action" and other marketing / sales tactics.

Marketing is an arms race we cannot win, and should not attempt to participate in.

The outcome goal of this approach is as much to provide an alternative to (lifestyle) marketing, as is to be a sanity check for the project that started it.

It's necessary groundwork for experimental lifestyles, a compass to navigate the exploration of opportunities, in a changing landscape of possibilities in the current European situation.

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Presented at FLOSS Community Metrics meetup, 2015-01-30 @Brussels

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