Regular meetings


Ties to:


* weekly public meeting

Announced on Telegram, Mailing list, social media etc

Every FRIDAY, 4PM CET (3PM Canarian time)

* operators meeting


*** PAD

(time consideration)

don't clash:
    * morning (not before 11AM)
    * with work (not before 5PM)
    * sleep (not after 1AM)

    17:00 - 1:00 AM

make mention of which time zone you're in!

("why monday?")

it frames the week
CHT is already pretty full-on out of time living:
    (no job, no regular shopping, need to coordinate with in-time people)
    * to keep pushing improvements
    * ... at least in certain periods, "half the time", etc
    * ... a push to catch-up with some time rhythms is needed

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