CHT hackbase history



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2022 →


This period is opportunistic bases with less open participation, after getting robbed in Canaries; the base is trying to determine a new 🔗future form, both in and out of Canary Islands. Subseason notes are getting reorganized, and will be published ASAP.

    * CHT10-A as Type 4 (2023/November, December @Fuerteventura, Canarias)

    * CHT9-C as Type 1 (semi-private) (2023/June - October @Kranj, Slovenia)

    * CHT9-B as Type 8 (2023/January - June @Cuba)

    * CHT9-A as Type 4 (2022/November - 2023/January @Fuerteventura, Canarias)

(2021, 2022)

as 🔗hackbase-type7:


"Base within institution"

    * 🔗@khg: CHT8-A (2021/October - 2022/January, @Gent, Belgium)

2019 → 2021

as 🔗hackbase-type4:


"Harbours & Mobility"


with 🔗trucko van

    * 🔗season7-B: CHT7-B, CHT7-BF, CHT7-C, CHT7-D (2020/January - 2021/October)

    * 🔗season7-B: CHT7-B, CHT7-BF, CHT7-C, CHT7-D (2020/January - 2021/October)

    * 🔗season7-A: CHT7-A (2019/November, December)

    * 🔗season6-C: CHT6-C (2019/June, July)


short period

deployed as a hackerspace


2014 → 2019

as 🔗hackbase-type2:


"Nomadic Resillient Base"

    * 🔗season6-A: CHT6-A & CHT6-B (2018/Nov - 2019/Mar)
also XXX🔗cht6b-cloudycamp
also XXX🔗cht6b-log
    * 🔗season5-C: CHT5-C ??? did this happen ???

    * 🔗season5-B: CHT5-B (2017/Nov, Dec) 

    * 🔗season5-A: CHT5-A (2017/Jan, Feb)

    * 🔗truco-space hackerspace

    * 🔗season4-D : CHT4-D (2016/May, June, July)

    * 🔗season4-C : CHT4-C (2016/February, March)

    * 🔗season4-B : CHT4-B (2015/April, May, June)

    * 🔗season4-A : CHT4-A (2014/Nov, Dec)

    * 🔗season4 : (general plans)

2011 → 2014

as 🔗hackbase-type1:


"Liquid shared rented house"

    → 🔗CHT1 (December 2011 - June 2014)

From the original announcement:
    The base is in Lanzarote, Canary Islands (wiki, map), a UNESCO protected 40x20km Spanish island 100km West off Africa. It seemed a good idea to spend winters living in a constant 20°C average climate, with year-long ocean swimming.
    Canonical hackerspace design says that "people shouldn't ever sleep there", but hackbases take the ethos a step further. Hackerspaces are only hobbyist places, while hackbases aim to be fully integrated institutions, reinventing the basic ways to live & work.
You won't need regular paid work nearly as much. Life beyond nuclear families in rented apartments you can never afford to buy, and work for hierarchical for-profit corporations (startups etc), by rediscovering old counter-culture recipes and exploring new patterns in architecture, agriculture and information technologies; random psychedelia parties, and exploring nature. Basically, like in 1972, but with an industrial model that's not selling sea shell jewelry.
    If you want to come around just get a cheap flight. Anyone can stay here on a micro-budget, build up and use the lab and workshop, co-curate the e-archive of books, films and music, hang out, focus on your projects, and connect them into the general theory/practice of the space, plus whatever's specifically going on then. Includes great local food, the weather and the nature (ocean, volcanoes and desert).