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As of: 2021-02-01

CHT is reaching a point where we have developed the van-living patterns of  🔗hackbase-type4 pretty well. Importantly, we also seem to have a steadier flow of financial contributions to the project. We need to make some decisions about the project's next reform in the near future.

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    20210201 (telegram group post)

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A sketch of some probable directions.

A) finally execute hackbase Type 3 (buy rural land)

This was already the plan in 2014 and drafted on 🔗season4 . It was delayed as we focused more on free camping
Would also function as a 🔗hackbase-type4 harbour.

B) mass-replicate Type 4 vans

Maybe 5-10 of them.
Focus on having the processes to recruit fellow travellers who want to quit bourgeois EU city+rent+job life, at a unit costs of ~5000€, suitable for 1-3.
FC commit to provide part of initial capital (as convertible loan / bonds), use & maintain the vans as a commons.

    * recruitment
    * transition
    * van formal ownership
    * ... financing
    * ... sharing & general control
    * ... maintenance responsibilities
    * degree of project participation and alignment
    * dissolution

C) sailboat

Pursue the direction of a hack/art/communist boat.
Sail 100nm to Western Sahara (W), or a bit more to Cape Verde (S).

D) all-terrain vehicle + develop serious and capable crew

Push 🔗hackbase-type4 further.

    * needs to co-develop (assort 🔗fields capacities together)
    * commits to exploring & carrying out public programme together:
        → 🔗trucko-mobile
    * first in Canarias, then also to jump over to Africa
Would probably cost around 15k-20k€.

We already kind of have this with 🔗trucko, but it's not 4x4 and not the most realiable car to go on crazy trips.

There is also a problem with a dedicated crew:
    It would be easy to blame it on 'Rona,
    but realistically this is a great time to do it ...:
        the gap between pandemic (situation & limitations) in EU, and here in Canarias, is massive
        ... as big as the weather gap.
        there is extended public concern with travel, perhaps more so in our typical audience
        but generally there is still a lot of travel here, so ...

More → 🔗overland

E) partially professionalize → re-organize the writings → recapture public appeal

With the project's keeper as the main writer, primary editor, platform developer, promoter, speaker ... - the project & website has been limited on how far it can go.

Many others have contributed, in totally different scales, in valuable and essential ways, but ultimately limited.

Why? This can be understood:
    (1) life in CHT is, or seems, precarious → people don't show up, or don't commit longer term.
        in the context of the project's lifestyle precarity, the surrounding capitalist system & its social pressures/expectations, etc.
    (2) for whatever reason, other projects have not done better:
        None of the projects we are aware of have been any more successful, by our evaluation anyway.
        If you disagree, point to the exception? → 🔗alike.

This does *not* mean the keeper wants to have a paid role at CHT (David: the ~200€/month costs are trivial for me to budget, and I have been doing this for 10 years, in the last years successfully with my dear comrades via 🔗postmarket).

This means CHT offers "paid" crew positions, meaning:
    1) collecting (and distributing) money in some way
    2) offering at least zero-cost work+live mid-term residencies, that include basic security (healthcare coverage, "golden parachute" when leaving, etc)

Ties to → 🔗others.


    * typical artist residencies, with a "call" etc
    * ties to #draft (like NBA)
    * "specific people for specific roles"
    * #spread
    * 🔗postmarket "as comrades"
    * [...]

Positions ... help with specific avenues:
    * 🔗ordering
    * 🔗pr
    * XXX🔗book
    * [...]

talk about:
    * kind of like an "apprenticeship"
    * make sure this is not a #workaway style "fiefdom"
    * "maybe some months is too long ... one month should be enough"
    * aim for people that, after this time, understand 1) it's a good life, and with prospects to improve ... and 2) it's possible to make this inside coop/coco
    * [...]

F) more public programme, hosted within institutions

This will have to wait for the pandemic a little bit.
Pre-preparing, connecting, and timing it exactly could be great!

Refer to:
    * 🔗hackbase-type7
    * 🔗teaching
    * 🔗trucko-mobile
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