CHT Project Equipment

An overview of project's common equipment, aka "Stuff".
(June 2015 - Portable subset of stuff during 🔗season4-B, back from La Graciosa.)
(July 2016 - Stuff in hacklab form as "Truco Space")

Document in review ~ 2020.

Last updated:
    2016-11-14 touch
    2017-10-10 graph
    2020-01-08 moveover import + quick overview(?) ... INCOMPLETE !!!
    ~2017 , Missing a lot of things !
    2020-11-25 part overview

Table of Contents
1 Related pages
2 (A graph, with some links)
4.1 VW 1984 LT28 2.5D van
4.2 camping equipment for ~15 people
4.3 energy infrastructure
4.4 communications, workflow infrastructure
4.5 fully-equipped, outdoor-ready kitchen
4.6 basic tools
4.7 sound / studio systems
4.8 raw materials
4.9 medic pack
4.10 other stuff
6.1 CHT7
6.1.1     * 2x card10 (cccamp2019 badge) + extra EEG sensor
6.1.2     [K] Battery charger for lead batteries (acid, AGM) ~50-100€
6.1.3     [K!!] garlic press
6.2 LIES → CHT7C
6.2.1     (DAVID) Carl Zeiss Contact Day 30 Compatic (6 lenses)
6.2.2     Solar Powerbank 8Ah
6.2.3     [K!!!?] Cheap tiny DC waterpumps (#lim0) x10
6.2.4     [K!!!] ELX -- 220V and DC time delay
6.2.5     [R!!!] ELX -- usb "charger doctor" 2€
6.2.6     [K!!!] ELX -- arduino trigger relay (30A)
6.2.7     [K!!!] ELX -- temperature + humidity sensor and controller
6.2.8     [K!!!] ELX -- volt/amp meter 1€
6.2.9     [K@!!] gopro-like camera (3x 25€)
6.2.10     [K!!!] sd cards (10-15€ for 1):
6.2.11     (DAVID) [K!!!]  "Jim Black" glasses
6.3 LIES → CHT7B
6.4 LIES → CHT7A
6.5 CHT5
6.6 CHT6
6.6.1     Lenovo X220/X230 external charger
6.6.2     EU ROAMING SIM = SOSH (70GB for ~12€)
6.6.3     [/] DC regulator KKmoon DPS3005 (buck!)
6.6.4     [K] Portable gas soldering iron
6.6.5     [K] crimping tool + set of crimps
7 *** RIP (Broken / Deprecated / Stolen stuff)
9 ***  PAD

Related pages
    * 🔗ordering - stuff we're researching / buying
    * 🔗protocol-ordering
    * 🔗hackbase-type2 - hackbase nomadism based on this gear
    * 🔗shipping - how to ship stuff here / logistics
    * 🔗markets - where to buy stuff (in Lanzarote, EU, worldwide)
    * 🔗subfinance - how the space is financed
    * 🔗flocking - follow instructions here to get access to stuff outside of subseasons

(A graph, with some links)

workflow->communications workflow->tt-archive communications->gsm communications->internet etc->medic pack etc->clothes etc->stickers etc->impermeable storage boxes tools->basic DIY tools tools->woodworking tools->metalworking tools->derusting full kitchen->food full kitchen->pots, pans, utensils etc full kitchen->washing full kitchen->drinking water full kitchen->burner (gas) logistics, transport->trucko logistics, transport->bikes studio->reproduction studio->instruments studio->recording architecture->tents architecture->tarps architecture->storage boxes water->running water water->tanks water->shower Infrastructure->workflow Infrastructure->etc Infrastructure->tools Infrastructure->full kitchen Infrastructure->logistics, transport Infrastructure->studio Infrastructure->architecture Infrastructure->water Infrastructure->energetics Infrastructure->lights Infrastructure->ergonomics Infrastructure->electronics energetics->solar energetics->batteries energetics->DC voltage control energetics->diesel generator energetics->DC-AC 220V inverter energetics->transmission line ergonomics->couch ergonomics->chairs electronics->sensors electronics->actuators electronics->SDR workflow workflow communications communications tt-archive tt-archive etc etc medic pack medic pack clothes clothes stickers stickers impermeable storage boxes impermeable storage boxes tools tools basic DIY tools basic DIY tools woodworking woodworking metalworking metalworking derusting derusting full kitchen full kitchen food food pots, pans, utensils etc pots, pans, utensils etc washing washing drinking water drinking water burner (gas) burner (gas) logistics, transport logistics, transport trucko trucko bikes bikes studio studio reproduction reproduction instruments instruments recording recording architecture architecture tents tents tarps tarps storage boxes storage boxes gsm gsm internet internet water water running water running water tanks tanks shower shower Infrastructure Infrastructure energetics energetics lights lights ergonomics ergonomics electronics electronics sensors sensors actuators actuators SDR SDR couch couch chairs chairs solar solar batteries batteries DC voltage control DC voltage control diesel generator diesel generator DC-AC 220V inverter DC-AC 220V inverter transmission line transmission line


Now (2020):
    Full Nomadic + Pirate Storage


    also see → 🔗history
    * first 3 years, we had a house
    * 2014-06 to 2014-11 passive storage @dora and @t
    * 2014-11 to 2016-06 passive storage @t and @dushan
    * 2016-06 to 2017-01 active storage at 🔗 hacklab we set up!
    * 2017-05 : passive storage at 🔗trucko !
    * 2019/2020 : storage in Mancha Blanca + in Trucko


The list is incomplete, but will give you a general idea.

VW 1984 LT28 2.5D van

See 🔗trucko !

    * jumper cables (ESP: "cables por arrancar coche")
    * basic tools
    * [...]

camping equipment for ~15 people
    * tents, tarps
    * sleeping bags
    * air mattresses
    * towels, covers, duvets, pillows, etc
    * portable cooking set
    * inflatable couch (Vango)
    * camping chairs
    * [...]

energy infrastructure
    * gasoline 2-stroke generator (750W max, 650W nominal):
        + Car Battery (12V) adapter with special plug and clamps
    * 2 x 50W portable solar panels (with main DC & 5V outs)
    * framed solar panel (SolarWorld, 50W)
    * batteries:
        * portables for devices (5 volt)
        * lead car battery, 100AH
    * inverter 12V DC -> 220V AC (300W, car plug)
    * AGM "Deep Cycle" ~100Wh / ~3kg
    * Victron charge controller (basic)
    * Step up converters (several):
        usually approx 150W, max 35V
    * charger cables:
        (Lenovo X220-generation, Macbook Pro-generation, ...)

communications, workflow infrastructure
    * LAN with server and local services, also see 🔗workflow
    * wireless routers (bigger, and USB-powered)
    * long-distance wifi (special ubqt/microtik equipment)
    * medium-distance wifi (hacked tp-link stuff)
    * disk drives + huge offline content collection
    * cables up to 20m
    * Ethernet cable crimping tool
    * Thinkpad X220 docking station
    * 4G, 50GB simcard dataplan
    * [...]

fully-equipped, outdoor-ready kitchen

With or without the car, in a tent or outside.
Cooking for: up to 10 people.

    * pots, pans, utensils, etc
    * plates, cutlery, etc
    * impermeable box storage
    * food processor, slicer, juicer, ...
    * large plate grill
    * screw-on camping gas burner
    * larger gas burner
    * gas bottle
    * low W electric burner ~800W
    * high W electric burner ~2200W
    * pizza oven
    * some emergency non-perishable food supplies
    * collection of rare herbs and spices

Kitchen inside the 🔗trucko van:
    * large-gas container + 2 hobs
    * gas-powered fridge (has space!)
    * [...]

basic tools
    * electronics / DIY
    * hardware
    * screw-drivers (+, -, Torx)
    * general purpose clamps
    * wrench set
    * welding
    * [...]

sound / studio systems
    * Sony 5.1 surround system + Active subwoofer:
        SONY STR-DE495P 180W receiver:
            """Audio format: Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic II"""
        SONY SA-WMSP85 (100W) woofer
        SS-MSP2/CNP2 (speaker system, ~100W MAX)
        (with really nice "matrix decoding" Dolby Surround & Dolby Pro Logic II):
            """Matrix decoding is an audio technology where a small number of discrete audio channels (e.g., 2) are decoded into a larger number of channels on play back (e.g., 5).""" /// """In 2000, Dolby introduced Dolby Pro Logic II (DPL II), an improved implementation of Dolby Po Logic created by Jim Fosgate.[3] DPL II processes any high quality stereo signal source into five separate full frequency channels (right front, center, left front, right rear and left rear). Dolby Pro Logic II also decodes 5 channels from stereo signals encoded in traditional four-channel Dolby Surround. DPL II implements greatly enhanced steering compared to DPL, and as a result, offers an exceptionally stable sound field that simulates 5 channel surround sound. """
    * Medium-grade 5.1 surround sound system
    * ~500W of ghetto speakers
    * 400W 6-channel PA amp
    * a few small portable D-class amplifiers
    * a "Fender" Telecaster electric guitar
    * a bunch of guitar pedals
    * 5V USB -> 9V DC guitar pedal power + daisy chain
    * incoming:
        * 8 channel recording interface with pre-amps
        * a bunch of studio-grade microphones
    * cables, converters, ...
    * [...]

Also see 🔗studio !

raw materials
    * for construction
    * random stuff to hack (e-textile, ...)
    * [...]

medic pack
    * First-aid kit (incl bandages, etc)
    * Anti-blister bandages
    * Alcohol 96%, Oxygenised water
    * 5ml physiological saline
    * aloe vera
    * aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen
    * anti-histaminic cream
    * contact-lens fluid
    * Bunch of supplements and Nootropics
    * [...]

other stuff
    * cool new bike ("Limoncello")

    * bike tools (several):
        * hex/allen/inbus keys
        * some spare tubes ?
        * grease (spray)
        * teflon grease (spray)
        * small pump x3 (one >igor.lasanta)

    * clothes:
        (mostly M/L sizes)
        * wind stopper x2
        * rain break x1
        * 2 large bags of different clothes
        * new socks (different sizes)
        * [...]

    * sticker collection

    * small stuff:
        office supplies,

    * LED lights (Decathlon, on 2xAAA)

    * sewing machine (need to check if working well)

    * rechargeable AA / AAA batteries:
        ~10 each

    * random usb cameras x5

    * [...]


The space needs cool stuff. A lot of stuff is more difficult to find, or is more expensive on the islands than in the mainland.

Please bring stuff to leave in the space.

If possible, organise a collect mission from your local hackerspace.:
    Take an extra 20kg luggage case?
    Usually, bigger spaces have a lot of stuff to share they don't need, but might be useful to CHT.

If you have good ordering / supply option, the space would buy stuff off you:
    Support for covering the extra flight baggage is possible too.

See → 🔗ordering for list !



<----------------------------- (new) ↓↓↓


    * 2x card10 (cccamp2019 badge) + extra EEG sensor

    ### need to order from china (2€) 

    [K] Battery charger for lead batteries (acid, AGM) ~50-100€
12V 5A 30€

UPDATE: got one in LIDL ~20€
"smart charger", outputs 5A but is rated for 110Ah.
so, slow - but perfect(?)

    [K!!] garlic press

fackelman 5€
in hiperdino


    (DAVID) Carl Zeiss Contact Day 30 Compatic (6 lenses)
2x ; -5.5 ; BC 8.9 ; dia 14.20

    Solar Powerbank 8Ah
model: Smart 8.000 mAh Solar Powerbank

    [K!!!?] Cheap tiny DC waterpumps (#lim0) x10

10x for #kits !


current one:
    12V 3W 280L/h = 5L/min


5€ MAX

    [K!!!] ELX -- 220V and DC time delay
* pump water, switch off after 10 minutes

    [R!!!] ELX -- usb "charger doctor" 2€

    [K!!!] ELX -- arduino trigger relay (30A)

    [K!!!] ELX -- temperature + humidity sensor and controller
7€ ?? for that box ???

    [K!!!] ELX -- volt/amp meter 1€

    [K@!!] gopro-like camera (3x 25€)

2x 11.23€ | Vemont Action Camera 1080P 12MP Sports Camera Full HD 2.0 Inch Action Cam 30m/98ft Underwater Waterproof Camera with Mounting Accessories Kit (Blue)

    [K!!!] sd cards (10-15€ for 1):
    need to be fast ... SDHC / class 10 or something like this

    (DAVID) [K!!!]  "Jim Black" glasses



    * Sony PRS T2 e-ink e-reader
    * Kobo e-ink e-reader
    * 2 x X220 laptop battery ("GreenCell")
    * Samsung nx300 camera + standard lens
    * Thinkpad X240 (8GB RAM)
    * Miband 3 personal sensor:
    * lots of Belgian chocolate
    * lots of "Zipper bags" (to organize camp things)
    * hot glue gun


    * 2 big modulor bags (laptop size)
    * usb-ledlight strip (changing colors, 30cm)
    * webcam (Trust)
    * endoscope camera (dream@home)
    * microscope:
        microscopic camera dnt (
    * velcro (8x ca 75cm)
    * cable binders set velcro (12x)
    * small 1x18650 power bank
    * soil meter (hygrometer+lightmeter+soil ph + liquid ph) 
    * pralines (4 boxes) + plastic bags (praline packaging)
    * some extra chocolate bars


    * shared Lenovo X220 + 9-cell battery ("Troika")
    * Kinect 3D camera + tracking system
    * a few Raspberry PI's
    * Vango inflatable couch ! +++
    * DC voltage regulation bits
    * cool full-RGB, arduino+network controllable LED system (12V lights + 5V USB for arduino)
    * portable low-water shower system (via 12V DC aquarium pump)
    * Akai portable studio equipment
    * Ninco Shadow FPV Drone (status: needs 1/4 engine):
    * 2 x Hammock
    * Magicshifter MS3000:
        (manual, TODO: update firmware)
    * Pebble Time:
        TODO: bricked? needs firmware update?
    * projector Epson EB-S31
    * [...]


    * paint pistol (120W?)
    * lijadora ~300W
    * 2 x fire extinguisher (inside van)
    * large tripod (for bigger cameras)
    * basic tools (wrenches, ratchet, etc)
    * some sort of an earth meter tool (ph?)


    Lenovo X220/X230 external charger
OK: david gets via jarkko!

    EU ROAMING SIM = SOSH (70GB for ~12€)

Using since 2018

You can get it with a French address (to get it delivered)
Many of our West German friends just cross the border and get it delivered to a friend there.

    [/] DC regulator KKmoon DPS3005 (buck!)

we have 3x

* no upconverter! only buck = step down !
* ~35€
* has display, programmable
* 30V, 5A
* can be patched with and hacked


(pau on 20181226)
This was a bit of a fuckup as it's only buck (down) not also boost (up voltage) :.(


Except if you see any reason to get DPS5005 (has 50V instead of 30V top... but I don't know if that's really needed, except if you have some idea for the slightly higher V).

_____ alike

DPS5020 kit,searchweb201602_4_5015211_10065_10068_10843_10059_10696_100031_5015311_10084_10083_10103_451_10618_452_10304_10307_10820_10821_10302_5015911_5016011,searchweb201603_2,ppcSwitch_2&algo_expid=bac6f053-65e1-4943-b277-ff18bdf073de-2&algo_pvid=bac6f053-65e1-4943-b277-ff18bdf073de&transAbTest=ae803_2&priceBeautifyAB=0
<tbehets i think

    [K] Portable gas soldering iron
got the Lidl gas one @2019-01!

    [K] crimping tool + set of crimps

got tool + box @ Lidl 2019-09 for 10€
had problems to get through hand luggage (had to hide it at airport to try again in 3 months haha) but managed in the end.

*** RIP (Broken / Deprecated / Stolen stuff)

    * a "Fender" Musicmaster electric guitar
    * microwave
    * 3 bikes:
        grey "Giant" ~2016 @ Teguise
        "Limoncello", "Bottechia" ~2019-12 @ Tinajo ... see also
    * Xunzel 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller (for lead-acid batteries, liquid or VRLA):
        * iSCC-L05 XUNZEL 12/24V - 5A – 60W @ 12V / 120W @ 24V
        * internals:
    * water buckets:
        several flexible ~10L (washing up)
    * old car battery (~100-120Ah, liquid Pb):
        sold it off for 10€
        repeatedly tried charging it in different ways
        it showed 8.5V
        it was spilling, general liability
    * [...]

<------------------ (new)(done) STOLEN / DEPRECATED


See 🔗newcomers !

***  PAD

<----------------------------------- ((new))

consider refreshing #medic kit

a list of cosmetics by a crew:

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