Communist Conspiracy
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"Postmarket" / "Postbourgeois" / "Strategic Absolute Mutualism"

"We are comrades when we face the same dangers." (Platonov)

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Basic Illustration

START->Comrades note their property situation (holdings, dues) Comrades note their property situation (holdings, dues)->Defuse all to protocolised common provisioning Comrades note their property situation (holdings, dues)->Defuse all to protocolised common provisioning Comrades note their property situation (holdings, dues)->Defuse all to protocolised common provisioning Comrades note their property situation (holdings, dues)->Defuse all to protocolised common provisioning Comrades note their property situation (holdings, dues)->Defuse all to protocolised common provisioning Comrades note their property situation (holdings, dues)->Defuse all to protocolised common provisioning Shared struggle is empowered->VICTORY Defuse all to protocolised common provisioning->Shared struggle is empowered Defuse all to protocolised common provisioning->All get supplied what is needed START START Comrades note their property situation (holdings, dues) Comrades note their property situation (holdings, dues) Shared struggle is empowered Shared struggle is empowered VICTORY VICTORY Defuse all to protocolised common provisioning Defuse all to protocolised common provisioning All get supplied what is needed All get supplied what is needed


    * Necessity of absolute redistribution

Recognizing somebody is contributing to the shared struggle, makes it shared interest for them to have the resources to subsist and be effective.

Resources in capitalist economies are acquired via a history of expropriation and exploitation (in the forms of either heritage, profits, wage labour, etc.), flowed based on individual whim (shaped by systemic coercion by marketing and pop culture, resulting in arbitrary "consumer choices"), and then finally, become "personal property".

This all is deemed completely illegitimate. Thus optimally, all resources between comrades need to be redistributed on new grounds, by new mechanisms.

    * The shared struggle

Capitalism kills natures and cultures.

Stop ecocide - the anthropogenic destruction of nature.

Stop culturocide - the reproduction of wars, chauvinism, racism, sexism, economic exploitation and artificial scarcity, global inequality, deprivation of freedoms, plutocratic media and attention domineering, bullshit incentivization and norms, etc.

    * The mechanisms:

        * Recognition of other comrades

Based on:

    * Stated alignment: Observe clear pronouncement of shared struggle, and determination to pursue it.

    * Merit: Historic, present and planned congruence of contributions with the shared struggle. Doing work that checks off actual parts of an increasingly explicated scheme, moving towards goals.

    * Common-sense: Actually, it's quite easy to recognize comrades!

Dissimilar to communities, and more similar to the current social welfare system:
    As a fully protocolised infrastructure, the conspiracy does not need to be a "tight-knit group", and has little to no organisational necessity for comrades to "get along" or to "trust eachother". It is in effect, a redistributive mechanism.

        * General list of basic resources

In practice, this settles the definition of the basics, and the current common ability to provide for specific and occasional needs.

See 🔗resources.

Also see the "Universal Base Outcome" essay - last paragraph here.

        * A way of provisioning resources
    * All regularly maintain personal resource sheets, consisting of:
        * a list of (+) holdings
        * a list of (-) expenses, with assigned priorities
        * a set of suggested incoming & outgoing Conspiracy transactions

    * The monthly council:
        * consists of all willing to participate
        * has basically no specifically virtuos or deliberative work to do - basically, bureocracy
        * (increasingly automatic) iterates all expenses, and acts to confirm priorities
        * asks for clarifications and reporting to guide development, and examines previous responses
        * (increasingly automatic) collates, sums, and prepares a final list of transactions to & from parties

            Expense priorities

Less basic things follow as common wealth increases.
All outbound expenses are listed, and categorized.

Tertiary->Quaternary Tertiary->STRATEGIC INVESTMENT (To increase capacity) Quaternary->EXTENDED SECURITY & DEBAUCHERY Secondary->Tertiary Secondary->REGULAR & BASIC         (Monthly rebalance) Primary->Secondary Primary->ACUTE & CRITICAL        (By immediate execution) Tertiary Tertiary Quaternary Quaternary Secondary Secondary Primary Primary STRATEGIC INVESTMENT (To increase capacity) STRATEGIC INVESTMENT (To increase capacity) REGULAR & BASIC         (Monthly rebalance) REGULAR & BASIC         (Monthly rebalance) EXTENDED SECURITY & DEBAUCHERY EXTENDED SECURITY & DEBAUCHERY ACUTE & CRITICAL        (By immediate execution) ACUTE & CRITICAL        (By immediate execution)

Some of it in practice:
    * everyone gets "bailed out" of urgent matters when associating (initial disclosure of Primary needs)
    * effectively, net financial contributors will have less available cash
    * ... but that does not mean they have less access to goods or services, because of the synergistic effects of the conspiracy (sharing holdings, optimizing supply chains, etc)
    * all have access to strategic investment capital
    * Primary expenses include a "golden parachute" - 2 months of personal costs, to warrant against the case of catastrophic infrastructural collapse
    * [...]
#TODO : more actual practice !!!

            Transaction execution
    * To save an additional step, and also defuse the need for trust in an intermediary, internal transactions (Equilibrating Transfers) go directly between parties - as opposed to if there was a central account that would first receive, and then redistribute funds.
    * (The council only prepares an instruction set of these financial transactions, that is then executed by net contributors).
    * In addition, this means net contributors keep a de-facto final control over actually executing each individual transaction.

Making transactions:

{{2}}->Spending {{1}}->Transfer (Internal transaction) Spending Spending Transfer (Internal transaction) Transfer (Internal transaction)

web bank (equilibrating transfer)->LOCALISED (must be done by specific individual) LOCALISED (must be done by specific individual)->cash payment LOCALISED (must be done by specific individual)->web bank (payment) LOCALISED (must be done by specific individual)->credit card payment (POS - Point Of Sale) NON-LOCALISED (can be made by anyone)->web bank (equilibrating transfer) NON-LOCALISED (can be made by anyone)->credit card payment NON-LOCALISED (can be made by anyone)->web bank payment Transactions->LOCALISED (must be done by specific individual) Transactions->NON-LOCALISED (can be made by anyone) web bank (equilibrating transfer) web bank (equilibrating transfer) LOCALISED (must be done by specific individual) LOCALISED (must be done by specific individual) cash payment cash payment web bank (payment) web bank (payment) credit card payment (POS - Point Of Sale) credit card payment (POS - Point Of Sale) NON-LOCALISED (can be made by anyone) NON-LOCALISED (can be made by anyone) credit card payment credit card payment web bank payment web bank payment Transactions Transactions

    ( Confused? )
Individual's non-recognition of, or eschewing participation in this scheme, means either:
    A) lack of understanding for either the criticality of the situation, or need of strategic solidarity
    B) a short-sighted and miscalculating individualism
    C) ???

DO !

Defuse "own property", to mutual resources.
This is where you actually start. If needed, ask for examples.
General run-through of the mutualization process.
(In more details below, and in other documents)
Ties to XXX🔗whatistobedone !

    * Announce your implementation

Mail → .
Best to put results into a new pad with any name, and

??? ingression ? application ? 
Missing !!!!!!:
    * Where to actually "apply"
    * Process of "getting accepted"

    * Quit personal finance !
(**Except the general & mandated Secondary personal reserves).
aka "Finanzamt"

Dissolve all personal dealing with money, by writing down ...

        * Holdings (+)

    * Inflow:
        * regular, and average irregular pay (by what work? status, plans?)
        * regular received support (average)

    * Balances:
        * cash
        * bank account(s) and savings
        * overdraft and credit possibility (on account, credit cards, ...)
        * crypto currencies
        * other financial instruments (stocks, bonds, etc.)
        * outstanding loans

    * Equity:
        * entity ownership (equity/stock/shares - controlling? voting/non-voting?)
        * less-structured project financial participation

    * Material property:
        * real-estate (land, housing, etc.)
        * stuff (tools, equipment, vehicles, etc.) - also called "personal property" or "moveable property"
        * potential future inheritance

    * Intellectual and intangible property:
        (non-transferred results of artistic, creative, innovation work; copyrights, patents, TMs, utility models, ...)

#TODO: ask for more details with plans ... prob separate item, also with "re-orientation"

        * Existing dues (-)

    * Current life costs (ties to 🔗subfinance):
        * rents
        * utilities & basic services
        * insurances
        * lifestyle costs (food, culture, etc)
        * [...]

    * Property related costs:
        * taxes
        * maintenance
        * [...]

    * Outstanding debts, with clear categorization (priority, ...)

    * Dependent persons (children, elders, ...)

    * Pets

    * Quit rent !

Reconsider your living situation.
Reorganize access to & use of all real estate (land, house, flat, etc).

QUIT or SHARE all rents!
    → QUIT !
        Join an existing mutualized location, or, become fully nomadic, using a network of mutualized spaces.
    → SHARE !
        Re-organize your current rented space to mutualize it. See 🔗hackbases!

SHARE or DISSOLVE owned real estate!
    → SHARE !
        Mutualize all spaces. This includes guardianship, labour and financial investment, etc.
    → DISSOLVE !
        Sell. Put liquid capital to common use. Move to an existing location.

    * Commonize all material stuff !

The concrete mechanics of commonization (= mutualization, redistribution, etc) are described in more details elsewhere.
But have to be understood only as formality, that does not influence the overall validity of the call to mutualization.
!!! include more details here

This relates to 🔗stuff (example mutualized stock), 🔗vaults (a new practice of sharing space and dissolving ownership), etc.

    * Quit your job!
    * Rethink labour-market participation

How do you currently work for money? Think about work in the future, as a conspirator.

Either QUIT or KEEP your job:

    A) Well-paid job in current system [ > 5 PPPM ]:
        A net financial contributor.
        Wage subverter, an expropriator of expropriators.

    B) Job in aligned organisations**:
        B1) Better paid [ > 3 PPPM ]
        B2) Worse paid & more aligned [ < 2 PPPM ]

    C) Work without financial compensation [ < 0.5 PPPM ]:
        You are recognised to contribute full-time & high impact.
        You are broke.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  

** Some aligned organsations:
    → 🔗non-shitty
    → 🔗coop

    * Augment ! Support !


    Take advantage of access to new common infrastructure.
    An international set of living and work spaces, institutions, tools and methods are available to all.


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