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CHT/ hackbase inhabits Kunsthal Gent's fall period of the "Permanently Practising" development residency, with a continuously developed archive exhibit, and "Public every day", a participation-focused programme (Sessions, Excursions, Cinema & No-cinema).

To participate and find out more, contact or join the Telegram group.


Infrastructure research project in Canary Islands (Spain) & hyperspace. Since 2011, ad-hoc crews use common-owned equipment and coordinate by consensus-established protocols, to curate, develop, document & practice the transitional tactics, technologies, theory, and arts, towards ending capitalism. Started as a shared house; since 2014 organizing experimental off-grid desert camps, *open to all*.
#[!→] out
#"temporary" [experimental off-grid]
#every winter season → not clear it is regular (unlike xyz)
#"post-capitalism" or "ending capitalism" or "counter capitalism" ? AWK? → no, because TOTALISM > CAPITALISM
# "decision" D+L+DLLE →→ "towards ending capitalism"→→ "beyond capitalism"
# [!] only talks/more about BASE(CHT) not TOTALISM. <<<L: but that allright, as it is "CHT/" that has the residency. The "INHABITATION" part is crucial.

Crews are ad hoc groupations & are process instead of loosely interpersonal coordinated. Against the trendy glorification of "communities", there is no in-group versus the out-group.

Crews establish nature—infrastructural situations, drawing equally from dramaturgic logic, DIY technology, psychedelic media, and ecological embeddedness.

Crews collaborate and publish on the homegrown hypermedia platform, “E2h”, rendering both hands-on and mediated research into a variety of online results (protocols, systematics, tactics, representations, software, etc.). This powers the project's replicability — durational (→successive crews), and expansive (→other bases).

The base is a primer of a new institutional type, prototyping & seeking to virally propagate its logic of networking and labouring. Bases principally don't see themselves as the destination, but as sustainable experimental apparatuses towards that effect. Bases however must challenge all comfortable status-quo collectivities, and demonstrate increasing readiness for real-world transition.
* "sustainable *and replicable* experimental appratuses "*to contribute* towards that effect" [!]
* the discontinuation the reproduction of comfortable status-quo, to  and share nature-cultural affinity, 
* develop viral behavioural change
* Unpacking mainline daily life [crews establish nature-infrastructural situations]


###[!] misses SLO period / @@pre-history
CHT/ established in 2011 as "CHT#1*", a house in Lanzarote (Canary Islands/Spain). The original hackbase*: a coliving hacklab. It hosted >150 people that stayed an average of 2 weeks. It collaboratively documented itself as a "Type 1" hackbase*, including the house manual*, a financial model*, an architectural manifesto*, etc — setting off a consistent and accelerating pace of authoring. The project also assembled an initial commons of equipment*, which was taken onto its next iteration as a "Type 2" base* in 2014: off-grid operation. ### More organizationally and infrastructurally challenging, scalable, generally replicable, eco, cheaper ... Ultimately, more transformative and inclusive.
###L: this reads weird, include "a" before "off-grid operation.

Throughout this time, CHT/ has been roughly 50% on-site, 50% on-tour. Public presentations, hack & writing sessions were held in Brussels at IMAL, Medialab Prado & Transeuropa in Madrid, Berlin at Anthropocene Campus & Spektrum, Poortgebouw in Rotterdam, CCC congresses in Hamburg and Leipzig, XM24 Bologna, amongst countless hackerspaces and online channels.

The project acquired a large transporter* in 2016, and built it into a mobile living unit / media lab / cinema / bio-lab / studio capable platform — shapeshifting to a "Type 4" base*.

As of 2021:
    CHT/ is an expanse of thousands of interlinked pieces of living written, intermedia & sensor documentation, software specs & code*, and infrastructure equipment, held together as a multi-faceted hypermedia & resource compendium, and affiliated with a growing number of fellow travellers.
###hack, art, activist and theory collectives.
###[!] of-of-of
###[!!] make clear that compendium is open & not just for the project (esp in shortened blurps)

    The project's material instance has moved on to the Fuerteventura* island. We are on-site during the pandemic & continue to further the common infrastructure, develop new strategies for non-mainline subsistence and labour, and encourage the spread and consolidation of similar efforts.


In 2021 CHT/ — and so hackbases in general — are celebrating the 10th anniversary of operations in diverse, mostly rural, environments. The work residency at Kunsthal Gent* is a city-based, "on-grid", focused processing & reflection.

Via an open, running call for crew participation, a temporary hackbase inhabits the extended spaces of the Kunsthal. A series of labs (public collaborative events) and research excursions are announced on a running basis. Active inclusion is prioritized — implementing financial reliefs, both invited & open participation, and dynamic scheduling.

In consultation and collaboration with adjacent projects, we focus on retooling (to identify and refine existing & conjure novel protocols and tactics), and crosslinking (to systematically spider our networks).
#[!→] querying and extending the edges of our networks.

Finally — releasing a number of micro-editions — the project establishes a retrospective overview of the produced & collected materials, and a prospective outlining of its near & far possibilities.




Documentation, Images, Links to online material


* "So, how about hackbases? The case of"
    TALK— "So, what about Politics? - #SWAP Symposium" @ iMAL, Brussels, November 2017

* "Hacking capitalism: A nomadic hackbase is trying to usher in techno-utopia"
    ARTICLE— by Manisha Ganguly, Jul 2, 2017