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    2017-10-20 (last update pre-MO)
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    20190928 start @ eschschloraque
    20191109 add practical info
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    20200929 stub
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Table of Contents
1 (graph)
3 *** BASICS
3.1 I don't get anything. Where to start reading?
3.2 How to use this website?
3.3 Do you have any photos?
3.4 The COVID-19 pandemic: are you currently active?
3.5 Where are you currently?
4.1 How do you deal with the pandemic?
4.1.1     Do you accept new people?
4.1.2     Do you have a quarantine?
4.2 How to get to X in Lanzarote/Fuerteventura by bus
4.3 How and where to start contributing to the project?
4.4 How many people is this project?
4.5 How many people are there now?
4.6 Why buy own land? What are other options?
4.7 Why Lanzarote? Why not some other place in Europe? Or some other island?
4.7.1     Generally Canaries:
4.7.2     Why Lanzarote specifically:
4.7.3     Lanzarote cons:
4.7.4     Why not Portugal / mainland Spain?:
4.7.5     In the end ...
4.8 Buying things: What, How, Where?
4.9 How do you get internet at the base?
4.10 How do you get power?
4.11 How do you cook food and manage supplies?
4.12 Does basic hygiene work? For example, can I keep contact lenses there?
4.13 Growing own food?
4.14 How dark is the night sky (astronomy)?
4.15 How flat is the island (bicycling)?
4.16 How to shit?
4.17 La Graciosa free camping (in natural park)?
4.18 Wildlife, pests (and other dangers and hazards)?
4.19 Swimming?
4.20 How to access "Internals" (internal space documentation)?
4.21 Have you checked the other islands?
4.21.1     (La Graciosa, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma)?
4.22 Let's organize a big event and invite at least 20 people !
4.23 How do I get (fly, ...) to the camp?
4.24 Is there a postal address I can use to send / order in stuff?
4.25 What kind of people come to the space?
4.26 What you do for a living to have the time and energy to keep the project going?
4.26.1     "I want to come but with my current 9-5 that's a no-no."
4.27 I'm visiting the island. What can the project do for me / I can do for the project?
4.28 How can I help/support from the outside?
4.29 What kind of work can I do if I'm not a hacker?
4.30 How does CHT employ labour automation technologies?
4.31 Why do all pages look different? /or/ I can't read it because I don't like the style.
5.1 "In a nutshell: What you are building to disrupt the economy or the system as a whole?"
5.2 The big picture: 3 projects (Totalism, Middlemachine, CHT)
5.2.1     1) TOTALISM:
5.2.2     2) MIDDLEMACHINE:
5.3 But why "Totalism"? It sounds evil !!!1
5.4 "Your project is "INTERESTING", "I want to know more" → [so I will ask a lot of questions]
5.5 Engagement with local people
5.6 How do you make a living?
5.7 I checked Totalism.org and I still don't see, how this model can be used at the global scale.
5.8 You say you are postcapitalist / anticapitalist, but you still use smartphones and 3G.
5.8.1     /OR/ The project is only possible as a niche inside capitalism, because you could never produce laptops.
5.8.2     /OR/ "You didn't really exit capitalism".
5.9 What are the goals / aspirations ?
5.10 What's the psychology behind this?
5.11 How does "infrastructure for postcapitalism" manifest?
5.12 Postcapitalist habitat: What does it mean to merge living and working infrastructure?
5.13 Is postcapitalism necessarily in a post-urban scenario?
5.14 How are spending decisions made?


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ADD HERE: [...]

<----------------------------- (new) UNSORTED ↑↑↑


I don't get anything. Where to start reading?

Okay. See http://next.totalism.org/ and read the "Context" part.
### tag different domains that each Q is addressing  (webaite, offgeis camp,...)

How to use this website?

It is based on Etherpad + 🔗E2H (an own development).

* All pages are editable by anyone:
    so far, this surprisingly hasn't caused problems

* Just change anything freely:
    * there is an admin checking for modifications and will review / redo
    * litter the sites with valuable questions, questionmarks ("?????!") and comments directly in the text
    * it's suggested to use a distinct style such as strikethrough is suggested! (Ctrl+5 in Etherpad)
    * it's probably even better to put stuff into the "Talk" page - there's a button for the on the end of every page!

* New page creation:
    * anyone can make a new page, just change the ending after "http://totalism.org/".
    * direct links like "http://totalism.org/faq" are currently only possible by site admin (info@totalism.org)

* Because of specific attitude towards language, a running release style etc, parts of the site may suck re-editing, rewriting, vandalising if needed, any part is fine

* The site is only an image of the project, not the project itself

Soon new features:
    * annotations:
        * "this is what i was looking for" / "important")
        * "unclear" / "wtf" / "meh"
    * [...]

Do you have any photos?


Yes, but not nearly enough are published.
Organising the massive media archive is a big open problem:
    * there are many people coming and going (150 so far), everybody has 3 cameras, and then any way of curating that is just a total overload...
    * (problem listed under 🔗workflow)
    ---> "MISSING #2: Media curation (photos, audio, video)" <---)
    * (Does anyone know of any image viewers that would allow easy + collaborative tagging of large collections of photos? Please comment here or on Workflow.)


For Canaries, there's also these touristy/artsy videos.
Beautiful landscapes, sometimes a bit cheesy.
( Disclaimer: spoiler alert! )
    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9hxz0Kb-n0 "The Lanzarote Effect"
    * http://vimeo.com/139805549 "Lost in Lanzarote"
    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB3nlJfS28o "Lanzarote, mi amor"

The COVID-19 pandemic: are you currently active?

Yes. See 🔗next !

Where are you currently?

See 🔗next !

<----------------------------- (new) BASICS ↑↑↑


How do you deal with the pandemic?
    Do you accept new people?
    Do you have a quarantine?

Yes & yes.


How to get to X in Lanzarote/Fuerteventura by bus


* See 🔗manual, for info on how to reach Mala in North

* Basic info:


Updated 20191109.


    Leave airport downstairs, turn right, there it is
    Take bus #23 directly to Arrecife Estacion Guagua.
    There's not many other buses so you can't really miss it.
    You don't need to change at Intercambiador. Lucky you!

    Continue below.


    * Take bus to Arrecife from Airport:
        leave airport downstairs, turn right, there it is
        bus no #22 or something like that to Arrecife

    * You are now on Arrecife Intercambiador ... an intermediate station

    * Take bus to "Arrecife Estacion Guagua":
        ~1km away
        bus no #3, talk to the driver to stop there

    * Cross the road to the main bus station:
        there is an info desk there
        also, there's information displays
        also, the buslines are outside and marked
        also, talk to other people

    __________ You reached main bus station ! ___________

    * Check timetable Arrecife - La Santa #16 (or some other destination on Lanza):
        Also ask what goes to "Mancha Blanca"

    * Get out at the right station. You have to press STOP:
        Talk to the driver at the beginning & they'll help you out.

How and where to start contributing to the project?

* Review the systematics. Almost for sure, you have some ideas about additions. If not, you could try researching in that direction.
🔗systematics !

* Check todos:
### actually, just point this answer there and improve that site

* [...] ###

How many people is this project?

TLDR: CHT is not a community!

As a process-coordinated, not inter-person (whimsical)-coordinated, CHT is against the trendy glorification of communities. There's no fixed count of the "in group" vs the "out group". It's designed to try working for ad hoc groupations. ~150 people have been residents since 2011 (up to Nov 2017).

See for example:
    🔗roles, 🔗newcomers, 🔗commonground, etc - all for this reason.

Having said this, the majority of both written documentation and material equipment has been contributed by a few people.
### mention editor

How many people are there now?

See 🔗next

* The subseasons are temporary. Sometimes there's nobody "there".

* There is no fixed "there" - it is a nomadic establishment.

Why buy own land? What are other options?

See 🔗future (2021 plan re-sketch, "other options").

Also see:
    * 🔗season4 (context, plans — for buying land)
    * 🔗history (context — whole project)
    * 🔗architecture !
### [→]

The space used to be a house seasons 1-3 (2011-2014).
The house was lost (owner needed it back + we didn't want it anyway).
It's decided to buy land, see 🔗season4 under "2015 basics" for rationale.

Other options:

    * rent a new house:
        * cons: (see link above)

    * buy a house:
        * con: too expensive (150k€ +)
        * con: not the point / interesting / as scalable for other projects (less "architecture research")
        * con: probably has neighbours

    * free camping or squatting (with permission):
        * if you can offer or find a place like this, go ahead!

    * free camping or squatting (no permission):
        * con: don't know legal enough, troubles possible
        * con: less security for people and stuff (would have to focus on solving this)
        * con: bad reputation
        * but possible / sensible approach, feel free to research

    * big nomadic vehicle ("bus") you can stay in:
        * related:
            * apollo-ng from 🔗alike
            * project by Tom Behets (HSBXL)
        * pro: can store all stuff inside, completely mobile unit
        * con: where to park?
        * con: no land to work on (agriculture, events, architecture)
        * con: less space for everything
        * still, go for it

    * [...]
### should consider merging with ]::future] in some way, as "#DIRECTIONS" ... probably other documents too

Why Lanzarote? Why not some other place in Europe? Or some other island?

to merge:
    * stuff from CHT promo PDF

    Generally Canaries:
    * critically different climate (13°C minimum is a huge difference from anything below)
    * same for ocean (18°C in winter is fine, anything less no)
    * connectedness (great airports, cheap flights)
    * cheap land
    * good food
    * chilled locals

    Why Lanzarote specifically:
    * been here for 3 years already and understand it well, any move would be a setback
    * UNESCO Biosfera status, Cesar Manrique influence:
        * more: http://www.turismolanzarote.com/en/biosphere-reserve
        * less tourism, almost no hotel tourism, compressed into 3 towns you can easily evade
    * vs Fuerta: not as windy, not ugly
    * vs Gran Canaria, Tenerife: too much tourism there, more expensive land
    * vs other islands: they have no direct EU airports, to small and remote for a fluid international project

    Lanzarote cons:
    * no university = no students
    * more complicated (legally, architecturally, etc) to operate in rural lands (because of the Biosfera status)
    * less green nature (vs El Hierro, La Gomera, La Palma, Tenerife ..)
    * less alternative people than smaller islands
    * ???

    Why not Portugal / mainland Spain?:
    (from 🔗hacking-housing question)
The problem is the weather, so I'm betting on Canary Islands. The slight but substantial difference in low temperatures, esp in winters:
        normal winter night low 16°C, cold of 13°C
    versus ... Coimbra:
        central Portugal: normal nights <10°C, low around 0°C
(I picked Coimbra, open to change to other reference Central Portugal place). The difference between 15 and 5 degrees is, in the first you can camp and won't get sick if you pass out on the porch, in the second you can't camp, and will get a winter cough.
Land prices in Lanza are 3-5€/square meter for farming land. I think the connectivity is not much worse - cheap flights. @dcht00

    In the end ...
    * it's about building a replicable model
    * location isn't so important now
    * you want to do it elsewhere?:
        Great, go ahead! Replicate the patterns!
    * a move to another Canary island is still possible &  if land is found
    ### not set for Lanzarote

________________ 2012-2017
Currently updating (2020-11) !!

Buying things: What, How, Where?

    * 🔗ordering and 🔗protocol-ordering
    * 🔗markets
    * 🔗resources
    * 🔗resources-ship

    * 🔗manual (contains some Lanzarote)
    * 🔗maps (for Lanzarote and other localities)
    * Internals with #shop

How do you get internet at the base?

also see → 🔗tech-tree

There is always some solution.

    * mobile internet (4G since 2018):
        * 4G reception mostly everywhere in Lanzarote and La Graciosa island is great (as of 2020)
        * search in 🔗manual
        * search in 🔗workflow (for limiting consumption and offline work tips)
        <---- #TODO : merge more info !!!

    * consume less:
        * think:
            * what do you even need the internet for?
            * save stuff for offline beforehand
        * the space maintains archives of MATERIALS:
            * developer docs, distros, audio, video, books, etc
            * see 🔗tt-archive
            * [...]
        * minimal text internet is enough to enable e-mails and perhaps blog posts.

    * "squatworking" in bars, hotels, etc:
        * meaning, find a public power plug + wifi somewhere in public to scavenge
        * net also works after they close down. sometimes that's the best time.
        * examples: http://twitter.com/hashtag/squatworking
        * see 🔗maps for some spots
        <-- #TODO : update !!!

    * long distance wifi repeaters:
        * we have some equipment and knowhow for this, see 🔗stuff
        * currently (Dec 2015) not in use since we're using temp locations and haven't gotten around to set it up

    * TODO:
        * >david documents open wifis (is in internal docs)
        * [...]

How do you get power?

    * TODO: lots in internal docs, under #energetics 

    * solar system, 3x50W:
        → 🔗solar
        → 🔗stuff
        Definitely possible whole-day work for 1-3 people (depends on how sunny it is).

    * generating with 🔗trucko (alternator)

    * gasoline generator 800W:
        * gasoline is easiest and cheapest to start with and an always needed backup even when we are fully renewable
        * actually not very noisy + we have 50m of cable to put it away
        * uses ~0.5l / hour of operation
        * not possible in La Graciosa (natural park)
        * #TODO: link to instructions of use (in Internals)

Power considerations:
    * 2 of the panels are nomadic (can be carried)
 is possible by one person but nerve wrecking (FRAGILE). a case/backpack for it could be built <-- TODO

    * "how many people are required to carry safely?":
        (2015 photo: An example of an entire camp for ~ 4 people + 50W solar panel.  This was transported by a single person, via buses and a ferry.)

    * hand-carrying gasoline generator is messy (~10kg) + gas.
        * <-- GENERATOR PARTIES !!
        * but Diesel is not allowed on La Graciosa (natural park)

    * buying/making a giant foldable solar array would be awesome:
        see 🔗solar
    * a lot of other ideas in internal docs, like:
        * power generation by bike
        * big battery arrays
        * #TODO: transclude info
        * [...]

How do you cook food and manage supplies?

    → 🔗food — supplies
    → 🔗markets — shops
    → 🔗manual "SHOPPING (FOR FOOD)"


* 🔗trucko has a beautiful and fully-equipped kitchen:
    * 2 x gas hob (15kg bhutane)
    * no refridgerator, but we learned to work around this very well
    ### document !

* supplies on La Graciosa:
    * people leave extra food behind in camp, if you get to meet them in time you can get lucky
    * two shops open 7 days 9-21h !!!

* how to: desert cooking:
    * basic subset of kitchen
    * cooking with portable gas in the wind:
        two ad hoc foamboards worked great
    * wood firing:
        * sure possible but not a lot of wood. know some places with construction wood we should pick up. <-- todo maps
        * forbidden in la graciosa (but "people still do it sometimes" but definitely need to clean up 100% of the trace)
    * where to buy gas + how much to buy in advance

* cooking equipment:
    → 🔗stuff

Does basic hygiene work? For example, can I keep contact lenses there?

Yes, absolutely. It is something crews have been doing for years, and it's fine.

Growing own food?

first see:
    * 🔗season4 ("grow own food")
    * 🔗renaturing

    * "if we stay 1 month or more some quick growing salad leaves can be useful"
    * grow in pots or even soil if we can/allowed to dig etc.

<-- see #garduino (internal docs)
________ #tomerge ....... #garduino
    * i have grown vegetables organically in grocery bags with mulching for water conservation with good yields
    * salad greens - 1 month to harvest
    * tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines, peppers, most table vegetables take 3 months to harvest. 

How dark is the night sky (astronomy)?

see 🔗manual under "stars"
### also 🔗aliens

* added "telescope" to stuff needed ...:
    have access to one at friend in Mala (Tila), could borrow
* get Stellarium package on Linux !

    i have access to a newtonian 4.5 inch telescope [astroblast sky&telescope good model]
    * also have access to a solar telescope - coronado pst
    * but both are not mine, pending permission and can be difficult to transport from uk
    * can get binoculars [10 x 35] without problem for sure.

How flat is the island (bicycling)?

is bicycling possible?:
    * yeah, Canarias are full of pro cyclers in the winter* hire a bike?
    * have severa bikes - see 🔗stuff
    * you can get quite ok bikes cheaply used (50-100€), including on La Graciosa (just ask the rental bike people)

* off road bicycling is allowed & great:
    of course there are some legal & obviously practical limitations on La Graciosa.

How to shit?

Depends on location:

    @ la graciosa camp:
        has camp toilets
        use only in the day, night time is roach time
        or get a beer at some fancy place <-- TODO maps
    @ temporary outdoors camps:
        or: build compost/humanure toilets

    * use public facilities on the way
### poo in cut plastic bottles

    * discarding in trash :

    * collecting in bio-degradable bags + mass-burial

La Graciosa free camping (in natural park)?

Also see 🔗landsites !
(will be merged there).

    * it's inside a natural park on a small island next to Lanzarote. (10€ ferry)
    * it's free to stay there. you have to register online or in their office.
    * was there during 🔗season4-B

    * website says 1 week camping allowed, 1 possible additional week extension >> http://www.reservasparquesnacionales.es/real/parquesnac/usu/html/detalle-actividad-oapn.aspx?ii=6ENG&cen=8&act=8
    * not enforced - i was there for 2.5 months, people stay there longer. also see 🔗season4-B #nice!

How busy does this site get?:
    * camp has 50 plots (500 people max)
    * winter sometimes only 5 "longer stay" people + some for a few days:
        * sometimes boring to be there, but not dreadfully:
        * people are sometimes pretty cool but then they leave and you miss them. met some great people.
       -- ahhh, possibility of fireside romance ;) --lol ###
* a few more people on the winter weekends (up to 20)
    * summers are reportedly packed sometimes

Camp upkeep:
    * every morning at ~ 8:30am there's a "park ranger" inspecting the plots. 
    * no signs of fires!
    * no leaving much stuff outside:
        i made a big effort, but pushed it and got warned sometimes for "having too much things"
        for example the tables and chairs were "an exception"
        consult camp pics ! → 🔗season4-B
### !!!     
        it's a good idea to have extra tents to sort any other stuff in !!!
    * speaking some Spanish but not perfect Spanish definitely helps
    * as they say, leave nothing but footstep behind
 [even better memories] behind #cheeseyposter ###

Wildlife, pests (and other dangers and hazards)?

* can things eat you in the night?:
    no, none! no snakes, spiders, scorpios, nothing.
    (except mosquitos).

* can things eat you in the water?
    nah, no sharks really.

* pests:
    * cockroaches are very common in urban areas/houses and difficult to control, seen none in camps so far
    * flies can be a pain in the ass:
        (something to fix this would be nice to have)
    * mosquitos are usually rare
    * no other notable insects
    ### in general, see 🔗antipest

* camping in orcanic weather:
    can be tricky but is totally doable.
    🔗season4-A - the first camp - started off in a historic storm, and was not a big problem with proper tent techniques.


"Not a swimmer, so how risky is the beach? Can i dip my toes in the water? Or does the shoreline drop quickly?"

* Canarias are known for sandy beaches, lots of slow descent easy stuff
* winter temperature min. 18°C so yes you can swim all year. bring a towel.
* also see 🔗manual ("swimming", "beach", "weather") and maps

How to access "Internals" (internal space documentation)?

this is generally only for:
    * people who have been here
    * personally trusted collaborators & contributors (cash, content, etc)
    * already read all the other materials and need more

    * see 🔗workflow
    * install Syncthing
    * prepare a signed GPG key
    * email info@totalism.org

Have you checked the other islands?
    (La Graciosa, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma)?

    2010→ Lanzarote
    2015→ La Graciosa
    2020→ Fuerteventura

With 🔗trucko, exploring other islands is now the main motive.
Also see → 🔗trucko-mobile.

If you mean other "regional" archipelagos (Cape Verde, Madeira, Azores), or even Morocco - no:
    There is no direct ferries, and some limited direct flights (especially with Binter Air).

Let's organize a big event and invite at least 20 people !

That has been the plan for some time already !
Message and help out !
It is set for after land is found.
It has a cool name and concept.

How do I get (fly, ...) to the camp?

See 🔗next, or 🔗contact!

    * See 🔗manual under "ARRIVAL / COMING TO THE BASE".
    * see 🔗lanzarote or 🔗fuerteventura.

Is there a postal address I can use to send / order in stuff?

Ties to 🔗ordering, 🔗shipping.

So, current address to use is:
    ASK ON 🔗contact !!!
    #TODO : Please ask on IRC !!!

Some stuff we had troubles sending:
    * batteries (normal post goes on planes, and that's forbidden now)
    * mobile phones (if they contain batteries)
    * [...]

Please send random postcards (with dates on them) from random locations, so we get a good idea how long things take to get there ;-)

What kind of people come to the space?

    "Is it just a playground or is there also an audience / people just observing, not directly participating?"

TODO, ties to: <-- this won't make sense to anyone but >david
    * Analyze #Presence (list of people)
    * #cbr ("analysis of peoples' situations)
Short answer:
    * most are software hackers with some electronics knowledge
    * politically, most have various anti-capitalist positions:
        though some turn out to be capitalist-reformists and anarcho-capitalists
        (we accept you, but will debate you!)
    * either students (on a break) or have just quit work (and are living from some past savings)
    * we wish especially more artists and theorists (politics, economis, etc) would visit us

What you do for a living to have the time and energy to keep the project going?
    "I want to come but with my current 9-5 that's a no-no."
### !!!!!!

    * 🔗postmarket — "become a comrade, share everything"
    * 🔗coop — "work with CHT to acquire the money you need"

historic: Everybody by themselves, until 🔗coop (Totalism Hacker Coop) runs, there is no set solution.

Some personal strategies:
    * most stay only a limited time (median ~2 weeks, rare >1 month)
    * working 1 month / year (can earn enough for the rest)
    * "freelance work" on the side - but this can be difficult, because it imposes "real world time" on "hackbase time"
    * burning past savings, getting into small debt (unsustainable)
    * got rich with Bitcoin (!?)
    * government money / subsidies (Germans: Hartz IV!)
    * [...]

Perspective and current focus:
    * Expand the Cooperative work, see 🔗coop:
        In this way, anyone can quit their job, stop dealing with money, and live in a network of hackbases.
    * keep minimizing expenses, to reach <200€/month

### [→→]
Other ideas:
    * try starting a "personal transition" fund via a single rich donor's contribution (~100.000€)
    * [...]

I'm visiting the island. What can the project do for me / I can do for the project?

    * See 🔗stuff
    * [...]

    * "Box 0", more on CHT4-D pad:
        * tent + sleeping bag
        * basic energetics
        * cooking stuff
        * [...]
    * bike

How can I help/support from the outside?

* See 🔗todos !

* If you are able, 🔗donate.

* Ask on the 🔗list.

* Send a supportive mail to info@totalism.org .

What kind of work can I do if I'm not a hacker?

The base is open to all!

This fragment from an interview might explain it:

    The lab is about surviving, while doing stuff with technology, building stuff, and trying to think stuff out in the most general way possible. There's basic infrastructural stuff to be done and figured out in other fields than what is typically understood as hacking or philosophy. Though, of course, we see hacking as more of a determination to solve problems the non-typical way, "hacking through" them - not just geeking out with computers. Anyway, we are trying to survive and thrive in off-grid barren lands of Canarian deserts/mountains - architecture experimentation, new energy systems, water, communications, planning, as well as shopping, trying to grow food, working on our van, cooking, exploring, photography and documentation, sciences, theory - pretty much everything has a part. Of course a lot of the time we're just plainly subsisting and not getting anything done in this amazing natural environment.

The subseason plans are always open to the internet to edit. If you have a feeling about what you should be pursuing - a technical, theoretical, artistic, hedonistic, or some other way of being - this should be a supportive, but also a challenging environment, pushing to rethink it and shape a consistent and consequential broader narrative. I personally don't see myself as wanting to tell people what they should be doing. But the environment should inspire them to figure it out. OK - except, that they should try to be creating new stuff and "documenting it.

But the question really is, what is a hacker anyway?

See → 🔗todos, 🔗roles !

How does CHT employ labour automation technologies?
"... This point is crucial IMO, since automation is always considered on the large scale (industrial, service) and almost never on the small scale (individual/collective). This fits into a wider reflection on how people can harness work automation technologies and practices for communal benefit."
(questions from alberto, 2017-11)


Following Wiki🔗Automation:
    1) "Automation can be defined as the technology by which a process or procedure is performed without human assistance.[1]
    2) "In other words, Automation[2] or automatic control, is the use of various control systems for operating equipment ... with minimal or reduced human intervention, with some processes have been completely automated."

In these senses CHT automates via:
    * organisational processes/protocols in general:
        Requirements for "human management" are transferred to protocol.
        Example: 🔗newcomers, 🔗roles, etc.
    * workflow tech, see 🔗workflow, and "software processes":
        * Simplification of collaborative tools (🔗E2H replaces in one a need for separate website, wiki, and pads)
        * contextual hooks (🔗mirrorable automatic downoads, etc)
        * Scripting
    * Systematics and knowledge directories:
        Replicability (instead of constant research repetition) is achieved through documentarianism.
        Example: 🔗maps, 🔗calendar, ...
    * [...]

Also, automation projects before maturity are followed:
    * cybernetic agriculture
    * 3D printing
    * [...]

Why do all pages look different? /or/ I can't read it because I don't like the style.

Currently (2021/09) variance is kept deliberately to:

* recognize & feel a document:
    when thinking of some document, the long-term collaborators (who spent considerable time using, not just passing the site!) agree they see a color scheme. All chose to reproduce the style logic on their own. Maybe we're all just uncultivated people? In any case, we're pleased with the results, especially comparing them to any other writing project, including all the uniform "blogs" and "wikis".

* text types differ:
    lists, manifestos,  protocols, technical specs, etc. Styles match them beyond colors - fonts, TOC organization, etc. Starting with a blank slate on each document is an essential part of our long-term writing & editing process. Going through several (and indeed jumping between edit & read mode) let's us somehow see the writing from different angles.

* technical:
    Pod has thousands of documents, but no concept of category. At some point "categories" will be implemented, and we'll try to figure out a way to sensibly associate styles to them, but it will not mean everything "communist" will now have the same "red CSS".

    honestly, and I need to stress this - I don't believe talk about styles is anything but a cop out. I've been around for long enough to see it that way. I know how I treat comrades & your content. I will gladly read weird-looking stuff, read from archive.org when it's been down for 10 years, I'll open it in a text-only browser.

I'm willing to lose a bet the problem with engaging with the site is not the colors, it's the content. This is something we don't talk about and should — that hegemonic "design" reproduces capitalist objects and normality, and in this case just serves cognitive dissonance.

"I still keep to my own money & heritage & working wage labour because I didn't like 🔗postmarket's colors!" is an invalid comment.

<----------------------------- (new) PRACTICAL ↑↑↑


"In a nutshell: What you are building to disrupt the economy or the system as a whole?"


The big picture: 3 projects (Totalism, Middlemachine, CHT)

Also see 🔗puzzles !

    1) TOTALISM:

        "[a dynamic towards] consistent and consequential systematization of all knowledge"
        rough compendium & strategy of knowledge and action, that has not yet reached its final form


        ... the substrate necessary to do that
        "replacement for text + the way science is practised ("articles in journals, conferences, academia as the production appartus, etc")
        == ~ startup company (since 2010) (*it's complicated)
        == ~ a software (since 2009 at least ... more like 2004)
        == "a collection of software and behaviours related to ideation - execution - publication"


        ... production apparatus for #2 and #1
        == "cannot be done in either a company/startup, NGO, inside academia (and perhaps within the artworld)":
        == this is a new institutional type, on the same level as the above

What is an "institution", in this sense?
    * provides subsistence (usually with paying you money)
    * provides tools, co-accomplices, [...]
    * develops and maintains its own name recognition
    * [...]

But why "Totalism"? It sounds evil !!!1

* First of all "Totalism" is a postminimalist music compositional style
(and David's favourite).

* "But it sounds like totalitarianism!"
Also see Laibach and concept of "overidentification".

* "totalism" bad, while "holism" or "wholism" good?
    * why can "holism" be https://www.verywellmind.com/thmb/FYb0leXIzYEv3olFZtOVei4EURE=/768x0/filters:no_upscale():max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/smiling-woman-talking-and-gesturing-in-group-therapy-session-922709486-0aa9d11ae7ab490ba1a9ffe18f655d55.jpg
    as coming from "whole"
    * ... but then "totalism" must be something menacing, coming from "total"



    whole -> holism -> wholitarianism
    total -> totalism -> totalitaranism
    ... human -> humanism -> humanitarianism
    wtf do these morphological constructions imply ??? ###

### !!!
Also see TOTALISM🔗media-eldiario !

"Your project is "INTERESTING", "I want to know more" → [so I will ask a lot of questions]

Thank you very much for the interest!
You will be asked to *substantiate* it immediately.

What's at the end of best-possible answers to these questions?
What is possible for us?
Or, are we just performing a inconsequential conversation?
### moved out → XXX🔗antiinteresting

Engagement with local people


    Hi fellow hackbase dwellers!
    i'm curious if anybody has stories of integrating hackbases into surrounding communities?
    any projects that involve anybody locals, or not so global parties maybe
    ... or do you think of such projects more in terms of self-sufficient systems?
    the reports/notes i've seen from hackbases so far convey an idea of hackbases as kind of pods, scratching their own itchand have less to say about engagement with local communities or building onesis this a natural route for emerging systems, my skewed perception or... curious to hear out any ideas :)
    i'm curious about the engagement aspect at any and all bases - i've checked out your projects, seen some from astralship... and i guess that's it so farcool, i'll be checking out the refs


CHT which I represent ( @ totalism.org ):
    1) maintains good relations with locals, more and more also as my spanish improves.
    2) but i am very cynical about "communities".

so you can take this as a personal anti-focus and a personal, and also CHT's direction
it's not my priority at all to serve the needs of the local village, or whatever
CHT is, insofar as it works, a globally focused project.
in this sense:
    I am happy to hang out with the people here, share time together, go catch some fish, feed their rabbits, advise them about some internet scam they got involved in trying to buy an iphone on instagram
    what I want to focus on is experimenting with and documenting infrastructure,
    writing theory, specs and code
    in the mid and long term i am interested In assisting left-political goals worldwide: i am interested in Bernie, Corybn, Venezuela, and on the other side, the horrible shit that's happening in Poland or Hungary or Brasil.
    i am less interested in teaching random local kids from a random village to solder
    if you want to raise some bizarre objection how that is "colonialist", tell that to the Spanish conquistadors of the 15th century who genocided the local population
    I'm here for a number of reasons, including my friends, the locals, who are fine people
    but i am not here for them

How do you make a living?

aka "How do you pay the bills"
aka "How do you earn money"

### #tomerge
Basically, see 🔗puzzles.

I checked Totalism.org and I still don't see, how this model can be used at the global scale.

See 🔗what.

... Global scale ?

1) As "all people"?:
    That's not the point. 
    It's a transitional strategy, that opens a possibility for development of full-scale models. (While showing parts of it, as well).

2) As "hackbases could, and should be applied at the global scale"?:
    See 🔗architecture, especially 🔗hackbase-type1 and 🔗hackbase-type2! Make new bases.
    Why wouldn't 0.1% of EU's population (~500.000) be subsisting and acting per this living struggle model?

You say you are postcapitalist / anticapitalist, but you still use smartphones and 3G.
    /OR/ The project is only possible as a niche inside capitalism, because you could never produce laptops.
    /OR/ "You didn't really exit capitalism".
### re-read

CHT is a *transitional* postcapitalist strategic R&D project.

There are two disparate types of engagement and outcomes:

        (CHT is primarily this):
            → enabling the societal transition
            * have an actual positive effect (on environment, people's lives, etc)

        (CHT is this somewhat, secondarily):
            → devising solutions on how people should organise after the societal transition

Postcapitalist tactics:

    * pragmatic transitional thinking, focusing on priorities:
        * no need to produce everything / solve all problems by ourselves at the beginning
        * a "non-strict autarchy", dealing and solving one problem at a time
        * in this time, trade what you need
        * keep focused to establish replicable means of production for most important products/services
        * hackers currently seem around 10-20 years behind on tech knowledge capacity - that's not terribly bad
        * industrial/production capacity: ??? <------ #TODO
        * 3D printing, open hardware, free software, hackbases, etc, are closing the gap

    * inherit a post-industrial society:
        * the same way as "nature" is inherited, a "post-capitalist culture" is inherited
        * if we started off the previous society with forests and caves, we can start this one off with existing laptops, raw materials, etc
        * this makes recycling / upcycling a big deal
        * in a nutshell: keep using existing stuff and try to learn and manufacture to keep fixing them

    * degrowth! hack and curate technologies! forget:
        (most "comforts" are unnecessary and unsustainable in mid-term)
        * fossil fuels
        * stone houses
        * AC power inverters for laptops (see 🔗solar)
        * 30 different types of sugar yogurts
        * personal infrastructure/appliances (fridges, washing machines, etc)
        * [...]

Also see → 🔗what, 🔗goals.

What are the goals / aspirations ?

🔗goals !

What's the psychology behind this?
"... How does the institution function to stabilize cooperation, as well as accepting/following norms?"
"... This is super cool - would be interested in the psychology behind these communities and their institutions. ... More along the lines of how their institutions function to stabilize cooperation as well as accepting/following norms... "


CHT started as a house, for 3 years (a "stable environment"). The average stay was 2 weeks. This would make any notable conflict a recurring one around a specific issue. The solutions for those were sketched out in a common, anyone-can-edit document: 🔗manual.

With unfixed camps (season 4, 5), challenges are very dynamic as contexts change all the time. The correct directions, reasons for failure, etc., are more difficult to pin down. Good referencing of what exactly is the recurring issue at hand helps process writing. This might be an issue with a specific person (or more broadly, "archetype").

How does "infrastructure for postcapitalism" manifest?
"Let's consider hackerbases as an infrastructure for postcapitalism. CHT seems to have a pretty hands-on approach to the subject of postcapitalism. How does this materialise in the camps? Which social relations does it generate? Which kind of spaces?

(questions from alberto, 2017-11)
@David, nice to talk to you on the phone!
I'll paste here a couple of points, open for discussion to everybody.
These are of course related to personal interests, but I hope they can contribute to our collective reflection.

    * 🔗faq — ↓ "You say you're postcapitalist..." (especially postcapitalism as transition, not yet state)
    * 🔗roles — For a specific way of base infrastructure labour coordination (and other protocols)
    * 🔗architecture — For some different typologies of spaces that generate / are generated by hackbases

Postcapitalist habitat: What does it mean to merge living and working infrastructure?
"How has CHT done this in the past camps?"
(questions from alberto, 2017-11)

Usually, the two are disjointed in many ways - "home" vs "office": by location, by time interval, by equipment, mental context.
Additionally, the roles are separated - at work, there is a specialization for some specific task and position. At home, towards more general "family life" and "leisure".
In CHT this does not hold at all.

In this sense, it has a Situationist conception of time-space.
(Conuslt, for example, M.Wark: "Beach Beneath the Street".)

Is postcapitalism necessarily in a post-urban scenario?
"... CHT experiments with this idea in the deserted/rural environment of Canary Islands. How do you envision it happening in already consolidated urbanisation? (Given that the majority of the global population now lives in this sort of environment)"
(questions from alberto, 2017-11)

* Again, see dichotomy between "TRANSITION" vs "NEW STATE" tactics.
### where?

See writing on "Totalist City" (vs "rRght to the city"):
    → 🔗city
    * many new cities will have to be built
    * the question what to do with current cities is open for me personally. It would be sensible to abandon some, rebuild specific parts of some, etc. 

How are spending decisions made?

    The space buys what it needs to be a conductive environment to supporting life & work by base crew.

This is coordinated via:
    * 🔗ordering and 🔗protocol-ordering
    * ... pursuing 🔗tech-tree improvement
    * connection to 🔗postmarket "expense priorities" system TBD
    * discussions are held on the 🔗channel and 🔗regular meetings

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