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SI → DE (Berlin)

    * Eurosender
This seems to be the most reasonable !
    * 16€
    * 10kg package
    * 1 to 2 business days
    * 10€ for insurance (1000€)

NOW: can be picked up only on 28.Dec !!!
-> too late for Leipzig, ok for Berlin ?
-> request done for Leipzig on 24.Dec, let's see

    * TNT
This would deliver to Congress.
    * from Kranj to Leipzig
    * collection on 27.Dec
        * delivery on 28.Dec afternoon
        * delivery on 2.Jan afternoon

... Others (too expensive!)

    * UPS
    * from Kranj to Leipzig
    * same scenario as TNT (27.Dec - 28.Dec)
        ~250€ minimum

    * DPD
    * page in Slovenian... >david #todo
    * no estimate done <pau
    * 3 business days

    * DHL
    international price list

        * delivery 1 to 2 business days
    * estimate for "wine box" 
        40,60 x 27,40 x 38,30 cm
        8,5 kg
        + insured value of 1000€
    delivery on 28.Dec
        End of Day
        168,80 € !!!
        (earlier = more expensive)


Only from Germany to other countries ???
    (wrong way around)
    to set up an address in Germany ???


Ask !

@ Slovenia (Kranj)

-> David (+38640554854) or

@ Lanzarote

-> David

@ Fuerteventura

-> David

@ France

-> Pauline +33637791271 .

@ Berlin

-> David ?
-> Pauline ?


(FAIL) 35c3 laptop delivery (2018/12)


    * Any other Slovenian going to 35C3 ??? >david

    * Can we still ship to Leipzig ?
        * lots of holidays now...
        * address in Leipzig is cleared (see 🔗35c3 for details)

    * Is it too late and rather ship to Berlin ?

    * What is the exact address in Kranj ? >david
    (for the estimate I used the one from the pad)

    * [...]



Best is to bring it with you in extra luggage

Usually, a 20-30kg extra suitcase costs 20-30€.
The space can cover for some of those expenses, if you are bringing in cool stuff with you.
You should definitely try to fill it up - since a lot of things are difficult to get on the island.

See 🔗ordering for what we need.

General EU shipping

    * In Germany, a laptop-size will be ~10€, EU-wide 15-20€
    * 23€ amp circuit from China = 7€
    * A smartphone / battery size: ?
    * To Canaries: ? <---------------------------- >wischi !!!

Lanzarote addresses (to ship stuff in)


Marmeduke's address!
ask @dcht00 on


TODO !!!!!!!!

Lanzarote shipping problems: Testimony #1 (LOCAL LIBERTARIAN DUDE)

    * If it's over 150€ it is taxed:
        (since February 2016)
    * make packages under 150€ !!!

However is a fucking mafia, they apply the law as they want
Well , when the package arrive I will need to pay the guy X if I want to receive DE package
Usually they need to have a fiscal number or DNI in the address to whom charge this taxes
Just give your passport o national ID number
Those Chinese websites usually skip all this customa
Of the stuff is very small

A mean, if comes in something more big than a letter.. They will tax
Where you are buying it?
If is from an official Web shop they will put the invoice outside, so it will be taxed
That's why Chinese aren't taxes cuz they don't put any type of info outside, just the address
So it's like if your mother sends you something from Slovenia
They won't tax that

They don't put anything outside
Just do different packages under 150
If the delivery cost is to high.. Risk
And once here you will pay the 7% vat + 12€ criminal taxes of local government

Lanzarote shipping problems: Testimony #2 (Dario)

    * everything over 22€ (including shipping) has to pay customs + a "DUA" form
    * the form is difficult
    * if you do it as a company, you can't do it by yourself, and customs agencies charge ~30€ for it
    * so always ship to private persons ??? <--- #TODO
    * "avoid TNT + Directrans Express SL at all costs"

    * when does the new law ("all okay under 150€" come into practice)?
    * what is "Zona Franca"?

Anyway, to cut the long story short, this is the picture:

Customs practices here are very expensive.
If you buy something and your invoice goes over 22 euros you have to pay Customs(probably only 7% igic + few cents and a small percentage more) and a form compilation called DUA (Documento unico Aduanero).
NOTE: 22 euros INCLUDED shipping costs.
DUA compiling cannot be done by yourself if you are a company but you may as a private person, it's not easy BTW (it's not exactly like this, but I will not explain further otherwise I can write another wall of text).

You may think "why would you do it yourself"? 
Because Customs Agencies (that has nothing to do with customs offices) has developed a strong business on this practice, so a DUA can easily cost 30 fucking euros.
This is a situation I'm suffering, because of the procedure and dishonesty of some Customs Agencies, It's absolutely unfair to justify 35 euros bill for Free samples (invoice total: 0 euros).
Custom agencies are often linked to specific carriers, e.g. TNT has Directrans Express SL (AVOID AT ALL COSTS).

So, how to solve this issue? 
1) Buy from aliexpress, don't buy huge, and wait a couple of weeks (seems Correos is not sending small packets to customs)
2) Buy as private and do yourself the DUA (always keep in mind to be "light")
3) Buy from RS-Components (5 euro shipping) and stay below 15 euros included shipping, I say 15 because seems that "extra charge costs" can easily be added to customs calculations
4) Split orders in quantum of 15, trust me, it's worth it most of the time
5) Wait that the latest law goes on duty (if applies to companies), it states that under 150 euros there shouldn't be any more customs costs/docs
6) Avoid TNT
7) Be in the "Zona franca": customs free zone

I hope I gave you a clear picture.

Lanzarote shipping problems: Testimony #3 (Erik)

Official info: ... 
Official links and google cache are 404, Internet Archive to the rescue:

erik: hmm, not sure about the languages, appears it's mixed up. either way, point being: most of the information previously mentioned in this pad appears to be correct.

Translated thanks to / by using Mose which is FOSS :D


The introduction of goods in Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands from third countries, Ceuta and Melilla, is subject to the payment of import duties, VAT or IGIC (Canaries) and, in his case, Excise and requires the submission of a declaration of import (Dua).

Individuals who make purchases via the Internet or receive shipments of individuals to overcome the existing franchises, can make the customs declaration through the See Tool of the AEAT, provided that they have digital certificate.

This service is free, and the particular satisfy the AEAT exclusively, duties and VAT (in the Canary Islands IGIC accede to the Government of the Canary Islands).
These amounts are INDEPENDIENTES that loaded the postal operator or transport.

To make this statement, individuals must ask SU postal OPERADOR DE TRANSPORTE or the number of summary statement / departure and trade documentation to accompany the shipment.

Unless the interested party expressly indicates the tariff classification applicable to the imported goods, generic classification will be applied which signifies the quote of the following rates: Tariff; 2.5% VAT 21%; IGIC 7%.

Value of shipment

Taxes payable

Overall percentage applicable [1]

Online purchases (Sender is company)

22 euros or less

Exempt from customs duty and VAT

0% duty

0% VAT

Between EUR 22 and EUR 150

Exempt from customs duty but subject to VAT

0% duty

21% VAT

Over EUR 150

Subject to customs duty and VAT

2.5% duty

21% VAT

Shipments between individuals [2]

45 euros or less

Exempt from customs duty and VAT

0% duty

0% VAT

Over EUR 45

Subject to customs duty and VAT

2.5% duty

21% VAT

[1] These percentages in the event that the particular does not indicate the tariff classification for the goods, in which case they apply the amounts to the same

[2] not applicable to items that are issuing commercial, the limits that apply to purchases via the Internet


Open questions:
    * "See Tool of the AEAT"??
    * [...]

*** PAD

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