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We are in this group because we want to research and practice together, or at least try to. Rather than lurk on yet another channel, let's share our work & ideas, find advice and resources on special topics, and establish & coordinate on common goals.

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(1) A few of your interests and work?
(2) Your location, as precise as comfortable?
(3) Which if any collectives are you a part of — hacklab? activism/politics/theory? art? local practice? (links)
(4) Your interest in hackbases — Are you planning to come to CHT in Canary Islands, some other base, or start your own? Collaborate on the open-editable site?
(5) How did you find hackbases or CHT? (linking back is helpful!)
(6) Your website, social media contact, or something like this?
(7) Maybe, a few interesting related online rooms/groups/communities you know? (also see for more)

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