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"This hackbase is an infrastructure project designing and deploying a free living habitat towards postcapitalism" ...
### probably?
###[!!] X years .............. from WHEN? ;-) ............. → FROM 2021

Also see:
    → 🔗what — "What is CHT, in a nutshell? What are you building to disrupt the system & the economy as a whole?"
    → 🔗why-how-what — "Why do it? — How to do that? — What is the project?"
    * XXX🔗ends

FINAL [15 years]

    * Assist in dismantling capitalism—imperialism—colonialism

    * Critically curtail:
        ecocide — anthropogenic destruction of the biosphere
        culturocide — "the reproduction of wars, chauvinism, racism, sexism, economic exploitation and artificial scarcity, global inequality, deprivation of freedoms, plutocratic media and attention domineering, bullshit incentivization and norms, etc."


    * Regular maintenance & deployment of the base:
        → http://next.totalism.org
(and previous subseasons)

    * Progress & deliver 🔗projects

    * Especially, focus on chief economic vehicles:
        including expansion of
        → 🔗coop
        → 🔗postmarket

MID-TERM [2 years]

    * Buy land and develop the first 🔗hackbase-type3:
        "Rural Land Facility"

    * Progress other base 🔗future motives

    * Finish "free lifestyle infrastructure" compendium with passable designs:
        per 🔗architecture and 🔗hackbases

        Meaning — fully develop a system of new, transitional lifestyle typologies:
            predictable, inclusive and replicable infrastructure technology & process sets, that enable a maximized capacity towards the common struggle

    * Make bases more generally relevant and applicable, via:
        * supporting clarity of decision:
            → 🔗metrics, 🔗representation.systems, etc
            → XXX🔗whatistobedone, XXX🔗survey, XXX🔗triage
        * supporting sourcing and deployment:
            liberty/freedom towards 
            (*within limitations of local-contexts)
            → 🔗lim0
            (*if not for organised violent external interference, we don't have a military)
        * more regular publishing & showing, and in new contexts

LONG-TERM [5 years]

    * Codevelop a sensible worldwide postcapitalism blueprint
### 🔗consolidation

    * Consolidate to a well-coordinated front / vanguard

    * Better understand & critically progress in overcoming local-context limitations
### truer #inclusion

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