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    Coming to the base

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    * 🔗idiots-guideSimplified version ;-)
    * 🔗flocking — How to organize a subseason by yourself, instead of joining a planned one

What to be prepared for & Some general guides

* Outdoors & camping weather:
    * sometimes 14°c in the night, but not really less
    * ... actually, if we are in the mountains again, nights got down to 8°c + possibly wet
    * ... meaning, come useful will be:
        1) not the worst sleeping bag (synthetics ~600-800g for ~50€ seem fine)
        2) non-cotton warm night clothes (like synthetic leggings)
    * strong winds often. (synthetic/mountain style) light windstoppers rock that stuff.
    * bring a headlamp, with rechargeable batteries or by USB

* Setting plans during camps:
    * the next subseason plan holds:
        if you have suggestions about, or even problems with any part, act/discuss before the start of camp.
    * always have something to do you can easily get to/from, when waiting: []
         (example: a book you can just pull out and continue for 5 minutes)
    * influence the plans actively

* Equipment:
    * long-lasting laptop battery recommended (bring spares, if possible)
    * your stuff might fail - have spares & think it through
    * be prepared to also use other computers and devices

* Contributions:
This is not a price! You will cover personal costs (→food, consumables, maintenance/repairs budget) and contribute to investment budget (→the infrastructure commons).
This covers all life costs.

A) GENERAL: ~ 15€/day | 450€/month
B) YOU HAVE WORK: ~ 20€/day | 600€/month
C) YOU ARE BROKE: ~ 8€/day | 240€/month

For new residents there is a 🔗membership.

This does *not* cover personal extras (booze, cigarettes, idiosyncratic expensive food...), so if you want that, budget for it.

More details: 🔗subfinance (optional)


    Arrange travels and membership

* Add your availability:
    under []! 

* Contribute to the subseason pad:
    (ideas about activities, projects, ...)

* Can you accept postal packages at your home address?
    Coordinate with CHT to see what you could buy and bring over.
    the project is always buying new equipment, see 🔗ordering
    (if it's costs more than you're due, you will be recompensated)
    (Especially if coming from DE & UK - cheap shops and shipping.)

* Get a flight/boat

* Fix your 🔗membership dues:
    Pay in advance, OR immediately when you reach the base.
    See 🔗donate for payment methods, ask

    Personal Preparation & Crew Survey

Thinking about these questions in advance turned out to be a good idea with previous residents.
Feel free to skip through.

* Create a Crew Survey pad: []!
    Do it here.
    Name the pad like "subseason prefix-your name" like "cht7a-david".
    The answers are not seen by anyone that does not have the link.
    If you prefer however, you can also send the answers by email.

* Copy the questions from below to the pad []!
    Please "clear authorship colors" (Crossed Eye button on top of pad) before you write your answers.

2.1) #p2c2i
2.2) pick 5 from 🔗fields

      1) Your focus?

1.1) Pick 5: Which projects from the documented on 🔗projects seem most interesting to you, and you want to contribute to? []! 

1.2) Document 1 new project idea. [] 

1.3) What are your specific interests and expectations? [] 

      2) Resident bio

2.1) What do you, or can you do? Link to a website or something like a CV if you have one. []!

2.2) What would you like to learn at the base? []

2.3) Can you & do you want to drive cars? []! 

2.4) Flexible diet...? -or- any dietary decisions/preferences/allergies/necessities? ("non-omnivore"?) [] 

2.5) Flexible sleeping rhythm...? -or- strong personal sleeping habits / day flow expectations? ("morning person" or "night owl"?) []

2.6) Any health specifics or issues: allergies, recent injuries ("broken leg still not fully recovered..."), neurospecificity (dyslexia, ADHD, ...), chances of critical states (like: extreme allergies / anaphylactic shock, epilepsy, severe depression, ...), ... []

      3) Financials:

3) What is your budget to cover your costs & contribute to the base?: []!

    Stuff to take & Not to take


(CHT has some reserves of this, sometimes ready to use. Ask in advance.)

    * Sleeping bag with 10-15°C comfort (8°C between Jan-April, if we will do mountains)
    * Warm sleeping clothes (for winter season)
    * Windstopper type jacket (except summer)
    * Walking shoes
    * Cash (ATMs can be hard to access)
    * Headlamp
    * Two pairs of sun glasses - you will probably loose one pair ;-)
    * Tiny towel - or you can also use a clean t-shirt !

    * Tents (have plenty)


    * ... That you could leave here? []!
    * ... That you need to take back, but will be interesting or useful?

    * Help with researching and buying stuff we need @ 🔗ordering []
    * Bring your media collection (music, film, e-books) []!
    * Bring stickers and memorabilia
    * Check if you can bring something from 🔗resources-ship :)
    * Visit your local hackerspace and try finding equipment donations. (Maybe consult 🔗shipping about ways to transport.)

    Prepare for Workflow

<---------- #TODO: merge with 🔗workflow
* See 🔗workflow:

* Backup your data!:

* Install basic laptop software (GNU/Linux):
    * Syncthing (following Internals\workflow under "Setting up Syncthing") []
    * Vinagre or RealVNC (viewer)
    * powertop
    * [...] ###
    * for more, see 🔗packages ...
* Install basic Mobile apps:
    * Telegram []!
    * OsmAnd (free software offline maps) []! 
    * Wire (group chat) []
    * Syncthing mobile (Android=Free, iOS=$3)
    * RealVNC (viewer)

* Join chat group:
    * → Telegram group []!

    * Setup Syncthing:
        * follow installation + pairing via CHT🔗workflow ! []
            (usually pairing with one user is enough, especially if you add them as "Introducer")
        * you now have access to "CHT" folder (also called "Internals") [] 
        * ... and "CHT_SUBSET" (also great for mobiles) [] 
        * symbolic link "/SYNCTHING" is recommended to the CHT folder!
        * look through pads (/SYNCTHING/ALLPADS + grep or something)
* Prepare for navigation with maps:

In OsmAnd mobile app:
    * Load "Canary Islands" map files []!

In 🔗maps:
    * Explore the relevent Canary Islands maps []
    * Import and explore all Canary Islands .GPX markers to OsmAnd []
    * Check out the other maps. If there is a map for your city, explore and upgrade it.

    Read the basics ...

For conceptual + operational understanding.

* Organisational Pads
    * Read the main site as a "manifesto" ! []!

    * Read current subseason pad ! []!

    * Review current projects !
        🔗projects []!


* Conceptuals / Manifesto
    Read 🔗commonground. [] 
    more: 🔗vocab, . . . 

* Systematics
    🔗alike, 🔗maps, 🔗calendar, 🔗non-shitty.
    See full list on on .

    * 🔗E2H
    * 🔗hacking-housing and 🔗hacking-housing-pad
    * 🔗trucko
    * 🔗lim0
    * 🔗metrics !
    * 🔗coop
    * [...]
    * 🔗stuff
    * 🔗season4
    * 🔗flocking
    * 🔗faq
    * [...]


        <-------------------------- (new):
            ↑↑↑ READ CURRENTLY /
                CURRENT RELEVANT:
                    TEXTS, PROJECTS, ETC


(Also see / ties to / merge with 🔗flocking .) !!!


* Set time zone on all your devices []!

* Connect to CHT's Wi-Fi network []!

* Member yet? []!

* Re-read th
I guess - reread this page!


    * Check current projects: 🔗projects !

    * Take photographs and videos !
    * Write new & overview existing documentation pads!

    * Share your media collections !
* Add stuff to personal (0_xyz) folder in Syncthing
* Sync regularly


You will get access to this content in person, in camp.

* Create personal folder:
    "0_[your name of choice]"

* Browse the data:
    more info → 🔗archive

    * Perform roles !

See 🔗roles !

* Regular roles (re)assignment
    Review & understand roles.
    Cycle performing roles & develop different competencies

* Develop new roles
    Collect, document and optimize doing routine tasks.


(Also see / ties to / merge with 🔗flocking.) !!!

    * Sync data (especially photos!)

See 🔗media !

    * Fix financials

* Calculate with Treasurer:
    (-) Crew expenses you already covered (=bills in shops)
    (+) Your minimum daily contributions (see above!)
    (+) Extra donation for new investments at will
    == Balance []!

* Settle accounts:


(Also see / ties to / merge with 🔗flocking.) !!!

* Send any remaining photo/video material []!

    Consult 🔗media !

* Write personal debrief []

    Your report / reflections in the first 1-2 weeks after.
    Write by mail, or on a pad.

    Example:  🔗cht4b-christina

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