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Where to set camps (in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura)?
Mail info@totalism.org if you need more specific information.

### dont say that

Also see:
    * 🔗maps : see Lanzarote map:
        (green diamond marker = "Site")
    * 🔗flocking : how to make a new camp?
        * under "current situation"
        * under "campground location" !!
    * 🔗faq : under "why buy own land? what are other options?"
    * 🔗hacking-housing (manifesto) and 🔗hacking-housing-pad (info)
    * 🔗land-attributes
    * 🔗camping
    * 🔗canarias
    * [...]

    2015-11-27 start stub
    2016-12-05 update
    2017-12-07 update
    2017 last update
    2020 doing moveover ... ###
    2020-06-14 touch
    2020-08-01 overview (unfinished)


    See the maps !

Lanzarote map (and others) at 🔗maps have tagged sites.
There's about 20 sites tagged for Lanzarote, most were used before, especially during 🔗season4-D.
Ask on list@totalism.org for any info.

    Lanzarote (.kmz, .gpx, EDIT)

    * Temp site @ Mala, Lanzarote

Used in 🔗season4-A and 🔗season4-B.

    * At a friend's land. Now developed as a cool AirBnb.
    * Had a 5€ per person per day (PPPD) deal, included:
        * use of water + hot shower
    * can *probably* stay there again

    * Public camp @ La Graciosa
    * La Graciosa Natural Reserve FREE camping:
        → https://www.reservasparquesnacionales.es/real/ParquesNac/usu/html/listado-actividades-oapn.aspx?cen=8
        → https://www.reservasparquesnacionales.es/real/parquesnac/usu/html/detalle-actividad-oapn.aspx?ii=6ENG&cen=8&act=8
    * Reached by 30min bus + ferry (20€).
    * see 🔗faq under "la graciosa free camping" for more info
    * (used in 🔗season4-B/2,4) see here and here

    * Wild camping ~ Haria & Maguez, Lanzarote

Brilliant place, used for a month during 🔗season4-C/2.

    * "Camp Bollocks" ~ Arrieta & Haria, Lanzarote

Site of 🔗season5-A and 🔗season5-B.

    * semi-hackbase @ Haria, Lanzarote

Was (2018-2019): MB1 pre-hackbase house in Mancha Blanca
Now (2020): unchecked @Haria

Can probably stay in house for sharing expenses (~50€/week per person).

Site of 🔗season6-A and 🔗season6-B.

    * Calleta de Cabalo, Lanzarote

Entering the village, and following the beach in the direction of La Santa, is a common place for van campers.
Tents are not tolerated, so clear before 8am OR hide really well.

Site of 🔗season7-A.

    * El Jablito, Fuerteventura

A-legal village.
There's two spots that seem to be tolerated:
    * left side of the inbound road (north part of village) has a year-round slum/encampment by locals
    * vans & tents are also common around the bay

Site of 🔗season7-B.


deprecated ### move out
Updated 2021. See → 🔗future !

    * plan: buy own land

🔗season4 !

    * free wild camping, squatting, etc

Also see:
    * Nomadwiki🔗Camping
    * (TODO: merge internal notes!)
    * [...]

Things to consider:
    * legal situation, also see 🔗hacking-housing !
    * security situation
    * logistics of bringing stuff there + teardown
    * logistics of resupplies (water, food, etc)
    * [...]

    * maybe talk to locals, or maybe stay underground
    * just go for it on some random land
    * [...]

Open questions + Todo:
    * Is it possible to stay at current sites full time?
    * (include more photos)
    * [...]

    * living out of our van


    * exploring other islands

See 🔗canarias.

First, neighbouring 🔗fuerteventura.
Lanzarote-Fuerteventura ferry costs ~20€ per person, same for the vehicle.

*** PAD

Free legal camping in Lanzarote (if you ask)


    * put these on map
    * establish easy ways to talk to ayuntamientos
    * see if it could be sustainable
    * see legal status of lands (to see if we understand cadastro)

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