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Totalism Co-Op

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The Totalism Cooperative provides very acceptable labour, to provide minimised subsistence costs of self-directed lives, typically for hackbase residents.

    * The need:
        Hackbase life (including all expenses) costs ~400€ / month.
        There is a growing network of bases Europe-wide (🔗Hackbases).
        To subsist, and to have maximum freedom: both as free-from, and free-to.

    * Coop finds and coordinates:
        * paid "freelance" work by hour for 🔗non-shitty "clients"
        * "free/open source" projects (donations, paid deployment & maintenance)
        * public/foundation/etc grants (also see 🔗grants)
        * "commercial project" or "commission" (=paid to research/develop/construct/...), with specified release impositions (release licenses, co-production, replicability/replicability infrastructure, supply chain standards, etc)
        Types of work sketch: 🔗coop-modes.

    * Coop makes sure the work is:
        * meaningful and ethical (for non-destructive actors, free/open source, etc)
        * challenging and a learning experience for the individuals

    * How?
        By mapping 🔗non-shitty (or "relatively/least-possible-shitty") "clients" (NGOs, companies, etc), by organising grants, etc. The mutual interest of "clients" and the Coop is enhanced by the friendly rates, where "pay" at an individual rate is set around ~20€ per hour.

    * In result:
        People need to work ~20h / month to sustain themselves (living inside + freely moving around various hackbases). The rest of the time is free to do whatever the people want: hack on "unpaid stuff", learn, travel, do some additional work, etc.

    * (...only inside bases?)
        More people should live in bases, outside of typical rent relations. The definition of a base is fluid and extendable. However, it's also possible to participate from outside of bases in different ways, especially if you have existing specific living arrangements.

Main ideas

* Strategic screening of "clients":
    Work for ethical public only - defined as common agreement inside the cooperative. See: 🔗non-shitty. Considerations: environmental, labour-rights, political, etc. In the same way also, recursively, consider their clients (the "network effect" of economy). , which is a graph of power exchange  <-- #subeconomics

* Total inclusivity:
    Protocols > Chatter.
    Onboarding of new people done as clear processes, not through community deliberation.
    Little to none organisation barrier from being "inside" or "outside".

* Cap payment at providing subsistence:
    That makes getting help more accessible to aligned projects (clients), deligitimizes money as a preference, and expands the available pool of meaningful work. Expense details (for hackbases): 🔗subfinance

* Scale > Replication:
    Scale one coop, rather than replicate several "communities".
    Think more like a separate economy, than a unit inside one. <-- "work = export, spend money = import"

For inspirations, also see 🔗commonground.

Fields of work

See 🔗coop-modes.

Next steps for Cooperative

    * New "member" process:
        Create template for new "member" portfolio
        (Importing the CV). <-- #p2c2i

    * Group representation:
        Think and create the infrastructure for group representation.
        (Common lists, tag clouds, thoughtspaces, ...)

    * "Clients":
        Set the process to identify potential "clients", and start deals with them.
        That is, reorder and structure 🔗non-shitty !

    * Public Manifesto:
        Rewrite this document as a clean manifesto, a common ethical "charter".

    * Legal / fiscal infrastructure:
        First: use the existing Ltd company, based in Slovenia.
        Incorporation in a different form, in different places etc, can be a future optimisation.

    * Find, establish contact, and collaborate with similar projects:
        See: 🔗coop-alike / 🔗alike.

    * Specify how cooperative works with life outside of hackbases?

Joining the Coop

Send a short presentation mail to with :

    * current work / study status
    * your brief interests
    * a CV, if you have one (or more?), even if old
    * general ideas about the Coop, and its postcapitalist mission

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