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Totalism Co-op Manifesto
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An introduction for future co-operants.
If you are interested in partnering as en employer, see 🔗coop-works.
### rewrite to have clearer separation for both types of co-operators:
    employers (aka "work-givers" aka "customers" aka "clients")
    both/ambiguos = parnetrs, co-operants, co-labourers

Last Updated:
    2016-11-05 umbrella related reorg
    2017-01-02 touch


The Totalism Cooperative provides very acceptable labour, to provide minimised subsistence costs of self-directed lives, typically for hackbase residents.
### focus is on working minimum hours, and offering a quality, but accessibly-priced service, to exciting and agreeable employer partners.

    * The need:
        Hackbase life (including all expenses) costs ~400€ / month.
        There is a growing network of bases Europe-wide (🔗Hackbases).
        To subsist, and to have maximum freedom: both as free-from, and free-to.

    * Coop finds and coordinates:
        * paid "freelance" work by hour for 🔗non-shitty employers
        * "free/open source" projects (donations, paid deployment & maintenance)
        * public/foundation/etc grants (→ 🔗grants)
        * "commercial project" or "commission" (=paid to research/develop/construct/...), with specified release impositions (release licenses, co-production, replicability/replicability infrastructure, supply chain standards, etc)
        * work we do → 🔗coop-works.

    * Coop makes sure the work is:
        * meaningful and ethical (for non-destructive actors, free/open source, etc)
        * challenging and a learning experience for the individuals

    * How?
        By mapping 🔗non-shitty (or "relatively/least-possible-shitty") employers (progressive NGOs, academia or companies, etc.), or by organising grants, etc. The mutual interest of the employer and Coop is enhanced by comradely rates, where labour compensation is set around ~20€ per hour.

    * In result:
        People need to work ~20h / month to sustain themselves (living inside + freely moving around various hackbases). The rest of the time is free to do whatever the people want: hack on "unpaid stuff", learn, travel, do some additional work, etc.

    * (...only inside bases?)
        More people should live in bases, outside of typical rent relations. The definition of a base is fluid and extendable. However, it's also possible to participate from outside of bases in different ways, especially if you have existing specific living arrangements.

Main ideas

* Strategic screening of employers:
    Work for ethical public only - defined as common agreement inside the cooperative. → 🔗non-shitty.
    Considerations: environmental, labour-rights, political, etc. In the same way also, recursively, consider their co-operants (the "network effect" of economy).

* Total inclusivity:
    Protocols > Chatter.
    Onboarding of new people done as clear processes, not through community deliberation.
    Little to none organisation barrier from being "inside" or "outside".

* Cap payment at providing subsistence:
    That makes getting help more accessible to aligned employers, deligitimizes money as a preference, and expands the available pool of meaningful work.
    Life financials in hackbases → 🔗subfinance

* Scale > Replication:
    Scale one coop, rather than replicate several "communities".
    Think more like a separate economy, than a unit inside one. <-- "work = export, spend money = import"

For inspirations → 🔗commonground.

What we do


Joining the Coop !

Send a short presentation mail to with:

    * current work / study status (and ideas about future direction)

    * your interests, or maybe a CV

    * general ideas about the Coop, and its postcapitalist mission

Next steps for Cooperative

    * New "member" process:
        Create template for new "member" portfolio.
        (Importing the CV). <-- #p2c2i

    * Group representation:
        Think and create the infrastructure for group representation.
        (Common lists, Tag clouds, Thoughtspaces, ...)
        →→ XXX🔗r2a

    * Solicit labour from employers:
        Set the full co-operation cycle in motion - from mapping and identification, to arranging, and delivering work.
        First, reorder and re-structure 🔗non-shitty !

    * Public Manifesto:
        Rewrite this document as a clean manifesto, a common ethical "charter".

    * Legal / fiscal infrastructure:
        First: use the existing Ltd company, based in Slovenia.
        Incorporation in a different form, in different places etc, can be a future optimisation.

    * Find, establish contact, and collaborate with similar projects:
        → 🔗coop-alike and 🔗alike

    * Specify how cooperative works with life outside of hackbases

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