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        [!!*] page needs to decide if it is GENERAL or CHT-OVERVIEW (like, "bikes" section)


    * Must be accessible to all

Everyone, anywhere, must be able to access basic resources, without reliance on oblique community-locked knowledge.

This document focuses on nomads.

    * Must be non-profit

    * Expose supply chains !

(Either when buying local, or delivered via online ordering).

    * Establish own basics supplier !

See → 🔗lim0 !

    * "Ethical consumption" is not the principal contradiction

Changing individual consumption habits is nothing but a patch on capitalism — manufacturing and distribution patterns will only be substantially changed with full system change.

Also see ...

    * 🔗resources-ship — what to get from where?
    * 🔗markets — where to buy things ?
    * 🔗ordering — what is the CHT base currently procuring?
    * 🔗lim0 — replaces capitalist shops (non-market, anti-profit, mass sourcing, etc)
    * 🔗postmarket — commonize all property → all get what they need → empower common struggle!
    * 🔗maps — EU
    * 🔗stuff — equipment list for a hackbase
    * 🔗subfinance — organizing common finances
    * 🔗manual — (under "Shopping", for Lanzarote, Canary Islands)
    * #thl (trans-hyper-local)
    * — travel with hitch-hiking
    * [...]


(6 ways to die by Vinay Gupta)


    * hackbases network, and alike
        * see🔗Hackbases (and links there)
        * see🔗Residencies
        * check 🔗alike
        * look through 🔗maps
        * ask on🔗#hackbases

    * free camping
        * for Canary Islands → see 🔗landsites
        * for EU → see 🔗maps ("Sites" markers)
        * take care of the environment!!

    * at friends / "the community"
        * all should should maximize capacity to host (when present, and when away)
        * especially owners of apartments and land (as they can justify more complex modifications)

    * sharing sites
        * Trustroots
        * BeWelcome
        * CouchSurfing

    * start your own space !




    → 🔗food for a general food shopping list, etc.
    → 🔗markets for overview of where to buy things

    * never eat in for-profit restaurants
    * learn to cook + share meals
    * know sources well:
        * the prices (also check various big, specialty, ethnic and local markets)
        * specific local-grown food, and its seasonal availability
        * buy in bulk at local cheap supermarket (1 / month)
        * find "reduced before expiration" items at markets and supermarkets
        * approach bigger suppliers
    * buying at a big supermarket does not imply support:
        You are not saving the world with how you consume the basics at an individual level!
    * join and organize cooperative approaches:
        * form a bulk-buy cooperative !!
        * community kitchens
        (via: Yippie Manifesto) ### refer better
    * pre-cycle & dumpster diving:
        * see (organized by locality)
        * organize a group that is able to:
            * find patterns (observe!)
            * regularly collect + prepare for storage (sort, clean!)
            * store (freeze!)
            * distribute (access + rules + group!) & prepare food (kitchen!)


See 🔗vegan.

    Nuts & Seeds

Nuts are essential but can be difficult to find cheap.
Also consider seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, etc).

    * LIDL ~10€/kg all types, since 2016 even pecans are 15€/kg
    * Ethnic shops will often have big packaging & special deals, maybe you can also haggle on the price

International logistics:
    → 🔗resources-ship !
    "If you're flying from South Africa, pack 50kg extra Macadamia nuts!"


Find ethnic shops (asian, Morrocan, Turkish, etc) - they will have bags for 1€ !!
Better quality & prices than normal suppliers.
Stock up & redistribute!


    Contact lenses + solutions

You need "All in one".
"Sterile saline" does not desinfect, should not be used for storing!

Germany (lenses):
    * Bought 12€ monthly pair in Berlin:
        * @... ???
        * the date was expired, so I went and got another pair
    * DM has them up to -4.75

Germany (solutions):
    * @Rossmann:
        1.2€ for 100ml !! ← STOCK UP ON THESE AND TAKE THEM ON PLANES
        2.79€ / 360ml (all lenses, own brand)
    * Check:
        * Budnikowski
        * online?

    * @Carrefour : ~7€ / 360ml (all lenses, own brand)

    * Morrisons: £2.97 for 250ml, not always available instore, pre-order online:
    * Tesco / Sainsburys £4 250ml:
    * Boots all-in-one £13 for 360ml
    * For contacts + eye check:
        (did not try yet!)

    * :
        10€ / 360 ml is best deal ??!




See → 🔗laptop and 🔗graph-postapple

Lim0 project now distributes laptops.
Base price ~350€:
    Lenovo x220 + i5 + 16gb + 256gb ssd + new 9 cell battery + 1 year warranty + coop fund
Contact .

    Mobile data plans & SIM cards

General info:

For Spain:

Basics in EU:
    (Updated 2022/03)
    * Since 2016, it's ~6c/MB (60€/GB) without a package
    * Most operators cover at least a few GB in their packages.
    * Sosh (France) provides a 80GB universal EU roaming, with unlimited calls, for 25€/month (sometimes, 10€/month promotions!)

__________ DEPRECATED 20220325
    * UPDATE: They ripped us off again↓
        * ~ June 15 2017, roaming will be free
        * As of Sept. 2016, at least one provider already offers free data roaming within 43 European countries on prepaid SIMs (the "YOU" plans of Vodafone Netherlands; YOU online only is 10€/mo for 1GB)
    * Until then, from May 1st 2016, it's 6c/MB (60€/GB) without a package
    * Some providers offer (100MB, 500MB, etc) international data in their packages. That's good deals.
    * Normal pre-paid price is 1GB for ~8€ including the SIM
EU / international packages:
    * Three UK SIM:
        * SIM is available on ebay for less than 2€ incl shipping
        * could be best option for a lot of data on Lanzarote as well
    * [...]
Spain / Lanzarote:
    * We're currently using Lebara. Details on CHT🔗cht-role-comm.
    * Lyca also looks cheap (5€/gb)

  • In Germany all SIM cards need to be registered with name and address. Most of the time name and address are not checked.
  • In Berlin there are a lot of stores that will sell SIM cards that are "already activated" in some random guys name.
    • Where to look?
      • Kottbusser Damm (the whole street has many small telecom shops. if they advertise "LYCAMOBILE 3GB 10€" for example that's what you need)
      • Sonnenallee ((the whole street has many small telecom shops. if they advertise "LYCAMOBILE 3GB 10€" for example that's what you need)
  • Want to know everything about German SIM cards?!

    Bikes (and repair)

You need a 0-50€ bike everywhere.

CHT has some available already, see → 🔗stuff-eu.

    Free bike maintenance classes and 'Dr Bike' repair sessions 
    via local council borough website where you are based, e.g. Islington:

    Repairing things / DIY

    [!!→] should be coordinated as an interest group via !



"Alternative" banks:
    * Triodos (best in NL):
        "one of the world’s most sustainable banks."
    * VdK (best in BE)

Super-alternative banks:
    * FairCoop / FairCoin ecosystem:
    * ... including Bank of the Commons:

( stub by wischi! )

  • number26 (n26)
    • Young innovative FinTech Startup - lol, why do we even write about it here? -  because their bank account is the easiest to open as you don't need proof of address, so the card can be shipped to a hotel hostel or friend.
    • You can use every ATM in the world for free (expect some ATMs in US or Thailand that charge their own fees).
    • It gives you a IBAN number to send and receive transfers in the EU for free.
    • Everything is controlled through their smartphone app which also shows you everything you spend in real time.
    • In Germany you can pay up to 100€ per month cash into the account, after that it costs 1,5%.
    • The account does not charga any monthly fees.
    • You can open this bank account with a shipping address in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Greece, France, Italy, Ireland, Slovenia, ID and a smartphone.
  • monese 
    • Basically like number26 but in GBP instead of EUR also costs 5GBP per month
  • Mondo
  • Revolut

    * DKB (free no ATM fees worldwide)
    * n26 aka number26 (free no ATM fees worldwide, works with a awesome smartphone app, sign up here to donate 10€ to CHT (wischis Ref-link ... not sure if this link works at all ... contact wischi to get a personal link that gives wischi 10€ that will go directly to CHT)

    * Bank of China: Just go into a local branch with your passport some cash to pay into your new account (100 RMB is more than enough) and ask them to open an account for you. If they don't understand go to the next bigger branch.

International Money Transfer:
    * surprisingly Western Union is free if you send the money directly to someones bank account 
    * In the EU al transfers, even international ones are usually free

*** ( more resources )

* nomad backpack

Seem to cost ~70€.
Consider repairing old ones (change straps!).
Recommended: 55L (can 99% bring as flight hand luggage, bigger too but can be tricky).

Packing list → see 🔗backpack !

* clothes

* Wear general purpose clothes:
    dark jeans, dark boots, dark sweaters, dark shirts
* Ask:
    some people still throw stuff away, or have way too much
* Check and map second-hand shops
* Cheap basics can be found in places like C&A, Bershka
* "Fixing fashion" should focus on distribution, not production:
    there is so much clothes & materials around that we could literally stop production for decades and still clothe everyone

* sun glasses

* (All on sale in EU have CE certificates, so they are safe)
* Street vendors: 5€
* Primark ~1€
* In a year, I spent: ~50 of total 5000€ (so 0.5-1%) <-- #subfinance

* logistics / post


* a shipping address

* Canary islands → see 🔗shipping
* Slovenia → ask
* General → also see 🔗vaults

* washing clothes

* Find & set up community laundries
* Hand washing works fine as an alternative
###[!*] link up
* Don't spend more than 5€ per month/person OR invest into a machine

* printing
    * normally:
        * posters for cht
        * posters for cht meetup
        * posters for teaching computing
    * but also
        * stickers -> stickermule? not super cheap, ~15c per small sticker
        * bizcards

* furniture (chairs, couch, etc)

* construct from general-purpoes sets
* find on the street, repurpose

* storage boxes

Ikea boxes work really well.

Also see → 🔗vaults.

* basic cosmetics


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