SEASON 4, Act A (CHT4-A)

"Experimental hacker campground"
November 21 - December 21 2014 (31 days)
Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Last Update: 2015-03-28 (David)
### 20210621 MO


General context

You've already read the main site and 🔗season4 (2015) year plan.

Set and Setting

Experimental hackbase campsite #1:
    * Executed landing procedures:
        regroup, storage inspect, site search
    * Temporary camp site found.
    * Tent ground set, prototype of base set up
    * Storage tent set up, camouflaged, storage moved

Ended for break to visit 31c3 (Hamburg/DE) in end of December:
    Base packed together to temporary storage.

There were 4 people in the camp:
    by order of appearance, David, Seth, Feli and Lix.

Basic report

The camp was a success: We survived. It is indeed possible, and often challenging and awesome, to live & hack in the desert with a tiny budget.

Here soon

Unpublished materials:
    * files (the Syncthing folder):
        * financials / open accounting
        * stats: data consumption, etc
        * photo + video
        * source code
    * full project notes (internal Etherpads)
    * participant's reviews

Project work

Quick runthrough of project notes:

    * Desert campsite:
        * sleeping outside is doable:
            * in full-on foul December weather (orange alert storm)
            * cold nights (min 14°C measured) are fine too
        * storage tents
        * plot zoning

    * Desert storage research + re-do:
        * evacuated 1 of 2 old storages
        * noted down inventory, track missing stuff
        * tent camouflage
        * packed up storage tent with camo
        * got ikea boxes

    * Desert food preparation:
        * camper van cooking
        * no-fridge storage and supplies
        * upkeep protocols

    * Desert food growing:
        not a big focus this time, mostly collecting anecdotal advice, metrics and ideas

    * Desert electricity:
        * managing intermittent availability
        * solar diagnosis + fixing
        * running diesel generators
        * running car 12V -> 220V generator
        * own renewable system (solar+wind+battery) evaluation capability

    * Desert internet:
        * different 3G networks research
        * data consumption tracking and limiting
        * self-hosted localnet (offline resources archive)
        * managing intermittent availability

    * Toilet dig™ (DIY Latrine)
    * Other basics:
        * water was abundant - winter rains filled reservoirs
        * washing clothes at friends

    * "Squatworking" by crashing civilized places (hotels, etc) 
        net + power plug + pokerface

    * Exploring local scenes and reconnecting with people:
        * alternative, transformative, eco initiatives
        * art, music, cultural
        * technical & engineering
        * business
        * land owners & farmers
        * ex-pats
        * friends

    * Time, synchronisation, planning and efficiency research (with Subtime)

    * Collection and re-organisation of all past project materials:
        * single point of storage (one curated directory that keeps all)
        * Syncthing software for propagation between people
        * test deploying middlemachine software for organisation

    * Day-to-day #workflow:
        * Selfhosted localnet:
            * P2P sync (Syncthing)
            * Group pads (Etherpad)
        * Etherpad -> Expot to Text files -> Syncthing (solution for totally offline pads)
        * Protocol for Reviews:
            (regular full crew meetings featuring Etherpad notes, merging personal notes/ideas, debating everything)

    * Workflow problems still looking for solutions:
        * Pics & video review software + process (tagging, rating, publishing)
        * Offline <-> Online maps (with coordinates, trails, etc synchronisation)
    * Quantification (sensors + recorders):
        * weather monitoring
        * audio / video recording policy
        * every aspect of personal computer usage (David's project)
    * 🔗nootropics:
        Nothing too fancy (Modafinil, Caffeine, Weissbier)
    * Open accounting:
        * using GnuCash to record all expenses
        * investment policy: 4€ / person / day (beyond food and stay)
        * total costs < 100€ / person / week
        * Car rental donated
        → 🔗subfinance

    * Sociodynamics:
        * synchronisation, decisions, workflows
        * living with depression

    * New website based on Etherpad + 🔗E2H

    * 2015 project presentation:
        * Authored 🔗season4 pad
        * Preparing for 31st Chaos Communication Congress (31C3)

    * Landhunt - looking for and selecting land:
        * definition of what we need ("attributes" for plot evaluation)
        * saw 10 plots !!
        * understanding pricing, etc

    * Study temporary architecture:
        Liveable "permanently temporary" constructions

    * Understand basics of zoning laws, as outlined by the 🔗hacking-housing manifesto:
        * word of mouth: be discrete + respect / empathy to neighbours + just do it
        * land registry inquries
        * potentially possible types of constructions
        * possibility for land modification
        * plot re-parcellation

    * Formal association research:
        * need to have any at all?
        * if yes, which domain (Spanish? German? X?)
        * contacts with advisors:
            * suggested
            * suggested

    * Research #funding patterns and ideas for off-grid project (Need ~30.000€):
        Gratipay, campaign crowdfunding, foundations, "rich ally", ...

    * Open worker cooperative development, stub → 🔗coop:
### would be interesting to link to specific revision?
        * Research of existing alike institutions
        * Done:
            * teaching: first student !
            * architecture: first project !
            * driving (as exchange of favours)

    * Urban exploration:
        * "Presa de Mala" dam
        * Los cocoteros squat option
        * Airport abandoned zone
        * Playa Honda squat options
        * (turns out not) abandoned house in mountains
        * Costa Teguise abandoned construction sites
        * abandoned Arrecife islet

    * Rogue hunt for #resources:
        * airport has loads of dumpster-diveable booze
        * free stuff on abandoned construction sites

    * Island mapping:
        see Lanzarote on 🔗maps

    * Nature, hikes, beach, biking, hitching, tourism, roadtrips

    * Using cars:
        * "Renting not in line with Season 4 strategy" !!
        * Studied: Car ownership and upkeep law
        * Budgeting buying vs renting
        * Car as a mobile unit beyond just transportation:
            * for storage, between nomadic transitions
            * for power generation
            * "mobile lab"
    * Plan 2015 return


* Twitter posts
* Facebook posts
* cht/lanzarote map

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