Crew labour coordination

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Assisting each crew (=resident) to self-asses their work.

This way, the space makes sure to prevent bad work-sharing practices inside the coliving situation.

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    20200326 overview
    20200808 overview

Ties to 🔗roles !

Basics !

* Everybody needs to strive to achieve time parity, or some other measure, of basic reproducitve labour productivity.

* If there isn't an obvious self-incentivization and "self-management ("autogestione"), this needs to be encouraged, or reaching criticality, mandated by the Keeper - as the guardian of some sort of a fairness in the internal "economy" of performed labour.

* Fictional bad example...:
    A resident just wakes up, does some capitalist paid work, eats food prepared by & drinks water carried by & uses dishes cleaned by & produces trash taken away by & goes to sleep in a bed made by other people ...


Establish this with every resident !
### tie to #newcomers

* (Agree on Time Parity)

"Yes, I will do my part of the labour."
    * "Could it be more flexible?" ← in what way?
    * "Could I get a work discount, because I just came to check the place out?"

* (Establish Concrete Timings)

* There is - in total - about 3 hours of work daily to sustain the operation, minimum:
    The work grows with each resident.

* In effect, reproductive work is roughly ~1h/person/day.

* You are also expected to do a minimal of some ~2h work on space projects:
    We do at least some part of this together every day: talking & writing / hacking / building / etc.

* That means ~3h daily participation are expected, and not optional:
    More is certainly encouraged. That's what we're here for, right?

* Work check-up (arrival + 3 days)

!!! In development, needs more deployments)


* Self asses. -- Are you doing okay?

* Are you asking for work? Are you pointed to work?

* After pointed to work, do you perform it?

* [...]

* On not reaching time parity

This would mean other people did your work, and you need to recompensate them.
For Spain/EU, this is fixed at base salary rate ~10€/hour.


In order from NECCESSARY (Explicitly expected) to ENCOURAGED (Implicitly expected), to be covered by each crew.

(1) Reproductive labour

"""Reproductive labor or work is often associated with care giving and domestic roles including cleaning, cooking, child care, and the unpaid domestic labor force."""

TLDR: You need to (metaphoricaly) "carry your own water", not burden others in crew with doing basic work associated with your stay for you.

Main article → 🔗roles.
### resolve duplication

    * supplies: shopping, bringing, organizing
    * food: cooking, setting, cleaning dishes
    * cleaning & space maintenance
    * trash
    * camp mastering
    * (other basic infra tasks, per current situation)

    ___________________ advanced, technical
    * energetics / power 
    * other technical infra (lights, etc)
    * lab maintenance & stuff sorting
    * local village sociality
    * treasury
    * dealing with locals, and the law
    * organising group decisions (Keeper, Planner, etc)
    * [...]

#TOMERGE !!!!!!
asses this within roles

(2) Resident overhead

    2.1) Associated directly with your stay:
        Booking. Answering emails. Guiding through the newcomers protocol. Provoding specific information regarding your projects. Accounting. Etc.

    2.2) Associated with all others that didn't show up:
        For every 1 person that makes it here, there is a perhaps 3-5x times organisational labour for the ones that don't. Ideally, people coming here would understand this, and somehow cover for it.

This labour is associated with 🔗membership.

(3) Time spent on project work (R&D)

This is what we are all here for.:

    * space physical & digital infrastructure improvement:
        provisioning equipment (researching, choosing, buying, etc)
        stewarding (maintenance, storage, management, etc)
        development (code, hardware, tools, etc)

    * organistional infrastructure:
        drafting, testing, redeveloping the tactics & theory
        reading and improving
### is this not expressed elsewhere ???

crew work in the present:
    covers for historic formative work:
        and provides a foundation for future work.


Some advanced considerations.

* Giving work, taking work

Giving work is not a matter of hierarchy, but having experiences in the system. It is not dictating, but basically mentoring.

It is a coordination strategy, where work is deferred from most to least experienced, for example: the protocols, daily routines, location of things, implicit priorities.

* Time approximations, per labour type

    1) Reproductive:
        ~ 2h baseline
        ~ 0.5h extra / resident

    2) Onboarding overhead:
        ~2h orga + ~2h no-shows + ~2h resident themselves

    3) Project Work:
        min ~1-2h/day
        typical ~5h/day
        "for succesful self-directed resident" ... also see #subflow

* Labour accessibility

Is there a monopoly on some works - making it impossible for people to labour?

        The kitchen isn't open to everyone.
        The lab has a gatekeeper.
        Lots of works seem more complicated to explain, than to perform well.

This is especially relevant to short stays (<1 week), where it could be generally counterproductive to entrust non-trivial roles.

* #neverwork

Ne travaillez jamais!
Never work!

We work in a common direction. We share parts of reproducitve work. Maintaining an eye on parity prevents (accidental) exploitation. If anyone finds themself in a position of "working for others" (in terms of time), that work needs to be retributed.


* "Can I hack instead of reproductive work?"

Can "contributing in hacking" count for replacing Reproductive work?

Yes, with:
    * individual consent (from other people doing other works)
    * space consent (resolving critical space issues)

* The cost of directing

Keeper, Onboarder, etc will use time directing newcomers.
They face an increased danger of abuse from confused, zero-clue people.
How to account for this?

* Chill-only stays? If consensual

Somebody would like to come here to chill.
Not cook, not clean, not hack.
Everything is possible if consensual in-advance with rest of crew, and if all the work is done.


A Labour Strike can be called if there is a need, regarding labour conditions, to either enforce already agreed terms, which are not  respected, or to re-negotiate terms !

A strike is targeted against a specific (non-performing / agrement breaking) person or group of people, to change their ways.

These examples might or might not be realistic, legitimate in specific circumstances, etc.

1) Chef → Kitchen strike
### triggered by: certified kitchen labour
### evaluated: not getting support by others

    * Everybody eats corn flakes until demands are met
    * Corn flakes are put out in a bucket ;)
### milk, cutlery, bowls
    * Everybody is left to fend for themsleves - supply, cleanup, whatever
    * Kitchen is locked up (no spices, no tools, no knives, etc)
    * Any misconsideration of this, and damage, is personal responsibility.

2) Keeper → Resupplies Strike
### triggered by: keeper
### evaluated: organized resupply is not working, understaffed

    * Everyone fends of for themselves.
    * You need to go to shop yourself, etc.

3) Keeper → Emergency powers
###3) Keeper Strike (= Emergency powers)
### triggered by: keeper

"Privatisation" of core Infrastructure:
    It is a result of previous work efforts, which Keeper keeps.

    STAGE 1: Lab & Comfort Shutdown

    * nobody can access the main base / van anymore
        (except people that participated in that specific effort)
    * supplies are temporarily privatised
    * lab equipment is off limits

    * survival drinking water
    * survival food (bucket of cornflakes? cans?)
    * detached tent, sleeping surface
    * water & soap
    * if available and without guarantee, detached power & internet

    STAGE 2 : Complete Infrastrucure Shutdown

    * power
    * internet

    STAGE 3 : Marooning

"Everybody, get the fuck out!"

    * 1-day of water
    * 10% of mobile phone power
    * a revolver with one bullet

4) Crew → Mutiny

* No payment of any costs.
* Labour anarchy
* Fork camp
* ###

Open Questions

* Can key roles strike?
    * Keeper
    * Camp Master
    * Drink Water ### can resupply for themsleves
Normal world examples:
    * Spanish military breaking up air controller strike

* Limits to keeper strike

* Dramaturgy of strike?:
    How to formally announce?

* Can this really be against one resident?:
    Actually, no, it's about general situation.
    If it would be about a smaller number, it means others are not deferring work to them.
    So they are also culpable.

* "But this ends CHT! They will have a completely different lifestyle!":
    Yes. CHT is on hold.
    Ideally, a strike is a controlled shutdown.
    But, provisions still hold.

* "Isn't strike normally organised by a lower majority ... is it the other way around here?":
    Yes, it does sound a bit like a Randian strike.
    Rand replied, "What if I went on strike? What if all the creative minds of the world went on strike?"[10] Rand then began Atlas Shrugged to depict the morality of rational self-interest,[11] by exploring the consequences of a strike by intellectuals refusing to supply their inventions, art, business leadership, scientific research, or new ideas to the rest of the world.[12]
    Lol. (Fuck Ayn Rand).

*** PAD

Beyond "self-asses", how do we monitor & log the work?

It should work.
T+3 days is stilll within the insurance within membership.
If it obviously doesn't work, it's up to the +Keeper.

* Keep it Self-Directed/Incentivized !

Via: "This makes it sound like a labour camp"
Wow @ 2020/3/18.
This later got an apology.


OK. :
    How to make it sound better?
    How to make this truly serve its purpose (on top)?

Keeper's foundation work

        This is speculative:
            ~3 person months / yearly full time (= 100 days)
            x 10 years (= 1000 days)
            x 5 hours (= 5000 hours)
            / 5000 PD (all stays)
            ~ 1h / PPDD
        However, value is distributed to more than just the crew, but also:
            * directly to primary author:
                (conference attendance, main mission)
            * non-residents:
                (getting content on the site, etc)

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