Financial disclosure

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Full-spectrum overview of personal financials.

Within the CHT (hack)base, used for 🔗postmarket, the Comrade License, and encouraged for all 🔗newcomers.

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(Template: Financial Disclosure, revision 2021-01-17)

Original URL: https://totalism.org/template-financials . Developed at the CHT (hack)base, https://totalism.org . Do not remove this header when distributing versions of the template, or the document.

*** HOLDINGS (+)

* Inflow

    * regular, and average irregular pay (by what work? status, plans?)

    * regular received support (average)
(Your government/patron/family/santa claus give you something)

* Balances

    * cash

    * bank account(s) and savings
### →→ historic? and, bank stories, etc

    * overdraft and credit possibility (on account, credit cards, ...)

    * crypto currencies

    * other financial instruments (stocks, bonds, etc.)

    * outstanding loans

* Equity

    * entity ownership (equity/stock/shares - controlling? voting/non-voting?)

    * less-structured project financial participation
### this should include: various commons, own software projects? etc.

* Material property

    * real-estate (land, housing, etc.)

    * stuff (tools, equipment, vehicles, etc.)
(also called "personal property" or "moveable property")

    * potential future inheritance
###→→ have separate page for details on this, processes to do #elders, etc #inheritance

* Intellectual & intangible property
(non-transferred results of artistic, creative, innovation work; copyrights, patents, TMs, utility models, ...)
### if "copyleft" → then put links
### if not released → do you need help?


(How would you briefly describe arranging your subsistence? Is it according to any class / patterns? Examples: family life, hackbases, living in an eco-village, vanlife, etc).

* Current life costs
(ties to 🔗subfinance)

    * rents

    * utilities & basic services
(electricity, water, trash, heating fuel, butane, ...)

    * insurances
(car, health, ...)

    * lifestyle costs (food, culture, etc)
###→→ include historic lifestyle imaging as well — collect several #metrics / #flosl

* Property related costs

    * taxes

    * maintenance

* Outstanding debts
(with clear categorization — priority, ...)

* Dependent persons (children, elders, ...)

* Pets

* Pension plan
### (develop possible options, ... ties to 🔗pensions)