CHT/ membership

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Obligatory for crew, reccomended to all visitors & supporters.
Need: money and/or work.
(to secure a minimum of participation.)

    2015 v1
    20200925 draft
    20200926 RFC
    20201103 overview
    20210219 full overview + merge w old
    20210224 overview
    20210327 quick overview


Each future crew is asked to become a member.

    * reading the protocol at 🔗newcomers (basic information, principles)
    * and paying the membership due of 50€, valid for one year

It is paid in advance, as confirmation of coming (giving a clearer idea of the count) & so that we can pre-order the needed equipment. If you wish, you can choose to dedicate your membership to buy something specific from 🔗ordering.

See → 🔗donate (incl IBAN, Crypto and Paypal)
or mail for further info.

As a member you also receive CHT stuff (shirt, stickers, poster), when available.
The base is paid for through residencies and memberships. More details on 🔗subfinance.
Memberships are inspired by the successful model of PAF space (St Erme/France).


CHT/ is building a material & knowledge commons.

If you... 

    * appreciate the project & work already done
(supported by the material infrastructure, some of it perhaps still being paid off!)

    * want to make sure the work continues
(which depends on the infrastructure)

    * maybe want to "visit some day"
(and have proper infrastructure available)

... then share costs and efforts via a membership

    * Connect & keep in touch

Join the Telegram group, and make a personal introduction → 🔗channel.

Subscribe to the mailing 🔗list.

Follow updates on Twitter.

Send us an update - what you're working on, discovering, who you're connecting with - every once in a while.

Join the 🔗regular meetings sometimes.

    * Yearly membership

50€ Per Year
Budget for maintaining & extending the infrastructure commons.

(incl IBAN, Crypto and Paypal)

    * Help with work, best you can

We coordinate on the pads & channels, to:

* expand the knowledge commons, occasionally:
    → pad collaboration (with live call?) on a topic you're an expert in
    → read/give feedback/trash something from the 🔗RFCs

* with equipment procurrance:
    → help with researching 🔗ordering → to buy 🔗stuff

* with R&D, deployment, maintenance, storage of infrastructure
    → help by coming here and doing the work

* share the project:
    → organize a presentation in a local space
    → post about or repost from  🔗contact accounts

* more → 🔗todos

### benefits for you ... as involved with project ???

* The project's means are improved for everybody.

* In turn, crews are able to progress towards the 🔗goals.
(sketched for example on 🔗why-how-what)

Thanks. More info→