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###[!!**] aquasilver naredi tekst črn, uredi to normalno ... preveri tudi druge barve



at Kunsthal Gent (BE)
Oct—Nov—Dec 2021


Table of Contents
2.1 ↘ LABS [Workshop Events @ Onsite+Online]
2.2 ↘ INHABITATION [Work-Life @ Onsite]
2.3 ↘ EXCURSIONS [Regional Consultations @ Offsite]
2.4 ↘ HAPPENINGS [Inpredictability @ Onsite] 
2.5 ↘ MINI-EXHIBITS [Artefacts @ Onsite+Online]
3.2 [MINI-EXHIBIT][L!!@] Totalist Archive
4.1 [LAB+, TOOLS][L!] Comrade License
4.2 [TALK, LAB][L/] TBA: Guest session led by Telekommunisten
4.3 [LAB+, TOOLS][L!!] Extra-legal Bodies (w/ Extra body vzw)
4.4 [LAB+][L!] Lim0 Replaces Capitalist Shops
4.4.1     [SITE] Lim0 Distribution Node
4.4.2     [OBJECT+][L!!@] Food Boxes
4.4.3     [OBJECT, PURSUANCE][L/] Hackbase-In-A-Box (HIAB)
5.2 [SITE, ROUTINE, HAPPENINGS][L~] Totalist Cantine
5.3 [SITE][L/] Hypertent Prototype (w/ ?)
5.4 [LAB, TOOLS, PURSUANCE][L~] Gathering the Lab
5.5 [SITE, LAB+, OBJECT+]L!!!,@G] Embedded Ecology
6.1 [LAB+][L!!] Pad.Land (for Fellow Travellers)
6.2 [LAB, TOOL+][L/] Art-Tech Sovereignty
6.3 [LAB, TOOLS][L/] Etheric Writing
6.4 [LAB, EDITION+, OBJECT+][L!] Printed Editions
7.1 [10+ EXCURSIONS][L!] Adjacent Spaces : Research Excursions
7.2 [LAB+, TOOLS, ARCHIVE][L/] Space Manuals
7.3 [HAPPENING][L~] Harbouring a Caravan
7.4 [LAB, TOOLS][L/] Representing Lifestyle & Cohabitation
7.5 [LAB, HAPPENING, CFP][L/] Prepared Hackathon
7.6 [LAB+, TOOLS][L~] Spidering to Consolidation
7.7 [LAB, HAPPENINGS+][L/] nOISE tEMPLES ) ) ) ) )
7.8 [LAB][L~] Hackbase Type 6 — Totalist Cities
7.9 [HAPPENING][L!!,OG] Masterstudio (w/ PXL-MAD students)
7.10 [AUX, HAPPENING] PR, Interview (w/ Trashkot @Radio Centraal)
7.11 [AUX, REMOTE][L~] 37th Chaos Communication Congress (37c3)
8 *** CHT @ 10
8.1 [EXHIBIT][L~] CHT @ 10 : Retrospective
8.2 [LAB, ARCHIVE][L~] CHT @ 10 : Retrospective→Prospective
8.3 [AUX, HAPPENING] Lecture (at Extra Academy @ Het Bos, Antwerp)




    %ethering, etherbeaming
    %enabling participation
    %micro editions
    %fellow travelling

TOOL / MEDIA->tactics TOOL / MEDIA->software TOOL / MEDIA->protocols/processes TOOL / MEDIA->representation system EVENT->excursion EVENT->lab {{a}}->TOOL / MEDIA {{a}}->EVENT {{a}}->PURSUANCE {{a}}->SITE {{a}}->OBJECT {{a}}->INHABITATION SITE->mini-exhibit SITE->infrastructure OBJECT->box OBJECT->edition OBJECT->micro-edition TOOL / MEDIA TOOL / MEDIA tactics tactics software software protocols/processes protocols/processes representation system representation system EVENT EVENT excursion excursion lab lab PURSUANCE PURSUANCE SITE SITE OBJECT OBJECT INHABITATION INHABITATION mini-exhibit mini-exhibit infrastructure infrastructure box box edition edition micro-edition micro-edition

###[!!] missing: MICRO-EDITION

↘ LABS [Workshop Events @ Onsite+Online]
### it's not just "invited", it's push AND pull

Topical; represent & collaboratively advance the project's compendium; involve invited actors and the open public, from 5 to 50; apply 🔗ethering writing strategies.
###[!→] "by stepping back, with listening, not dominating"
###[!→] (DONE BUT MERGE OUT) consider "HARD 3RD" POW (cutting "labs" and "they")

Each lab develops tactics and systematics related to the specific topic, often processes previously unpublished work. Labs produce a corresponding micro edition.

↘ INHABITATION [Work-Life @ Onsite]

KUNSTHAL HACKBASE — recompile hackbase protocols, establish a reusable typology.

Revisit existing hackbase typologies for the urban/institutional context, while preserving the participation character (liquid crew, scalable capacity, common economic provisioning).
###Actively detourn the space !

    → 🔗hackbases 
    → 🔗hackbase-type1
    → 🔗hackbase-type2

↘ EXCURSIONS [Regional Consultations @ Offsite]

Guide excursions to the myriad of existing adjacent spaces, collectives and ideas.
Expand the already strong interest in & culture of (hack)bases around Gent.

↘ HAPPENINGS [Inpredictability @ Onsite] 
Ad hoc & semi-autonomous manifestations of extended workgroups.

 ‽ ‽ ‽ 

↘ MINI-EXHIBITS [Artefacts @ Onsite+Online]
Small durational & spatial footprint.

### maybe rename

OCTOBER 15, 20:30 (TALK)


Public introduction of the programme & open-ended discussion.
### drinks.
"CHT develops (hack)bases and is working to transplant and crossover to other domains, by discovering the totality of the regional scene, crosslinking & drawing the patterns."

[MINI-EXHIBIT][L!!@] Totalist Archive

Small scale exhibition of CHT artefacts.
###The expo runs along the duration of the entire residency; it continously recomposes & add new materials, processed via the labs.
###L: 20210831: REPLACE!!!: "More then a historic (and perhaps aesthetized) collection of documents and artefacts, the Totalist archive is an expanse of (thousands of interlinked) living fragments, that are regularily revisited, (re)documented, repurposed & utilized. A selection of the archive will be exhibited in Kunsthal Gent.
    The expo runs along the duration of the entire residency; it continously recomposes & add new materials, processed via the labs."

(texts, photography, A/V, bio/technical/mineral matter, graph projections, data, props, maps, presence, indexes, financials, etc)
###L: add "beach debris" !!!
###[!] develop more

### [!→]
* Timing:
    (Preliminary @CHT)
        * review the onsite archive, collections and stuff on site
        * digitize / pack, ship
        * produce small series of editions (capsules, boxes, ...)
    (Preliminary @BE)
        * curate ###


[LAB+, TOOLS][L!] Comrade License
### [!*] merge with Extra body?

"...in what would normally be just an exchange, like tech transfer for money — evaluates a more complex image of the financial and political standing of all involved..."
"... and then prescribes the next steps — pushes all towards something more than that: involved & lasting resource, workflow, knowledge commoning."

Comrade License is a process that regulates fair/consensual use of infrastructures & other resources with fellow travellers, especially from art & activist worlds. With diverse investigative and prescriptive interventions, it aims to develop a continuous mutual utility & shared understanding.
### [!] express CL as more general, not from 1st person (de-CHT)
### [!] "diverse" : is it really?, in what sense?

    → 🔗communique-comradelicense (A letter to a Fellow Traveller)
    → XXX🔗export
    → XXX🔗protocol-ext

    Common Income; Karoot; Rob Ritzen (That Might Be Right/Permanent); Yuan?; ooooo.be?; KASK?; ###+
###L: add "?" at Rob Ritzen

[TALK, LAB][L/] TBA: Guest session led by Telekommunisten
November? (whole day)

We invite the Telekommunisten art-politics-technology collective.

Workshop / Discussion:
    political economy of time, venture communes, appropriate technology, left commons/P2P, commie curiosity, ideological integrity, universal base outcomes
community ideological integrity against cooption, 
### more: https://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Telekommunisten
### [!] cast!

[LAB+, TOOLS][L!!] Extra-legal Bodies (w/ Extra body vzw)
Invited meetings & Finissage presentation
### [!!!**] develop this an write a proper outline:

Extra Body is a legal entity that supports comradely, counter-capitalist practices in the cultural fields.

Established in 2020, it aims to design, produce, exercise, coordinate, support and disseminate this research, by organising and setting-up various long- and short-term projects that can operate mutually-but-autonomously. It forms an umbrella for an intersectional field that connects the domains of (visual) art, new media, technology, product development, performances, housing, (health) care and general welfare, (art) education, cooperative and p2p economic models, etc.
###[!] maybe shorten

The lab will conduct interviews with varied local, national and international activist & artist groupations to document their (extra)legal infrastructures.
Finally, it processes that documentation towards a printed edition.
###L add/// The lab will operate in close proximity to the CL."""

    Omnes?; XR?; Rob Ritzen?; diverse collect representatives (under anonymity); POCO?; ooooo.be/S14; ###

[LAB+][L!] Lim0 Replaces Capitalist Shops

🔗lim0 — "Not a market — anti-profit — a collaborative selection & mass resourcing — redefining quality"

A gathering about goods as multiples, and the technical & representational aspects towards radically different, post-consumer economies and attitudes.

How to represent provenance, the production & logistics chain?
How to guide decisions?
How to immediately re-organize supply & distribution?

    → 🔗graph-postapple, via 🔗polemics
    → 🔗representation.systems
    → 🔗postmarket-stuff [!]

    Samenschool; EOTL (Berlin)?; Gent Foodsavers?; Kringwinkel Gent?; Karoot; ###

    [SITE] Lim0 Distribution Node
Weekly, Per appointment & When on-site.

Procure, box & distribute various goods.
With strong ties to CHT's 🔗communist-conspiracy, where comrades and available as a priced, ethical market-choice to the rest.

    [OBJECT+][L!!@] Food Boxes

### better than Brillo
Easily stored and transportable raw foods,
Make-ahead multiples, curated with Totalist sensibilities.

Based on CHT's 🔗food and 🔗ordering protocols; 🔗representation.systems; Yippie notions of food supply.
### [!]
    * Use Manual : recipes & production chain representation 
    * Production Manual: DIY curate food-materials & set up your own post-capitalist distribution center
    * "Still life" photography + datagraphy (nutrition, provenance, etc)

    [OBJECT, PURSUANCE][L/] Hackbase-In-A-Box (HIAB)

See ↓ "Gathering the lab".

At least 1 box is assembled. More on demand.
###[!] make this more inviting


Main call: End November / Start December
###[!!] >KHG

"A Hackbase or Hackerbase is a Live-in Hackerspace - a hackerspace with a capacity for coliving. Everything you would expect from a hackerspace + place to stay (sleep, eat, ...); ... this includes being publicly accessible (via a clear and non-discriminatory process);..."
able to host short or long-term stays; residents cover their own costs (which are usually far less than "normal" lifestyles); extension on the practices of sharing already present in hackerspaces; hosts hacker Residencies and Exchanges"

Infrastructure & process demo: variations of 🔗hackbase-type1 or 🔗hackbase-type2; on site and possibly as auxillary camps.
#transplanting the off-grid desert station into the city.
###[!] bring back in some form the ↓ SCENARIOS.

    ooooo.be / S14 hackbase (Antwerp); Instant City Harbour hackbase / tazio vzw (~Brussels); Samenschool proto-base (Antwerp); Villa Delfia; pauline?; bebsico?; TG?; Mark?; master students; HS Gent; Living equipment: Portable spaces (Ines, Michela)?; TBA

[SITE, ROUTINE, HAPPENINGS][L~] Totalist Cantine
Daily (crew); Regular (with Labs; with Food Boxes)
→ O;G?

Deploy CHT's supply & chef protocols.

Essential to base's lived experience, the Cantine regularly serves crew, Lab fellow travellers, and the Kunsthal. Complemented by data-portraits of ingredient context, provenance, financials, preparation, nutrition, and other extended information.
[!] "regularly..." is repetition
### also food boxes have this
#[!] Can also become "take-out", if covid measures forbid meetings

    → 🔗food
    → 🔗nootropics
    → 🔗david-restauran

    CHT; guest chefs & line cooks; Karoot; food suppliers (like Foodsavers); Food Hacking Base (FHB)?; ###

[SITE][L/] Hypertent Prototype (w/ ?)
‽ ‽ ‽

🔗hypertent is an environment sensing, computer-controlled, motor-actuating pole & textile structure.

Tensegrical, gear-motored — it responds physically to its environments; tensioning by wind change, shading by sun travel.
If successful, can be showcased on site, or in the city.
The prototype is developed with local partners (hackers, architects, engeneers, product designers, ...).

    Instant City Harbour?; HS Gent?; KHG?; architect?; builder/mechatronic; ###

[LAB, TOOLS, PURSUANCE][L~] Gathering the Lab
October, Continuous

A base is a curated assortment of equipment. Ground-up assemble a hacklab instance, by contacting adjacent spaces, collecting their tool & materials surplus, and procure the rest from best possible sources.

###[!!→] The project addresses all aspects of its self-replication (from knowledge, to procurring, the representation, co-ordination, etc).
With resulting equipment, we (re)write the rules of "ownership", to be used & deploying amongst a network of kindered collectives.

### reference: camping "chaos bags" (contain random useful stuff)
###L: I think I have a role here, at least to connect to local providers (like "de kringwinkel" second hand depot, etc)
    → 🔗stuff
    → 🔗ordering
    → 🔗base-eu
    → 🔗vaults

    HS Gent; 42 hacklabs; tazio; bebsico; hackers; makers; donors; De Kringwinkel?; ###

[SITE, LAB+, OBJECT+]L!!!,@G] Embedded Ecology
Continuous station (appointment); Labs
was "Practical / Embedded Ecology" →→ [!!*] needs a clearer name (direction, not just topic)—like others
Move to "Baselife & infrastructure"?
###seems unfinished [!!*]

A permanent station focuses on nature-culture and DIY/post-consumer utility.
###[K] L: change into "A permanent station focuses on environmental ecology, and auto-educative methods.
A permanent station focuses on environmental ecology, auto-educative methods, and DIY/post-consumer utility.

###L CHANGED 20210919 2331
Conduct interviews with practicioners — (citizen) scientists, art experimentators, witches, and hackers; note & hybridize their varied ways of observation, experimentation, learning, and utilization.
and directs towards a conscious, curious and ultimately "embedded" relationship with the (practioners') environmental ecology.
into an accessible set of tactics & tools.
The lab will make interviews with relevant actors & produce an event based on the collected materials.
### [!] how? →→ (As part of the Lim0 Distribution Node).
### [!] missing "art"
###[K] L: change into: "The lab conducts interviews with (citizen) scientists, DIY hackers & witches; note & hybridize their varied ways of observation, experimentation, learning, and utilization."

    → 🔗ecology
    → 🔗teaching
    → 🔗tech-tree
    → XXX🔗specificity
    → 🔗education [!**]
    → 🔗natural-resources
    → 🔗essential-oils

    Samentuin/avant-garden; Wouter Van Steelant; Saar & Rose Van De Leest; HACC (Hackers Against Climate Change); Julie Van Overmeiren / Scheldetuin Ziltenzoet; LowTech Magazine; Botanical Garden Fuerteventura; Laboratorium?; CyberTracker; DIY/makers/hackers; eco-minded; Karoot; ###
### domen? #wildfood


[LAB+][L!!] Pad.Land (for Fellow Travellers)
###[!*] idea to merge with "Etheric writing" ... but this is PRACTICAL (workshop), other one is EXPLORATIVE/CONCEPTUAL !

Hands-on Pad.Land: the public instance of our powerful collaboration tool. Write either lone texts, or use as a full content management system for wiki-like sites.

Rapidly explain the system & build up competence; evaluate user needs and wants; continue refining the tool via testimonials & critical evaluations.


    KASK; Hackerspaces.org; ooooo.be; TLM; Yuan (people's sinology); HACC (hackers/ecologists); Komun.org?; POCO?; Rob Ritzen? (TMBR / LVL5?); ###+

[LAB, TOOL+][L/] Art-Tech Sovereignty
End of October

No thanks Google Apple Facebook Amazon Microsoft Netflix Spotify Uber Airbnb Zoom Squarespace

Wide avoiding "GAFAM" is already understood as basic activist and journalist behaviour. But regimes are also showing eagerness to concord with the techno giants, and persecute within the engaged artworld (as seen recently in Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, etc.).
### [!] refs
### [!!*] also other arguments for hit list, not just security/privacy ....... 1) fuck platform capitalism ........ 2) pop culture is cringe ... ###

Hands-on introductory sessions (demos, cookbooks, etc) to non-proprietary, self-hosted and de-hosted/end-to-end rationale, platforms and workflows; specific considerations to artistic work, its real needs, and seeking solutions to address them.

    * 🔗ethering-why
    * 🔗workflow
    * 🔗packages & 🔗hacker-tools
    * 🔗lim0 & 🔗laptop (supplying equipment)
    * 🔗graph-postapple
    * [...] ###

    Calafou/Maxigas (book)?; HSBXL; Hackerspace Gent; Constant?; TK?; HSO; KHG; Constant?; Rob Ritzen? (TMBR / LVL5?)?; Zeus WPI; Librehosters?; RG; Chatons?; Fubar; hackers; artists & other cultural producers; activists; Julian Oliver? / Critical Engineering; Frank?; Berlin?; Quadrature?; Cryptoparty?; Tactical Tech?; KASK?; ooooo.be/S14; anarchaserver - systerserver?;  maxigas?; HL; ###

[LAB, TOOLS][L/] Etheric Writing
Conceptual exploration of full-fidelity writing tools & the opportunities for new types of expression.
how to the co-develop? ways of supporting the technical creation of a new media?

Time-synced logging (including for performance); reprocessing chatter; polemics (argumentation), strategems & negotiation analysis; hyperfiction; retracing developing research insight; post-authorship; bots / non-human agents; templates, forms & surveys; ...
### Did anyone ever create writing like this, either as art or specific utiltiy? To be able to see how different textual forms, works, are constituted?


    KASK?; knowledge technologists/academia; CCQO?; Pekinpah?; hyperfiction writer?; Mark?; PXL/MAD; Zeus?; Rob Ritzen? (TMBR / LVL5?); ###

[LAB, EDITION+, OBJECT+][L!] Printed Editions
was: Prints & Book
###[!] EXPAND

Rethink and improve instant self-publishing: conceptual, look, tooling, distribution, ...

Each of the Labs develops printed publications (micro-editions, posters, assembled edition).
# "fragment collage" session

    → 🔗book
    → 🔗poster
    → 🔗documentarianism

    poster designer; propaganda artist; dataviz; bolwerk?; KASK?; ###+


[10+ EXCURSIONS][L!] Adjacent Spaces : Research Excursions
TBA, some public-guided
→ O;G?

Visit, document & typologize the spaces.
A series of pads & a general map.
publicize (sweep!) new ones on our social media channels

    Tenace (concert boat, Tubize); Villa Delphia (squat, Antwerp); S14 (hackbase, Antwerp); Samenschool (Antwerp); Scheldetuin Ziltenzoet (Antwerp); Kringwinkel (distribution centre, Gent)?; Gent Foodsavers (Gent)?; ###
###L: add "The botanical revolution (expo)"

[LAB+, TOOLS, ARCHIVE][L/] Space Manuals

#[!!*] make it clearer
#WITHIN KHG / "institutional critique", "in situ", etc
Bring your own manual !
Present; discuss; collect; hybridize.

We will assemble a "manual archive", discuss a "manual kit", and try out an intertextual pastiche technique.
and a good-practice guide on assembling these kind of documents.

    CHT → 🔗manual
        → XXX🔗manual-redo. ### [!]
    Kunsthal Gent → https://kunsthal.gent/en/about/users-manual
    Hackerspace Gent → https://hackerspace.design/
    S14 hackbase (Antwerp) → http://www.ooooo.be/etherhtml/e2h.php?_=S14
    Calafou (CAT)?
    KuM base (DE)?
    Samenschool (Antwerp)
    Alan Quireyns?
    Rob Ritzen / LVL5 (Brussels)

[HAPPENING][L~] Harbouring a Caravan
Peaks late November / Early December

###[!!*] L: if we make a caravana of some sort, I (can) bring more ppl and co-coordinate the events ........ <<<list them in production docu/cast them here, of course
→ O;G?

Attempt luring a congregation of hack/art/activist vessels: buses, boats, vans.
###[!!*] Why do it? What's the programme? How do they interact?
###[!] Why do it? → would make sense around an event i suppose ... "coopcon 2021"

    → 🔗hackbase-type4
    → XXX🔗caravan

    Instant city / betz's bus; Techotskumogami or Burazina boat (w/ ooooo.be)?; Tenace?; Samenschool van & bike; Katze crew?→→; Pauline?; HSO; ###
    * fuel budget
    * competent crew volunteers?

[LAB, TOOLS][L/] Representing Lifestyle & Cohabitation
###L: [!] I think this should be a part of the "mini exhibit" (the "CITY" idea?), so that
    1) it is more then just "spreadsheet output" but also artifacts such as e.g. the capsules
    2)  I would make spatial (re)presentations (objects, presentation models, etc) of those data
    → @;G?

How to generate consistent & approximately comparable representations of any living situation?
and FLOSL (Free&Libre Open Source Lifestyles).

From 🔗metrics / 🔗poster:
    "A framework that enables description / representation of a lifestyle, and as a consequence, comparison between lifestyles, and as a consequence of that, switching ... [Without such a representational framework, projects encouraging radical life context shifts have to do this via] "social media outreach", [and] "calls to action" ... Marketing is an arms race we cannot win, and should not attempt to participate in. ..."

    hackbases; ethnographer; anthropologist; alternative living (occupy, art collectives, etc); dataviz; designer; KASK?; ###

[LAB, HAPPENING, CFP][L/] Prepared Hackathon
December (full day + night)

General hackathon in conjunction with the regional hack scene. Topic & call for participation TBA.
### Prepared Hackathons are a new approach to holding hackathons.
###[!!**] precej nedojebano tole, tudi CFPja še ni

"A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest; a portmanteau of hacking marathon is a design sprint-like event; often, in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts, and others collaborate intensively on software projects. The goal of a hackathon is to create functioning software or hardware by the end of the event."

    hackers; spec'ers; 42; HSBXL; Hackerspace Gent; HACC?; EOTL?; Lowtech Mag?; ooooo.be?; TK?; ###
    Tables + Beamer + working network / LAN ports

[LAB+, TOOLS][L~] Spidering to Consolidation
October + Continuous

### Inter-action — Crosslinking — Consolidation
Graph our connections beyond the obvious: spider-out each edge of our networks; assume our common goals; ask, "How do we operate with others in the context of a common struggle, beyond whim?"
Breed a culture of beyond whimsical contacts.
###[!!] AWK somewhat

Discuss, curate, develop & deploy tools (ready-made communiques, protocols, etc).

    → 🔗intersub
    → 🔗consolidation
We ... :
    * lead conversations
    * "collide" existing practises in region & beyond
    * sketch out patterns

    tapete; Pekinpah / "East is Best" network; Komona?; E2h users; ryzo; bolwerk; HL; ###

At night

🔗noise-temples are hackbase patterns driving 4x15" guitar cabinets. Abandon bourgeois noisemaking!
[ img:https://dcht00.totalism.org/slayer_abyss2.gif|350px]

Iggy Pop (to Jarmusch):
    "We were real communists. We lived in a communal house, we ate the same food at the same time, we shared all money, and when we began to write songs, we shared all authorship.""

Cells in every city — fluid crews — big sound — radical use of space — radical gear — radical touring — play — converge — have a couple of drinks — spawn NOISE TEMPLES !

    CHT; KHG; Planet Concrete; Het Bos?; jap?; noisers; doomers; christo mcc?; serialists/minimalists/maximalists; ###
### [!] CFP also?

[LAB][L~] Hackbase Type 6 — Totalist Cities

Establishing cities, ground-up, centered around affinity.
### and what else? [!]

Transcend the "right to the city" versus "back to the land" false dichotomy; learn to build physical support for their possibility.
### [!] it's not about "learning", that's individual, it's more about establishing a possibility for a possibility
Rising rents & housing crisis? Insuitability & inhospitability of existing places (Natural, climate, war disasters)?
Re-evaluate & build new cities in new environments.

    → 🔗tech-tree
    → 🔗city

    architecture university; SQEK?; vgupta?; tapete?; toestand?; Adam Smart?; Eric Hunting?; Regenerative Urbanism & De-Urban Design?; Raoul Vaneigem?; Permanent?;  ###
###Raoul SI wha?
###[!] was "MINI-EXHIBIT" but, exhibit what? (every lab "exhibits" in its own way anyway)
NEEDS KHG participation:
[!] As Kunsthal Gent presents itself as "a city in the making", it's exciting to investigate interactions with CHT our notions of the term, let's crosslink/consolidate

[HAPPENING][L!!,OG] Masterstudio (w/ PXL-MAD students)
### monday-friday
~10-15 crew; ~3-4 full days.
     → XXX🔗workshop-pxl [!!] CLEANUP

[AUX, HAPPENING] PR, Interview (w/ Trashkot @Radio Centraal)

"Trashkot is a fortnightly radio program by Jo Caimo and Sjoerd Leijten on Radio Centraal in Antwerp. A rancid fabric of sounds, conversations and mess forms a shaky bridge between music and politics."

    → https://trashkot.weebly.com
    → https://www.radiocentraal.be

[AUX, REMOTE][L~] 37th Chaos Communication Congress (37c3)
25 December → 31 December

The best party in the galaxy.

"The Chaos Communication Congress is an annual conference organized by the Chaos Computer Club. The congress features [more than 15.000 creatures co-organizing a 5-day vortex with] a variety of lectures and workshops on technical and political issues related to security, cryptography, privacy and online freedom of speech. The event has taken place regularly at the end of the year since 1984 ..."

*** CHT @ 10

[EXHIBIT][L~] CHT @ 10 : Retrospective
###[!!**] merge with "ARCHIVE" on "VERNISSAGE"?

Texts, photography, A/V, bio/technical/mineral matter, graph projections, data, props, maps, presence, indexes, financials, [...]
###L: [→] moved to "archive"

[LAB, ARCHIVE][L~] CHT @ 10 : Retrospective→Prospective
Mid-October, Mid-December

As the project reaches into its 10 year mark of operations: establish a retrospective overview of the produced & collected materials, and a prospective outlining of its near & far possibilities.
As part of the retrospective activities, past "speculated future directions" are revisited, and new ones are forged.
###[!!**] possibly merge with "VERNISSAGE"
###[!!*] CHT or HACKBASES at 10 ???
###→ 🔗future

    general; other bases; studio visits; Frederik Vergaert; ###

[AUX, HAPPENING] Lecture (at Extra Academy @ Het Bos, Antwerp)
November 4 19:00→20:30
21:00 (dinner)

Hosted by Nico Dockx & Helen Dowling

End of December

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