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Last updated: March 2020.
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Everyone needs a laptop, and this is that laptop.


Lenovo Thinkpad X220 / X230 / X240 / X250 / X260:
    * Ultra-portable, <2kg including charger
    * 12" high-quality screen (IPS option)
    * Legendary strong & durable case
    * Legendary great, mechanical keyboard (* X220)
    * Solid battery life (especially *X240-X260)
    * Removable battery (you can have several, and switch!)

A larger (15.6" instead of 12") alternative is the Lenovo Thinkpad W-series.

These Thinkpads are highly upgradable, serviceable, and very reliable.
The follow up models (X240, X250, ...) are considered worse.
Most hackers have this laptop. ;-)


  X-series (12")

All laptops are Lenovo Thinkpad X series (which are very similar).

You choose if you wish to optimize for:
    A) keyboard + hardiness + cheap RAM (→X220)
    B) performance (→X230)
    C) battery life (→X240+)

* CPU: Intel i5 or i7 (2.5 - 2.9Ghz)
* Max 16GB RAM (DDR3)
* New 9-cell (bigger) battery, ~5-8 hours runtime (←depends on model)
* Legendary keyboard - mechanical (X220) or island (X230+) type !
* 2x storage bay: "SATA3" 7mm bay (for HDD or SSD) & mSATA (SSD)
* Ubuntu GNU/Linux installed
* Intel Integrated Graphics
* 3 x USB port:
    * 1x Always-On, charging also when computer is not running (Yellow)
    * USB3.0 (on X220 i7, all X230+)
* 5-in-1 Card Reader
* Video outputs:
    * RGB
    * Display Port (or Mini-Display Port)
    * HDMI adapter can be supplied

      Model X-A: Basic

    Thinkpad X-series
    500GB SSD
    8GB RAM
~ 250€ (with TAX: 300€)

      Model X-B: Sensible

Thinkpad X-series:
    1TB SSD
    12GB RAM
~ 410€ (with TAX: 500€)

      Model X-C: Max

Thinkpad X-series:
    Intel i7 CPU
    16GB RAM
    2TB HDD (5400 rpm) - large capacity, for data storage
    1TB mSATA SSD - fast, for the operating system
    Intel HD 4000 Graphics (integrated)
    IPS display
~ 600€ (with TAX: 730€)

      Model X-X: Hyper

    Up to 4TB SSD
    Up to 2TB mSATA SSD - fast, for the operating system
    in theory, 1TB m.2 SSD (on SATA6 for dock)
    16GB RAM
    Intel HD 4000 Graphics (integrated)
    FHD display (*with FHD mod)
    x220 (non-island) keyboard
    Coreboot BIOS
~ ???

  Heavier series (15.6")

      Model T: Heavy

Based on:
    T520 / T530


    * Intel i5 Dual-Core / i7 Quad-Core CPu
    * Storage: 2TB HDD + 500GB/ SSD + 256GB MSATA
    * 16GB RAM

~500€ + TAX

      Model W: Super Heavy

Based on:
    W530 / W520


    * Intel i5 Dual-Core / i7 Quad-Core CPu
    * Storage: 2TB HDD + 500GB SSD + 256GB MSATA
    * 16GB RAM

~600€ + TAX

"HYPER" - Features up to:

    * Intel Quad Core "Extreme" i7-3940XM (3.90GHz, 8MB L3, 1600MHz FSB, 55W)
    * 32GB RAM configurations
    * 10TB SSD, running in RAID 0
    * FHD (Full HD) display (1920x1080px)
    * Nvidia Quadro graphics, up to:
        NVIDIA Quadro K2000M with 2GB DDR3 and 385 CUDA cores running at 745MHz, and with Optimus™ Technology
    * non-island OR island keyboard
    * 720p integrated camera
    * Firewire 400
    * optional Integrated Fingerprint Reader on select models
    * optional ThinkPad Modem (MDC-3.0, 56kbps HDA)
    * optional optical drive
    * optional Coreboot BIOS
    * [...]


  (Special Laptop options)

    * Tablet version:
        Touch-screen + movable display.
        Slightly bigger and heavier.

    * Built-in 3G router + GPS:

  (Reccomended parts)

    * Display Port to HDMI addapter (~5€)

    * Second extra high-capacity 9-cell battery (~40€)

  (Also consider ...)

    * Compatible portable Solar-power system (~200€):
            * Foldable solar panel (~1kg, 60Wp, very quality built, glass-fibre protected panels)
            * Portable Battery+Charge Controller+Regulator: 74Wh Li-Ion + 2x USB out, supports QC3
        Second battery reccomended ! (+60€)

    * Docking station (~20€):
        Keep your dokcing station at home/work, and connect your display, etc to it.
        Simply dock your laptop into it, and don't worry about the cables every time.

    * Docking station + DVD-RW optical drive (~30€)

    * Audio splitter cable (~10€):
        separates Mic and Out 

    * High-capacity external disk (~100€):
        * keep backups
        * share media with others

  (Highly specialized options)

    * Coreboot open source BIOS

    * External battery charger (~40€)

More info

    * from suppliers (~6 months)
    * limited Cooperative Warranty after this

  Why is it so cheap?:

Big EU companies bought thousands of these, as a high-end business laptop, around 2012/2013. After some 4 years, they're now fully amortized ("written off from taxes"), and they can basically get new ones for free. They're getting rid of these ones. Many are barely used. We are importing the good & cheap ones, and upgrading them.

  X220 vs X230 vs ...

    * Better CPU and graphics card
    * High-speed USB3.0 port (blue). Good if you want to copy loads of data from external disks.
    * Slightly worse keyboard (subjective).
    * [...]

    * Strongest CPUs

    * Strong, but less powered CPUs
    * Less or more expensive RAM

    * Internal battery (can still run computer while switching!)

  More about ports

(and online)

  Payment details

Please see 🔗middlemachine-pay, and email david@middlemachine.com .