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ΒΆ(X commented, 2021 Q1)

send email when RSS IS achieved (I WANT RSS!) - the 1 button browser click is perhaps a luxury but seems GREAT to keep in contact / bookmark / remind - a  minimimal-essential to keep in 1-click contact / see new page titles etc - yeah you don't need example probably but this feed adds to browser (and is of course safe / aaron swartz inspired)    http://freeschool.0id.org/feed
1st lame suggestion / inspiration for RSS  - Couldn't a WP self-install + plugin be used as the meta-feed for this, or as some kind of scraper? Crazy and I can't do it or... well I'll think about it. Maybe taking a change list by created time and exporting it to page might do - crappy out loud thinking - a list of updated / created pages in order of date even- maybe you have it already but most pages are longish/detailed we might not even know the difference for updates but newly created yeah.
- A separate matter but following the idea to follow what's going on which might not be actually needed is:
    a simplified menu at the top (for new people) on main site (like wordpress bar, or HTML frame or sorts!) putting for NEW people these buttons allow them to get comfy
    ok you have a hidden sidebar menu on https://e2h.totalism.org/e2h.php?_=season7-B - but for main page also would be idiot proof / jumpable a bit but yeah looks like you thought of this can delete this back up to RSS sugestion
    Add mastodon link for example for non-gmail contact and better social circles or better social practice in contact perhaps

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