subtime & subflow

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ties to:
    #tomerge → XXX🔗reference-days
    aka "Typical days"
    aka "Reference days"

*** ( from 🔗vocab ) ...

method of time keeping.
time is not objective, but subjective.
it's not fixed to 24 hours.
it's also decimal.
when you (/should) wake up, it's 0.0, when you (/should) go to bed, it's 1.0.
when you sleep, time doesn't exist (or is relative to 0 or 1, like -0.15).
".1" corresponds to roughly 1.5 hours.
".01" corresponds to roughly 1 minute.
"0.001", or "tick", corresponds to roughly a 50% faster second.

Application of Subtime to an actual day, meaning, a representation of a single day ("flow") with subtime durations, giving a day some general form.
connected to 🔗metrics.