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A general distributed provisioning vision & application specification.

Ties to 🔗lim0.

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    * 🔗protocol-ordering
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I want a general list of all resources that, as a HOUSEHOLD MANAGER, I am supposed to maintain.

Currently @
    → 🔗resources
    → 🔗food
    → 🔗lim0
    → 🔗laptop
    → 🔗ordering
    [...]  ###


The UI "design goal" is the typical wholesale order template:
    a list of items + optional quantities.

Closest to this is how we currently use 🔗food.

This is a list I interact with weekly all my life. I know it well:
    * Might add / remove some things sometimes
    * Test new things
    * re-prioritize items as tastes change

... but basically, it is more about:
    2) introducing small changes
    3) priorities of MUST HAVE, variety of NICE TO HAVE

    * Recognize a common baseline

Mostly everyone eats bread, eats eggs, and uses toilet paper.

    * Express preferences

I want more/less/none of some things ("eggs"/"coffee"/"potato chips")

    * Designated representatives help develop your template

You're not taking magnesium? You should.
You're not eating enough fruit. Don't agree? Express you don't trust me (+say why).

    * Priority list ( → Cutting )

We have everything, except the things we can't have.

We don't create shopping sets, but *prioretized lists*.

We always run out of money. At some point, things are "cut", and not included anymore.

( UI do's and don'ts )

    * submenus and clickable categories

    * Additional info on hover
    * instant narrowing search field
    * ... can't find?:
        go straight to 🔗ordering and design a "new request"

Mutualize all your stuff !

(various more or less non-consumables)

→  🔗postmarket (holdings)
→  🔗postmarket-stuff

Distributed logistics

Now that it is clear what everyone is trying to obtain ...

    * Spontaneous sourcing

Wow, this is an amazing deal. it's already on the list / i'm sure (myself) that i should get it for vault

    * Organized sourcing

Hitting the market regularly. yippie-style hustling with a mandate.

    * Delivery (← Vaults)

    * some will be delivered from central vault, or I pick them up there packed, or unpacked
    * ... maybe from several vaults

    * Fallback: Self-sourcing

    ... maybe not even in storage:
        → have to acquire myself:
            → the funds are made available to me

Full-comrade economies

main → 🔗postmarket

### !!!!!!

    Problem: inviting (non-comrade) people over and cook them a meal:

    → have a communique strategy
    → write off as personal

*** PAD

(L:) Dissing eotl ... and #antidev

"It's a funny kind of paradox that eotl looks more real,... this market logic - it has a website, a logo and a design ...
... but actually ... YEAH - 🔗food is perhaps much more real?"
    * there were dosens of people eating through it,
    * ammending it,
    * it is used every week,
    * it supports the lives every day !

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