season7-A Upcoming!

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Totalism Base @ Canary Islands
late OCT - mid DEC 2019


    --->   🔗planning𝌑   !

Announced on ...

* Pad: (future proof) or

TODO !!!!!!

Status Report

Previous camps were all in the island of Lanzarote, Canary Islands:
    Lastly: CHT6-A and CHT6-B, from November 2018 to March 2019. (See 🔗season6-A𝌑., and CHT6-C, on June/July 2019. (See 🔗season6-C𝌑.) For more, see 🔗camps𝌑.

With 🔗trucko𝌑 the 1984 VW transporter van fixed & registered, the project is now fully mobile. New activities are focusing on expanding our available-to-all infrastructure, developing new strategies for life+work decoupled from the mainstream systems, and expanding the project to other islands of the Canarias.


T+0: Landing
Van needs to be re-registered. This should not be a problem. With some repairs/improvements, this might take a week in Lanzarote.

T+1 week: Move to Fuerteventura
Very probably follow to move the van with a ferry to Fuerteventura. This costs ~20€ + 20€ per person.
Once we're in Fuerteventura, everything is possible. Nobody was ever there. Expect lots of exploration, and trying to meet new people: locals (Spanish/Canarian), as well as the international "surfer" crowd there.
We will probably set a few van-supported camps, and organize some public events.
We will definitely go around by bikes, buying some new ones if we need to (currently have 3).

Mid-December: Teardown, fly to 36c3
Teardown, store van somewhere. Perhaps bring it back to Lanzarote, but probably not.
Go home, or catch flights to 🔗36c3𝌑 (the 36th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig/DE).

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*** Project Ideas

>>> General Projects <<<

See 🔗projects𝌑 !!!

>>> Continue work from previous subseasons <<<

See 🔗camps𝌑 (past camp projects & reports) !!!
Especially the latest: 🔗season6-C𝌑 & 🔗season6-A𝌑.

>>> New Projects: Pick from "NEXT" list <<<

See 🔗next𝌑 !!!

•THEORY•  Overthinking CHT (problems + solutions) | LIVE+PC

    * Lack of liquid capital:
        (coco/pau, coop?, few donations, ...)

    * Unstable timing:
        CAN BE SOLVED WITH A FIXED TIMING (yearly "A", "B" and "C" seasons)
        SUPPLEMENTED BY "X" SEASONS (if anyone wants to do them)

    * Clear and deliverable project-work support systems:
        FIX 🔗projects𝌑 (AND LINKED PAGES)

    * General situation developing too quickly:

    * Lack of people power:

    * self-determined
    * realize need to do the job (and only quit if there is alternatives)
    * [...]


    * Precarious, unstable conditions to work:
        Less experimentation, more release

•COOP•  Lim0: Solar Distribution | PC+LANZA

* ready another portable solar setup:
    ORDER !!!

•INFRA•  Maintain Trucko | LANZA+PC

* >pau : bring the spring

* >mechanic:
    * install spring
    * change tires
    * center tires

•COOP•  CCC relations | PC

Get CCC voucher.

Document best CCC setups. Seek inspiration. Approach critically CHT vs theirs.


* ask >javi :

* get opencpn + charts:
    where to find them ??? >aa

* osmand has a layer:
    it's not perfect - we checked la graciosa !!!

* what kind of boat do we want/need?
* where to moor?
* anchoring in water?

* [...]

>>> Projects: Pick from "season6-C" list <<<

See 🔗season6-C𝌑 !!!

INFRA | Ordering new stuff | PC+LIVE

Defining, researching, seleeting, financing, buying, shipping/delivering ... new equipment.

See 🔗ordering-new𝌑.
Addresses at 🔗shipping-new𝌑.

Specifically, for more on Van parts see 🔗trucko-new𝌑.

THEORY: Postinternet content & goods distribution. | PC + LIVE

#Vaults, coop logistics

Developed during "Networks with an Attitude" @ Antwerp/BE, April 2019.

Coming soon: 🔗postinternet-distribution𝌑 !

PR: Project Spread | PC + LIVE 

Figure out how to find more executive people for the projects.

    * improve PR
    * improve project definitions
    * re-activate people we know
    * [...]

SYS+THEORY: Revectorize alliances. | PC

No more alliances based on simulacra.

”Too many college radicals are two-timing punks. The only reason you should be in college is to destroy it.”
― Abbie Hoffman, Steal This Book


🔗alike𝌑 page is good, but lacking.
    * It needs to merge with 🔗intersub𝌑 and even 🔗postmarket𝌑.
    * Develop "Call-out culture" for anyone involved with, based on distinct re-processed set of values.

Who are really our closest organisations? Are we comrades, or are we "friends"?

THEORY: Post-Postmodernist Art | PC + LIVE

Beyond classic-mimetic, modernist, and postmodernist.
Contemporary art is most often whimsical, out-of-context, inconsequential, and not truly engaging the "topics of our time".

Considering the present - environmental, political, ... - situation, this is aesthetically grotesque.

Assemble manifesto and practices:
    * Establish measure of Urgency, and a consequent ethics-politics-aesthetics. 
    * Call-out all the bullshitt.
    * New curatorial strategies - what is Totalist curation?
    * [...]

THEORY: Base type 5: Squatting | LANZA

Document the process of occupying a house, with a case in progress.

<---------------------------------- (new) PROJECTS || (smaller ideas)

* missing: idea of the size of the camp ...:
    A) define usual size ?
    B) define aim ?
    C) define several possibilities ?

* meet "iso in the sun" guy

* [...]

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