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CHT/Totalism Base @ Canary Islands: Season 7 Episode A
Nov 6 - Dec 16 2019
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As announced on ...

* Pad: (future proof) or

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TODO !!!!!!

Basic Info

You probably already know this, but ...

    * Read the main website @

    * Maybe the 🔗idiots-guide𝌡

    * For more details, see the 🔗newcomers𝌡 guide.

Status Report

    Previous camps were all in the island of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, lastly 🔗season6-A𝌡 (CHT6A+CHT6B: November 2018-March 2019), and 🔗season6-C𝌡 (CHT6C: June-July 2019). (For more, see 🔗camps𝌡.)

    With 🔗trucko𝌡, the 1984 VW transporter van, fixed & registered, the project is now fully mobile.

    New activities are focusing on expanding our available-to-all infrastructure, developing new strategies for life+work decoupled from the mainstream systems, and expanding the project to other islands of the Canarias.


* ... November 6 (Landing)
Van needs to be re-registered
    This should not be a problem. With some repairs/improvements, this might take a week in Lanzarote.

* ... November 15
Move to Fuerteventura
    Very probably follow to move the van with a ferry to Fuerteventura. This costs ~20€ + 20€ per person.
Once we're in Fuerteventura, everything is possible. Nobody was ever there. Expect lots of exploration, and trying to meet new people: locals (Spanish/Canarian), as well as the international "surfer" crowd there.
We will probably set a few van-supported camps, and organize some public events.
We will definitely go around by bikes, buying some new ones if we need to (currently have 3).

* ... December 15-20
Teardown, fly to Germany for 🔗36c3𝌡
    Teardown, store van somewhere. Perhaps bring it back to Lanzarote, but probably not.
Go home, or catch flights to 🔗36c3𝌡 (the 36th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig/DE).

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zoom zoom ;-)
Piper error:



<---------------------------------- (new) PROJECTS || (smaller ideas)


have content clearer routines!
transcribe tele-frags !
revisit semaphore !

setup freedombox !

* missing: idea of the size of the camp ...:
    A) define usual size ?
    B) define aim ?
    C) define several possibilities ?

* meet "iso in the sun" guy

* [...]

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