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  Nov 20 - Dec 20 2018


  ~Jan 12 - Feb 20 2019

The CHT (HACK)BASE is ...
    An open-to-everyone nomadic camp in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, focused on creating new & deploying existing free technology, tactics and art. By rethinking and disentangling the dependencies on the primary society, the goal is to create a functional technical and organisational recipe, an infrastructural blueprint for replicable spaces that not only provide subsistence freedom to the participants, but enables them to labour towards a general systemic transformation of natures and cultures. Everyone - not just "technical hackers" - is welcome, and can contribute in many different ways - as a practitioner, curator, researcher, organiser, etc.

Basics about the CHT hackbase lab in Lanzarote:
    * 🔗idiots-guide

Last camps:
    * (Jan, Feb 2017)
    * (Nov, Dec 2017)


* Previous camp, 🔗season5-B, was in December 2017.

* There will be new gear :)

* The project's van, 🔗trucko, is "stored" next to a friend's house (Mancha Blanca village).
It contains all of the project's 🔗stuff. It's not road-ready (brakes don't work + no ITV = technical certification). The van needs to be moved (there since November 2017), because cops don't like that it's there.
But that's OK - we want to fix it anyway and put it on the road.
See 🔗trucko-new for lots of details on current work.


If you'd like to join or collaborate, see 🔗planning.
    >d : consider transclusion

*** Project (Archive - DEPRECATED!)
    * [...]


Projects have been updated

See newer version:

-> 🔗projects !



    * Infrastructure development & documentation (🔗tech-tree):
        * advance subfields: architecture, energetics, washing, studio...
        * read, re-write and publish existing documentation !!!

    * Raise money & buy new stuff
    * Share media and data

    * Hang out, read books, drink wine, eat good food, swim in the ocean

Project list

Also see: 🔗todos, 🔗season4, etc.

    * Make a lab @MB1 base (Mancha Blanca)

    * Reorganize project equipment (🔗stuff):
        * (to fit in the van better)
        * Buy more Ikea boxes ! #ordering
        * Find better ways to group by contexts of usage, and document this

    * Try connecting more with locals - organize:
        * regular weekly events, like:
            * WED: hack-together in library
            * SUN: generator party (generator + projector + loud sound = desert film/music)
        * one-time events:
            * technical workshops, see 🔗teaching
            * public presentation of camp, as site
            * public presentation at cultural venues
            * [...]
    * Buy some new tents and 🔗solar power things
    * develop the music studio - play and record more!
    * maps & navigation development:
        * use new software parts we've developed, see 🔗dev-maps
        * move away from Google MyMaps !
    * build more electronics?

    * rewrite 🔗newcomers:
        * get clear info about:
            * physical condition (can you bike? walk a lot? carry weight?)
            * camping priorities (fun to learn? want to do extreme? only if very comfortable?)
            * [...]
        * [...]

    * Rethink 🔗projects page

    * Build more textile structures

    * Work on tents tech (Pau) --> 🔗hypertent

    * upkeep and document the 🔗lights system
        it should work ...?

    * upkeep: generator:
        should run? ... but hasn't since 2016?
        needs to be better documented !:
            (think I have somewhere?) >david
            which oil, etc...
            need to buy oil, gas, ...

    * upkeep: drone:
        * order & install new engines
        * learn to fly in auto-mode :)
        * TODO: check legality:
            find the zoning documentation (some corridors are more strict than others) >david

    * upkeep: DC-regulation electronics !!!:
        Some stuff broke last time!
        We still have atleast one buck/boost !
        Need to put in a proper box etc
        Should document under 🔗solar !

    * Visit Fuerteventura (the closest other island) with van

    * improve: protocol about where to set camp?:
        1) develop landsites to reflect all knowledge
        2) deciding? probably voting.
            prepare residents for these situations !:
                "you'll need to carry, walk, bike, hitch this much..."

    * advance the cooperation with the local governments:
        * we started talks during CHT5-A
        * offer:
            * workshops
            * art
        * [...]

    * [...] <-------- add new project ideas here


What to do after landing?

happens beyond control->outside factors happens beyond control->other people decide happens beyond control happens beyond control outside factors outside factors other people decide other people decide residents do residents do decision - mostly by context decision - mostly by context link to document l i n k t o d o c u m e n t subtext subtext decision - mostly by choice decision - mostly by choice

4.4B->5 4.4B->hackbase-type2 5->5.B 5->5.A 5->Takedown around December 20 4.2->4.3 4.2->Tow van to the workshop 4.3->4.3A 4.3->4.3B 4.3->(Van workshop resolution) 4.4 NOT MOTORISED->4.4B 4.4 NOT MOTORISED->4.4A 4.4 NOT MOTORISED->4.4C 4.4 NOT MOTORISED->4.4D 4.4 NOT MOTORISED->4.4S 4.4 NOT MOTORISED->Different base options! 4.4A->5 4.4A->hackbase-type1 4.4C->5 4.4C->hackbase-type3 4.4D->5 4.4D->(NO BASE) 4.4S->5 4.4S->occupy a house 4.3A->4.4 NOT MOTORISED 4.3A->4.4X MOTORISED 4.3A->Van gets fixed quickly 4.4X MOTORISED->5 4.4X MOTORISED->hackbase_type4 5.B->5.B1 5.B->5.B2 5.B->Have completely new storage situation 5.B1->No more van 5.B2->5.C 5.B2->New host space 5.A->5.A1 5.A->5.A2 5.A->Van works and is road legal 4.1->4.2 4.1->Go to @MB1 base - the van is nearby 5.A1->Park van somewhere new 5.A2->Park van somewhere new on another island 4.3B->4.4 NOT MOTORISED 4.3B->Van fixing gets complicated START->4.1 5.C->Tow van somewhere new 4.4B 4.4B 5 5 4.2 4.2 4.3 4.3 4.4 NOT MOTORISED 4.4 NOT MOTORISED 4.4A 4.4A 4.4C 4.4C 4.4D 4.4D 4.4S 4.4S 4.3A 4.3A 4.4X MOTORISED 4.4X MOTORISED 5.B 5.B 5.B1 5.B1 5.B2 5.B2 5.A 5.A 4.1 4.1 5.A1 5.A1 5.A2 5.A2 4.3B 4.3B START START 5.C 5.C Park van somewhere new on another island Park van somewhere new on another island hackbase-type2 h a c k b a s e - t y p e 2 Tow van to the workshop Tow van to the workshop Different base options! Different base options! Van gets fixed quickly Van gets fixed quickly hackbase-type1 h a c k b a s e - t y p e 1 Have completely new storage situation Have completely new storage situation Takedown around December 20 Takedown around December 20 Go to @MB1 base - the van is nearby Go to @MB1 base - the van is nearby Van works and is road legal Van works and is road legal hackbase_type4 h a c k b a s e _ t y p e 4 Tow van somewhere new Tow van somewhere new Van fixing gets complicated Van fixing gets complicated hackbase-type3 h a c k b a s e - t y p e 3 (NO BASE) (NO BASE) Park van somewhere new Park van somewhere new New host space New host space (Van workshop resolution) (Van workshop resolution) No more van No more van occupy a house occupy a house

* Go to @MB1 base - the van is nearby:

MB1 is in Mancha Blanca village.

    * get picked up form the airport or hitch

    * get ready to stay here for a few days, set up a lab

    * check van state:
        (hope it's not robbed or something)

    * get things from van (~5min by bike from MB1):
        in every case:
            * extra laptop
            * [...]
        if camping:
            * basic camping subset
            * [...]
        if staying longer:
            * projector, sound
            * [...]

* Tow van to the workshop:

Will cost ~50€.

Do before taking it:
    * Paint it with white spray paint:
        (so it doesn't look like total shit for the workshop)
    * Remove cargo (if we need to???):
        >david ask them
    * [...]

The van can stay at the workshop while it's getting fixed (we checked).
They can also keep the van there for some time (2 or 3 weeks no problem) while additional needed parts are shipped.

See 🔗trucko-new for very detailed work plans about this.

#contingency: "I don't want this van here, take it out of the workshops"

(Van workshop resolution)

The van is there:
    * make a general check
    * how long will it take to fix it ?
    * are any other parts needed?:
        order them directly to the island!


  A) Van gets fixed quickly

See 🔗trucko and 🔗trucko-new if you want to know (too much) details.

So it turns we will be able to fix it in the shop, in 3-7 days, and register it.
NO PROBLEM, will be easy if it's movable.

Main tasks:
    * mostly, fixing both brake systems
    * registration + technical certification (ITV)
    * insuring it >pau:
        A) Insurance is cleared before arriving on the island.
        B) It's not, and requires direct contacts (like, signing stuff) with local administrations:
            * where?
            * how long it takes?
            * is there someone to support language barrier on site?
    * [...]

  B) Van fixing gets complicated

(Fail conditions):
    * Something goes terribly wrong in the workshop (they can't / won't fix it)
    * we can't register the car (bureaucracy problems)
    * it does not pass ITV and couldn't be fixed
    * it's way too expensive to be fixed (1000€ is "still okay").
    * [...]

Scenarios for van:
      B1) find a new location for storing it, and fix it at some other time
      B2) consider selling / trashing it & need new storage place for stuff
          * offer to buy for 1000€ (for a "hotel")
          * "Africans working on the market would buy it for 2000€ immediately"

* Different base options!

Focus on achieving projects.
People might be coming and going based on their priorities.

  A) Type 1 (share space in a house, @ MB1):

(See for details.)

    How to not get bored there?:
        * besides drinking and grilling :)
        * sometimes, some fun and cool people come!
        * Can we make an auxiliary / "test" camp just outside, with all our stuff? (That would be great)
        * Who would we need to ask? (>blaz >bea ? >authorities?) ........ >david

  B) Type 2 (backpack OR bike-carried camp in the wild):

(See for details.)

What would be the goals?
    -) They've proven quite difficult. We have plenty of problems-to-solve knowledge.
    +) That's kind of the point of CHT Type 2.

Many different camp options:
    * La Graciosa seems best option. Try to repeat as it's really nice.
    * Focus on buying more bikes and do a bike camp - this hasn't been done before.
    * Squatting some house would be good too.
    * Northern part of the island (under cliff, next to La Graciosa, but, something is built there now?)
    * the deserty Fuerteventura (neighbour island) for the first time! (30€ roundtrip)
    * [...]

  C) Prototype Type 3 base (camp next to, with support from, existing house):

(See for details.)

    C1) Find a new local to collaborate with:
        We want:
            * camp on your land
            * use things (electricity, water, washing machine, ...)
            * store our things for some months
            * borrow car
        In exchange:
            * just hang around and be cool (for somebody who likes this project)
            * pay (up to 5€ PPPD)
            * help with planting / constructing / other skills
            * [...]

    C2) Do it @MB1 or very near:
        get permission from X ?

    C3) Actually buy land:
        * still far-fetched ! ... see 🔗season4 for details
        * Could at least do some steps in this direction !

  D) Split up, and do whatever:

    Stay at MB1, rent places, do couch surfing, travel to other island, ...

  S) Occupy [2018-12-03]

Lots of abandoned houses spotted.
This has been a past consideration in the North camps.


Also possible:

    * attend "TENERIFE COLABORATIVA" conference:
        November 28 - December 1 (Gran Canaria / Tenerife)

    * [...]


    * what to do with all the cargo in the van, while it is fixed?:
        A) can stay inside
        B) we have to move it out to MB1

    * clear up priorities and tasks for people:
        * ask: "what do you want to do"?
        * rewrite 🔗newcomers, assign 🔗roles in advance ?
        * have clearer 🔗todos, also see projects above!
            * You will need a bookmarklet, see
            * Join the CHT6A group:

    * Rethink the Lanzarote lab:
        * What is the value of the hackbase as a nomadic lab?
        * What would it take to get more people who could contribute here?:
            * Internet
            * Comfort
            * Better recognition with locals
            * More stuff
            * Clearer projects
            * Regularity
            * [...]
        * [...]

    * [...]



TO ADD: ---> [...]

* surfing (nace)

* renting a car (nace, anze)

* catching flight ~nov 20 from slovenia together (david, anze)

* #laptop -- doing lenovo thinkpad x workshop (david)

* make a graph-meme bash:
    * "# view at"
    * #TODO: redirect as ""
    * [...]

* secure van better !!! #trucko

cat v1-newcomers.txt  | grep "\[\]!" -C20

ask for dome kit !
* could be used for 35c3
* 2 for 1 :
    maybe with the Ecohackerfarm people?
    they supply wood & then have it there?
so the deal:
    * one paid, one get
    * 35c3 build
    * ecohacker farm perm build
    * cht builds

* call for "Slovenian tour guide" job on Lanzarote :D
+34 650 98 91 40
    that’s Yaiza’s number.
    You can text her on whatsapp.
    Just say I’m David and that you are a native Slovenian and Goretti gave you her number

Tasks before landing:
    See 🔗season6-A-pre for some more details, if you want to help out.

If you have access to Internals - also see CHT🔗cht6a !!!

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