SEASON 4, Act C (CHT4-C)

"Advanced Resilience"
February 2nd - March 22nd 2016 (49 days)
Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Last Updated:
    2016-03-27 (added report)
(from #cht4c)



Start here / You've already read:
    🔗web (the main site), and 🔗season4 year plan.
Also briefly check what happened on previous camps in this season, 🔗season4-A and 🔗season4-B.
If you have any additional questions, 🔗faq is a good place to add them.
And follow the mailing list (see 🔗contact on how-to).

Open Planning

First time with 🔗flocking, a decentralized self-organisation protocol that allows anyone to fly in, unpack 🔗stuff and start a new camp.
(a.k.a. I'm not the one starting it this time -David)

    * on this pad
    * on (see 🔗contact to join + post)
    * on Freenode IRC: #chtotalism (new) and #hackbases (general discussions)

    * post to mailing list
    * post to individual hackerspace mailing lists
    * create Facebook event + invites

Current subseason plans

Where and When:

    * North of Lanzarote (Canary Islands, ESP):
        Check flights on Skyscanner.

    * First person currently booked:
        Just after FOSDEM, February 2nd 2016
    * If you want to come earlier, take initiative and make it happen via 🔗flocking. (Also see for more location and organisational info.)

Proposed timeline:

Stage 0 [1 week]:
    * Flocking by newcomers on temporary territory, used before, direct nearby storage, in Mala (Lanzarote village)
    * set the whole thing up without dcht00 + document it

Stage 1 [1 week]:
    * camp a bit more on temporary territory
    * find terrain to be buying (landsite), also see 🔗land-attributes (stub)

Stage 2 [3 weeks]:
    * move to landsite on island (as a site test)
    * prepare project for crowdfunding (metrics, 3d model, photography, etc)

Stage 3 [1 week]:
    * teardown

Who's coming or not coming this time (RSVP)?

    * Join + send an email to !
    * Read through links mentioned above in "Context"

Flight Booked or Booking now or In lanza:
    * Jonathan/strfry (booked from Feb 2 to Mar 3, flying from Frankfurt-Hahn)
    * Marmeduke (lives in Lanza)
    * David/dcht00 (booked, arrival Feb 8th 11:30pm, after FOSDEM and Madrid Feb1-Feb8), facebook, twitter, currently in Slovenia
    * Viktor (booked, arriving 15.3. 12:40 with flight FR2554)
    * Ercole/eracle (booked, arriving to Gran Canaria on 20/03/2016 --> going away on 06/04/2014 ).

Interested / To confirm flight booking / Maybe coming later in subseason:
    * wischi (maybe in February)?
    * Alex (end of Jan, up to Feb 7th? but probably don't want to start Flocking)
    * Jag (maybe ~March 8th for a week)
    * Christoph (mid-March / April)
    * Lorenz (around first week of June)

Probably / definitely not coming this time:
    * matej ("maybe in summer")
    * Daria (could come late January)
    * Juan (could only come late January :( Or after August. From Germany Frakfurt/Main area)
    * HairyFotr (out of vacation time)
    * PHM ("maybe in summer")
    * cryptix (bad stuff happend...)

How to come here

    * you need a flight ticket to Lanzarote:
        fly to Lanzarote (ACE) airport
    * probably all the stuff needed for life and work is here:
        except your laptop and electronics
        also see 🔗stuff page

    * you need 100€/week to cover all costs:
        also see 🔗subfinance page (stub)


    * generally, expand on 🔗season4-A and 🔗season4-B
    * hacker survivalism
    * infrastructure > communities
    * post-internet theory & code
    * more experimental construction!
    * more cadastre (land / zoning) legal research and action
    * [...]


(add more here)

    * FLOCKING - first time de-centralized organisation of camp, see 🔗flocking:
        clear season start protocol
        "When first other person announces arrival" ?
        study how it was so far

    * pick landsite to buy + test settle on it:
        * based on previously developed 🔗land-attributes pad
        * geological site survey

    * present landsite
        * create rich documentation of site:
            photo + attribute description
            also see 🔗metrics for work on environment description
        * clear funding goals
        * contact previously interested <-> CHT mailing list (finally?!) :D

    * "Standard replicable model" for a CHT camp hackbase, via documentation:
        used to build copy at next camps like EMF 2016, SHA 2017, see 🔗calendar

    * Energy:
        DC-only nomadic solar systems : more 🔗solar

    * Architecture / Construction:
        stub 🔗architecture:
        Subterranean construction
        Automatized Tarp systems
        panel hexayurt + unknown fixing system
        plastic tube construction
        Explore Solar Sand Sinter Technique ( ), maybe with a simple water lens. Or if somebody on the island wants to get rid of his back projection TV, get a huge fresnel lens there.

    * INTERSUB / INTERGROUP PROTOCOL - how to operate with other groups & individuals:
        see 🔗intersub (stub)

    * Co-op - inclusive, replicable, scalable meaningful work infrastructure:
        see 🔗coop (stub)

    * Funding:
        seriously consider a loan and just buy something around early 2016

    * New release of internals:
        publication of CHT internals (possibly as a middlemachine instance)

    * more systematic investigation of external know-how:
        "there has to be books for (all aspects of) this"
            high-tech camp infrastructure / architecture,
            emergent organisation,
    * hunting / wild food:
        fishing, harpooning, rabbit traps, edible wild plants, etc
    * Tektology, Bogdanov and "science of organisation" <-> middlemachine

    * nootropics (body supplements / cognitive enchancers) knowledge exchange + experimentation + methodologies

    * [...]

Post-camp report

    Good !

As the last camp (CHT4B) ended in June 2015, the break was big and this was heavy refreshing of what it means to live in a hackbase, live in Lanzarote, and specifically camp in Lanzarote in the winter.

Short highlights:

* first completely independent, "wild" camp:
Before we camped in places where we had some partial access to infrastructure (water/showers, power, toilets, washing clothes, working kitchen). This time all had to be brought / built / ignored.

* we chose a difficult place:
Deliberately most remote, wet and cold area of the island - in the Northern mountains - to see how we could deal with that, and what the difference is from places we usually used. Tough, but doable. However when buying land, this would not be a first choice. Temperatures under +15/+12 degrees need heating.

* bought ~150€ of Ikea boxes and reorganized:
Now everything is much neater + it can possibly be stored outside - what was before not possible.

* dev of working "infrastructure box":
battery + solar power + DC regulation, powering laptops, audio and cable/wlan network

* architecture/urbanism/legal ++:
much bigger theoretical and practical understanding of local laws and customs about land and architecture/urbanism, cadastre/catastro, etc

* first time running internal routine with Roles:
Worked pretty well <--- 🔗roles

* wrote a lot of notes:
more than in CHT4A and CHT4B. About 100 pages of heavily compressed material in Internals (notes we sync only in person with residents).

* Workflow advances:
including development of ways to tag and organise photos ("Hypershotwell")

* better connection with locals:
Met a lot of new people, improved Spanish.

* understanding Lanzarote nature ++:
a lot of time in nature, Canarian forestry, investigation of pre-15th century (French/Spanish conquest) flora & fauna, eating and mapping wild fruit.

    Needs improvement

(add more?) ###
* No-Shows:
3 people scheduled to come did not come in the end. This is a problem for organisation and finance so I think in the future, residents that say they're coming, will be expected to commit in some way.

* Car rental is a waste of money:
We rented again, spending 200€, instead of buying an Opel Corsa for 300-400€.

* Improve architecture:
We need to invest ~250€ in a big tent, that we can sit / possibly stand up in.

Other stuff, I think, is on track for regular improvement.

    Todo [!!]

    * photos !!!
as always. working on it. ###
    * internal logs +strfry
    * financials