2020/07/18: Still in El Jablito, Fuerteventura!
    2020/06/29: Still in El Jablito, Fuerteventura!
    2020/05/26: Still in El Jablito, Fuerteventura:
    2020/04/16: Still on lockdown in Fuerteventura:
        Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are gloriously stuck on the Fuerteventura island. If you also happen to be here, or if you are looking for any other kind of support, wherever you are, contact. This is a good time to actively experiment with new commune-like situations, like all sorts of hackbases.
    Now happening! We are in Fuerteventura! Want to become crew? (Keep reading) + Buy a 50€ flight + Show up anytime. Urgently looking for a driver! If you have a license, we need you here right now.
s t a t u s : Happening start of 2020 or maybe even NY there! Right now 50€ flights: "last minute" / January / February.
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CHT/Totalism Hackbase
Season 7 Episode B
Lanzarote → Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, ESP
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(2020 @ El Jablito, Fuerteventura)

( C H T   b a s i c s  )

  Where is this?

    → See on openstreetmap.
    → See openstreetmap.

  From the main website ...

    ← hackbase / CHT is a post-capitalist infrastructure research project in Canary Islands (Spain). The work is to practice, develop & document transitional tactics, tech, theory, and arts. Started in 2011 as a shared house, and since 2014 organizing temporary, experimental off-grid desert 🔗camps every winter season, that are *open to all*, using common-owned 🔗stuff. Your past training or perceived skill level in any of these domains doesn't matter. The crew coordinates by commonly-established protocols.

    Subscribe to the mailing 🔗list, or find the project on social media.

  Attend as crew

→ Absolutely read the 🔗newcomers protocol !

→ Join crew via 🔗planning.

→ mail

→ Skip the 🔗idiots-guide.

P l a n n i n g   C H T 7 - B

    As announced on ...

→ join:
    * Mailing list (🔗list <-> 🔗list-20200104)
    * CHT's public Telegram group

* Mastodon (2020-01-03)
* Twitter (2020-01-03)
* Diaspora (2020-01-03)
* Pad: (future proof) or
* IRC: (#hackbases, #hackerspaces @ Freenode), etc:
    * [...]
* Facebook (2020-01-03)
* 🔗list-20191228 @ The mailing list -> 🔗list

"""[ANNOUNCE] January-March coliving hackbase in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. 50€ flights from EU. All life+lab costs 100€/wk (~60€/wk reduced). Hack the planet! """

    Status Report

The project is now fully mobile (→ 🔗trucko, a VW LT2.8 van).
We have reached Fuerteventura in February 2020.

New activities are focusing on expanding the common infrastructure (→🔗stuff), developing new strategies for life+work out of the mainstream, encouraging the spread and consolidation of similar efforts, and expanding the project to other islands of the 🔗canarias.

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  

Previous camps were all in the island of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, lastly:
    * 🔗season7-A (CHT7A: 2019/10-12)
    * 🔗season6-C (CHT6C: 2019/6-7)
    * 🔗season6-A (CHT6A+CHT6B: 2018/11-2019/3)
For further back, see 🔗camps.


(DONE) JAN 4-15: Re-locate main project storage
    Is currently in Mancha Blanca (Lanzarote) but needs to move.
    Deadline is Jan 15!
    Needed storage space: ~10m3 (~2 ISO pallets). All boxed up. Asking local connections for house or land storage options. Will not rent anything for money.

(DONE) JAN 15-MARCH: Ferry the van to the island of Fuerteventura

    This costs ~20€ + 20€ per person
    Once we're in Fuerteventura, everything is possible ... nobody was ever there! ...

    Expect lots of exploration, and trying to meet new people: Locals (Spanish/Canarian) & the international "surfer" crowd.
    Will probably set a few van-supported camps, and organize some public events.
    Will definitely go around by bikes, buying ~3 new ones.

(DONE) Find a place to keep the van while we are not here

    We will need to meet somebody and ask them.
    Just leaving the van somewhere is possible, but not desirable.

UPDATE: We agreed on a van-store place with new local friends.

(CURRENTLY) MARCH-INDEFINITE: Shelter in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic

    The Spanish government has enforced a strict lockdown, that ended in mid-May. The flights are restarting July 1st. Our situation here is pretty great. We keep maintaining ~1-month supplies, and are embedded within the local community of the tiny village (<10 constant inhabitants, ~30 houses) where we're sheltering.

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↑↑↑ This list is incomplete, might be confusing & is due for a refactoring, but should give a rough idea.

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✈✈✈ Fly In ✈✈✈

General info → 🔗flying-in.

    Borders are open since start of July.
    Cheap flights have resumed.
    Currently no know cases here. It's a good time to fly.

    Spain is on lockdown due to COVID-19. Probably best to stay safe where you are. If you are already here, contact ASAP.

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