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Focused on 🔗hackbase-type3 and 🔗hackbase-type2.
    A) Help to consolidate idea with host property owners
    B) Spot evaluation, per 🔗metrics / 🔗land-attributes

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Ties to:
    * 🔗hackbases
    * 🔗architecture
    * 🔗manual: type1 definition document
    * [...]


About the location

    * Nearest cities? Public transport to there?
<<Berlin ~150km, Hannover ~100km

    * How close are basics ressuplies?
<<small supermarket: 5 minutes, bigger one, 10 minute drive

    * What is the current state of the location, programme?

    * What is the legal status of the place?

    * How is the situation with the neighbours?

    * How many people are there currently?

    * Can location be checked?
<<If you have the time, you could pass by and check out the location.

    * What sort of activities happen around? 

    * Is postal delivery stable?

Hackbase typology on location

    * Which base typologies can you imagine are possible to execute there?

Consult 🔗hackbases!
This can be associated with costs.
### merge these in !
    * 🔗hackbase-type1
        A rented house, connected to the water system, etc.
        Also called "rented fluid apartment".
        Costs for infrastructure are shared by all on a long-term basis.
    * 🔗hackbase-type2
        A unit like on the picture, which means letting go of the house - a mostly/completely separated and self-sustained mobile/nomadic unit.
        So you have no costs with it, just need access + land.
    * 🔗architecture and 🔗hacking-housing-pad
<<We could offer the material and infrastructure that is needed, together with lodging (indoors or outdoors), but we would require some compensation for costs, unless a mutual project is set up, for example.
OK so, the internal has costs (it uses power, space, heat, etc).
The external doesn't, as it's fully autarch - except territory. What would the costs for both be?
This were expenses with the first typology. Total 400€/month
With the second, they could be lower, but I'm keeping them at 400€ to keep investments for experimentation.
Realistically I am going for <200€ with the new typology.
Next step is <100€ when we can grow food.

Using land: agriculture

    * Can food be grown on the land?

    * Is it currently, or was grown? What extent, size?

    * Can some resources for experimentation and new ways of agriculture be had?
<<### Well, we actually also started growing food at the premises. So there are many ways to make it work. :)

Land use: permissions & practical limits

    Limited by outside

    * is the location well hidden away from others?

    * how big is the location outside?

    * what do you think is possible to build without permissions?

    * can you do subterranean modification

    Limited by property owner

    * can we come, leave and access the land freely, and stay as long as we want? is a notification needed?
<<"They would have to notify me of course."

    * what other rights would you reserve?

    * what are the aesthetics limitations? (tents, solar panels, camouflaged storage, etc)

    * can tents be put there? for how many people?
    * what is the legal status of the place? 

    * is stable postal address hosting possible (for nomads in known network, without fixed address)?

Existing infrastructure


    * what is the on-site energy potential?

    * what is the site agricultural potential?

    * is there any type of on-site water possibility?
 (rain/sea/fog(rain capture / fog capture)?


    * is there any stuff / tools you'd like to either share with OR donate to the base?

    * what are the permanent storage possibilities? (weather-proof)

    * can we use a parking spot temporarily? how about long-term (camper storage)?

    * ability to share a car? system? (donation / financial share/ ?)


    * do you expect the base to share the stuff with you (even when not present)?

    * with respect to base rules (pppd, etc) or separate arrangement?

    Initial info:

    * for Typology 1:

    * for Typology 2:

Your interest for hosting

    * "i just like hackers"
    * getting help on land:
        a la "workaway"? how to conceptualize / limit?
        "can people stay there?"
    * sharing regular costs?
    * [...]

* Will you be present there yourself? Full time or part time?

Initial costs and financing
Initial costs to setup the base (equipment) are ~2k€, for a basic unit for ~5 people.

Also see 🔗base-eu.

    * Can you assist with loan to base? it is repayed by people spending time there.

    * Would you like to help cover it (in any part), as a donation to the base?
<pau: who is "you" ? ###[!]

Regular costs / charges

* Is there any regular costs the base would be expected to help cover?

<<Well, if they camp outside, they could organize themselves. We could agree on a fixed price for water and electricity, but that wouldn't be a lot.
If we can stay on your land for free (we have own power+water), or inside the house for about 5-7€/day, that's what I'm working with currently. (This is still brainstorming)

--If you provide for your own power and water, you can stay on the land for free.
Well that sounds pretty awesome

--When interested in growing food, some help in the garden would be appreciated as well of course.
Yeah, common interest


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