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Table of Contents
1.1 (External)
1.2 (
2.1.1     * stock basic supplies & equipment
2.1.2     * prepare basic directions & contacts
2.1.3     * collect & train in first aid
2.2 CREW
2.2.1     * has functioning health insurance
2.2.2     * basic knowledge: prevention; first aid; diagnosis, etc
2.2.3     * medical consent forms (?)
3.1 [!!!] reorganize this
3.2 (other lists)
3.3 medicines/pills @ medic box
3.4 (L:)[!!*]SEDATIVE— Midazolam >L
3.5 @ medic box
3.6 @ elsewhere
3.7 ——————————————
3.8 Liquid Skin Bandage
3.9 (unsorted)
4.1 * cold (nose, throat, ears)
4.2 * sinusitis
4.3 * dehydration
4.4 * conjunctivitis (eyes)
4.5 * sunburn
4.6 * food allergy issues
4.7 * ear infections (especially otitis media, "middle ear infection")
4.7.1     ————— 2023
4.7.2     Prevention when chronic: vax against flue & pneumonia!
4.8 * TMJ/TMD
4.9 * ruptured ear drum
4.10 * migraines (repeating)
4.11 * unindentified skin conditions
4.12 * coronavirus pandemic
4.13 * pest bites
4.14 * toxoplasmosis
4.15 * splinters, thorns, prickles
4.16 * tiny wounds
4.17 ↓↓↓  LESS EXPERIENCES  ↓↓↓
4.18 * allergies
4.19 * anaphylactic shock
4.20 * bigger wounds / bleeding
4.21 ↓↓↓  UNSORTED  ↓↓↓
4.22 * dental: abscess
4.23 * dental: plaque
4.24 * dental: canker sore / apht / ulcer
4.25 * mild ear infection: itchy ear canal / ear entry
4.26 * ADHD
4.27 * hemorrhoids
4.28 * (suspected) wrist fracture
4.29 Periungual warts
4.30 Skin cancers
4.31 Demodex
4.32 Blepharitis
4.33 Acne
4.34 Acne scars
4.35 Seborrheic dermatitis
4.36 ... "scalp itch" / "psiorasis" / ###
4.37 Foreign object in eye
4.38 Tics
4.39 Ear inflammation / Mastoiditis
4.40 Ears: Popping, clicking or crackling in the ear
4.41 Ears / TMJ
4.42 Angular Cheilitis (corner of lips)
4.43 Neuropathy
4.44 Cracked skin on toes
4.45 Myasthenia gravis (rare, autoimmune)
4.46 Cellulitis (thies/shins)
4.47 Acne in ear
4.48 Tetanus (shot)
4.49 (L:)[!!] SYMPTOMS/PAIN/TREATMENT— Backpain after injury
4.50 Back injuries
4.51 PSYCH— Suicide prevention
4.52 TOXIC— Jellyfish burns
4.53 NEURO— Brain solidification
4.54 E.coli
4.55 Colorectal cancer (in young adults)
4.56 [m!] Ear infection (cont)
4.57 (alt ear infection)
4.58 "Jammed finger" / "Mallet finger" (strained tendon)
4.59 Basketball finger → cartilage growth
4.60 Kidney stones ... manifest as testicle pain
4.61 Fissured tongue
4.62 Supraspinatus rupture (upper back / shoulder blade muscle)
5.1 Painkillers
5.2 Morning-after pil
5.3 ( Essential oils )
5.4 Aloe vera
5.5 Calendula cream
5.6 Witch Hazel
5.7 Apple cider vinegar
5.8 Glycerin
5.9 Cayenne + saltwater
5.10 Houseleek
5.11 Diatomaceous earth
5.13 Talcum powder
5.14 Sinupret
5.15 Oil pulling ?
5.16 Benzoacine (Otogen ear drops)
5.17 Chlorhexidine (CHX)
5.18 Hydrogen peroxide
5.19 Ketoconazole
5.20 Medicinal carbon pills (anti-toxicity, digestion, etc)
5.21 (L:) ANTI-INFLAMMATORY— Devils Claw gel
6.1 Contagious?
6.2 For patient
6.3 For space
6.4 Open questions
7 *** PAD
7.1 EHIC card tricks
7.2 Improving immune system
7.3 WHO Model Lists of Essential Medicines
7.4 [!!*] Pneumococcal vaccine policy?
7.5 Meningitis
7.6 antibiotics 101
7.7 DENTAL— Saltwater daily is bad for teeth?
7.8 DENTAL/ESSENTIAL OILS— Eucalyptus oil (etc) for tooth pain / as mouthwash
7.9 [!→] NATURAL— Natural mouthwash
7.10 [!→] NATURAL— Acacia
7.11 Drug analysis
7.12 Etheric oils ... fumigation
7.13 Measles & immune amnesia ?!
7.14 Dental pain relief
7.15 New vaccines: Malaria
7.16 Arm Tingling / Numbness / Pins & Needles
7.17 [!!] Vaccine: Tick-borne Meningitis
7.18 [!!] ORDERING/OTHERS/LIM0— Get insider help with supplies
7.19 [!!] DIAGNOSTICS— Electrography *
7.20 [!!*] SPECIALIZATION— Nevrology 101
7.21 [!!$] PSYCHOLOGY/DOCTORS/DIAGNOSTICS— Contemporary doctor—patient relations
7.22 Eye drops == Ear drops == Nose drops ??
7.23 Intestines cleaning (because of poisoning?) ... Enama / Clyster 
7.24 ————— 20221128↓
7.25 [r!] Breast self-checks (breast cancer)
7.26 [r!] Prostate checks (prostate cancer)
7.27 Morning-after pill
7.28 Amoxiclav (antibiotic)
7.29 [!!*] TOREAD/COMMUNISM— Social Medicine
7.30 (2023/7→8→ basketball experience: general body, injuries, regularity, extra rest, etc)
7.31 [r!!**] Internal inflammation (anti-inflammation) herbs
7.32 [m!!] Symptom checker / diagnosis protocol
7.33 [!!f] Ulcerative Colitis
7.34 [!!**fo] Clinical flowcharts
7.35 Cough & listening to lungs (stethoscope)
7.36 Pneumonia



* medic box list:
        (TODO: there's no overview of what it still need!)
* 🔗antipest:
    (especially carrying / transmitting diseases, aka: zoonosis)
* 🔗essential-oils
* parts of 🔗dramaturgy:
    hygiene, etc!
* 🔗pandemic
* XXX🔗pau-health #tomerge [!]
* XXX🔗healthcare
* ### hacklab checklist
* ###



    * stock basic supplies & equipment


    * prepare basic directions & contacts

Have phone numbers & map ready!

    * ... for crew:
        * contact information of residents family doctor (per resident page) 
        * local (national) health provider (for EHIC support)

    * ... for local space:
        * open pharmacies
        * closest + easy-going ER
        * easy-going non-ER (consultation/GP, maybe private)
        * emergency road service ("grua", etc)
        * poison/toxicity help line
        * [...]

    * collect & train in first aid


    ### FIND MORE

regularly practice:

which role covers this ???


    * has functioning health insurance

@@ 🔗newcomers

    * disclose & pre-prep for your conditions
    * bring EHIC card !
    * have settled medical insurance dues
    * [...]

    * basic knowledge: prevention; first aid; diagnosis, etc


    * medical consent forms (?)
[m!→] @@newcomers

Is this really necessary, or just an american thing?
Idea via this page:


[!!!] reorganize this

Make more like:
    * 🔗food (bold what we need)
    * ... or some other syntax way, not with hard "categories"

Develop dimensions separation:
    * "list" (with categories)
    * status within CHT canarias specifically
    * [...]

(other lists)
    * 🔗Bag_for_Living
    * [...]



+ ok → 🔗stuff
! needed → 🔗ordering
~ recheck/reorganize
— deprecating/do not restock
—— discarding soon

medicines/pills @ medic box

### [!!]tomerge

+ paracetamol
! ibuprofen
~ antibiotic cream / ointment
    ### like this?

+ astrexine (CHX dust) : desinfectant ###
+ perio aid (CHX mouthwash ... use 1 hour after brushing!) : dental
+ natural mouthwash concentrate ###

! saliyclic acid
    ### more info below

+ vaseline aka petroleum jelly (cream): skin
    interesting usage tips:
    ### like: preserve rasors!
—— nitrofurazone (as furacin, cream):
    topical antibioitic/antiparasitic; demonstrated cancirogenic (discontinued for human use in USA)
    ### DISCARD
—— Promethazine (as fenergan, cream):
    antihistaminic, was used as antipsychotic
    made into "lean" a drug, wtf
    ### DISCARD

~ otogen : ear drops
+ colirium (gentamicin/colircusi gentadexa) : eyes, ears
+ posiformin (bibrocathol) : eye ointment

~ sinupret (natural) : against sinusitis, mucus coagulant
~ cetirizina : antihistamine
~ Loratadine (as Claritine) : antihistamine
! phenylephrine hydrochloride : decongestant, hemmerhoid relieve
! pseudoephedrine : nasal decongestant

~ Metamizole (as Nolotil) —CONTROVERSIAL— : pain killer

~ prednisona (antiinflammation / supression)

+ olbas drops : peppermint, cajeput and eucalyptus oil : For a cold and a slight headache

(L:)[!!*]SEDATIVE— Midazolam >L
Lies used this during Leukemia treatment

Midazolam, sold under the brand name Versed among others, is a benzodiazepine medication used for anesthesia and procedural sedation, and to treat severe agitation. It works by inducing sleepiness, decreasing anxiety, and causing a loss of ability to create new memories. 
Paradoxical effects, such as increased activity, can occur especially in children and older people.[10] 
In rare susceptible individuals, midazolam has been known to cause a paradoxical reaction, a well-documented complication with benzodiazepines. When this occurs, the individual may experience anxiety, involuntary movements, aggressive or violent behavior, uncontrollable crying or verbalization, and other similar effects. This seems to be related to the altered state of consciousness or disinhibition produced by the drug. Paradoxical behavior is often not recalled by the patient due to the amnesia-producing properties of the drug. In extreme situations, flumazenil can be administered to inhibit or reverse the effects of midazolam.  Antipsychotic medications, such as haloperidol, have also been used for this purpose.[42]

<------------------------- (new) pills/creams ↑ ↓ medic box

@ medic box

+ 96% ethanol
+ 70% ethanol + ###

+ digital thermometer
~ Sterile saline for irrigation, flushing (i guess?)
!Hydrogen peroxide (=agua oxigenada) (desinfect):
    3% (red), 5% (green)
    watch eyes(!)
+ random plasters
+ nootropics
+ apple cider vinegar
### from shop, have 5°, apparently there are 5-20°, do we need a stronger one? !!!

~ Plastic bags, assorted sizes
+ Safety pins in assorted sizes
+ Scissors
+ tweezers
+ Hand sanitizer
    (toiletries and randomly around)
* Antiseptic solution and towelettes
    (toiletries and randomly around)
+ Eyewash solution (toiletries)
* Breathing barrier (surgical mask)
nnnn(we have these with tools...)
* condoms (standard / XL / non-latex)
* medical tape

! Rubber tourniquet or 16 French catheter
! sterile nonstick bandages
! elastic wrap bandages
! sticking bandages
! Instant cold packs
! liquid skin bandage
! Turkey baster or other bulb suction device for flushing wounds
! USB-powered hot pack
    ### so you don't need to keep boiling it

! knee splint
! hand splint / immobiliser (L)

@ elsewhere
What we have in other places but should also be considered medical support:

+ Duct tape (@tools)
+ Cotton
+ cotton-tipped swabs (@toiletries)
! Disposable nonlatex (Nitrate?) examination gloves (@tools)
! mineral oil


Liquid Skin Bandage
  • Deep cracks of the feet or toes usually do not heal with ointments.
  • Use a liquid skin bandage that will completely seal the crack. Many brands of liquid bandage are available. No prescription is needed.
  • Start with 2 layers. Put on another layer as often as needed.
  • As the crack heals, the plastic layer will be pushed up.


! Aluminum finger splint
! pipette
! Syringe
~ medicine cups
~ medicine spoons
! suture kit (also to practice...)
! medical glue
! scalpel (diferent sizes)
! microscopy glass

<----------------------------------------- (new) BASIC SUPPLIES / STOCK ↑↓


We've had experiences with ...

* cold (nose, throat, ears)

is bacterial or viral.
will happen if living outside <14°C
drink teas
improve your immune system

* sinusitis

sinupret works great!

* dehydration

can cause herpes outbreaks

* conjunctivitis (eyes)

rinse your hands with drinking water (after fresh water / gray water)!
treat with chamomile!
there should be "colirium" in medic box!

* sunburn

aloe vera!

* food allergy issues

aching skin, diarrhea, etc

due to:
    * mollusks
    * red wine
    * lentils
    * [...]
allergic rhinitis

"take antihistamines":
    "However, these drugs often cause sedation and should not be used before driving or operating machinery or in children."

* ear infections (especially otitis media, "middle ear infection")

2020/06 Lies:
    left ear, lasted a month
    probably touch with q-tip, ~3-days later problems
    took a few ibuprofens when needed in beginning
    were applying garlic+olive oil mixture (warm)
    there were "crusts inside"
    heard 60% (it was totally stuffed)
    ______ week 1
    ruptures ear drum:
        hearing totally gone
    went to hospital, but didn't have coverage documents ready
    leaking and blood started after
    goes to pharmacy:
        pharmacist is not clear about it but there is a distinction between:
            A) OUTER EAR
            B) MIDDLE EAR (which should not be treated with drops)
    treats with Otogen drops:
        "they felt very cold"
        i wasn't really taking the drops
    ______ week 2
    the infection healed "because of time"
    "we kept doing the oil treatment"
    ______ week 3
    flies to Belgium, as *after* you have broken ear drum it's fine
    ### (not sure):
        got some pills that "needed to be efficient within X days"
        otherwise surgical options would need to be assesed
        but then it worked out (X+a few days)
    ______ 1 year later
    totally cured, "i feel maybe some slight sensitivity, slight tingle, basically tingle"

________________________ 2021/05 D:
    probably q-tip my ear
    a few days later:
        close with somebody with runny nose and coughs
        she also sticks hair in my ear canal (?!)
        * oil+garlic : did not have a good feeling
        * otogen drops : same, it seems getting worse
    getting better, then worse:
        * swelling on face-side of targus
        * day 4, jaw kind of blocked — TMJ suspected as well!:
            (esp since D has a destroyed TMJ from wisdom tooth extraction there)
    __________________ day 5
    tried vinegar+alcohol :
        * tried on good ear first
        * was worried because YOU SHOULD NOT DO IT WITH MIDDLE EAR INFECTION didn't feel any seems it helps
        * no difference - trying to use it a few times
        * seems to really improve my situation
        * first night when condition improved (post Mavericks Game 6)
    -------- 0609
        oido externo: otodinia izquierda +++ trago/antitrago+++ mastoides ++ cae: inflamado+++ cerumen/secresiones+++ mt: no visible.
            antitragus (a bone):
            mastoides (=cells) ... but mastoiditis (=serious condition with those cells):
        otoscopia: --||--
        berrera idiomatica.
    --------- 0611
    * i decided to not take the pills so far, tried reaching my doctors but no luck until today morning
    * had a 10min consultation and she basically went:
        1) you don't have pain when you press on the ears
        2) you don't have blocked nasal pathways:
            this is important for the middle ear to air out
        3) cover your nose, blow it to "equalize pressure":
            if this doesn't hurt, you're fine
    so her opinion on distance is:
        i don't need antibiotics if nothing else turns up

______________________ $$$$
Otitis Media: Diagnosis and Treatment
(D was given 500mg cefuroxime)
cefuroxime + otitis media

(also ciprofloxacin — did not take!)

    ————— 2023

    Prevention when chronic: vax against flue & pneumonia!
There is no really reliable way to prevent middle ear infections. However, scientific evidence suggests that vaccination against pneumococcus and Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) can protect against middle ear infections. These bacteria can trigger the painful inflammations. The Standing Commission on Vaccination at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin therefore recommends immunisation as a standard vaccination. Whether vaccination is advisable should be discussed with a specialist. More information about the recommended time frame for the most important vaccinations in infancy can be found here.

facial asymetry: long term complication
Facial asymmetry is a condition that may be congenital or acquired. The most common cause of acquired facial asymmetry is unilateral TMJ ankylosis which occurs following trauma, infection and chronic inflammatory diseases. Otitis media is one of local causes of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) associated complications such as suppurative arthritis and ankylosis.
We report a case with history of chronic otitis media that resulted in restricted growth of the mandible, atresia of the external auditory meatus and facial asymmetry.

_______ 2023/8
* tea tree oil (VERY dilluted)
* ###


Since the TM joint resides adjacent to the ears, it's common to experience many TMJ symptoms in the ears. Patients can experience ear pain or clogged ears that they might pass off as an ear infection or allergies but is actually from TMD. TMD can also cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears from nerve irritation).3 Sept 2020

* ruptured ear drum

blood will come out.
it should heal in some weeks, but check with your doctor.
you can fly with one if it already ruptured.
if it did not, then It might rupture.

* migraines (repeating)

was probably due to tea tree oil spraying poisoning !

* unindentified skin conditions

* coronavirus pandemic

    * newcomers quarantining
    * protocols: shopping, new supplies, etc
    * [...]

* pest bites

calendula cream seems to help nicely for mosquito bites.
aloe vera too.

* toxoplasmosis


* splinters, thorns, prickles


* tiny wounds

* sanitize (alcohol, iodine)
* galun
* bandage


* allergies

* anaphylactic shock

antihistamines !!!


* bigger wounds / bleeding

    stop bleeding
    clean (iodine)
    treating (Antibiotic creams, aloe vera, etc)

if bleeding is serious, please get medical attention immediately, if this is not possible, then you can follow these instructions. First clean the wound, using water and a mild soup, then an antibiotic essential oil, such as cinnamon oil to keep it from getting infected, before applying a sanitory bandage. If bleeding is too heavy for the bandage, you will need an antihemorrhagic sealant such as Chitosan, in a pinch you get can some fresh organic blackberries and make a paste with ginger, garlic and turmeric, and use that as a sealant.
from Dmytri Kleiner's welness tips

To avoid waiting for blackberry season,
yarrow leaves (Achillea millefolia) are also a very good hemostatic, and they grow year-round in some climate zones (tendency probably increasing...)

______ wound irrigation (cleaning with water under pressure)
When talking about the topic of Wound Irrigation, many people picture someone steadily pouring water over a wound from a bottle or container. While that is certainly better than nothing, there are certain things to consider which greatly increase the efficiency of Irrigation. Whenever Wound Irrigation is performed correctly it removes debris and contaminates from the wound, enhances wound healing, and most importantly makes it easier for you to visualize (and thus assess) the Wound. Like I mentioned before, Irrigation is not as simple as pouring water or normal saline over a wound before you apply a dressing, it must be performed properly through planned and deliberate actions to achieve the desired results.
So if it's not dumping a ton of water over the Wound, what is Irrigation, and what does it achieve when carried out correctly? Wound irrigation involves the use of fluid, in a pressurized method, to remove:
cellular debris that is loosely clinging to      
     the wound
surface bacteria
wound exudate (drainage)
dressing residue
residual topical residue from ointments 
     and other topical agents
The ultimate goal when irrigating a wound is to assist with maintaining a moist wound environment to promote optimal wound healing and debridement of devitalized tissues, also to expedite wound healing. Almost all wounds you'll encounter can and should be irrigated. The only exception to the rule I can think of off hand is wounds that are bleeding heavily, and I mean heavily. In these types of wounds Irrigation will impact the bodies blood clotting cascade and any irrigation may dislodge clots that are forming, or have already formed, and actually cause the  bleeding to resume. 
So now that we have an idea of what Irrigation is, and what we're hoping to accomplish by performing it, let's look at some considerations of Wound Irrigation you'll want to keep in mind:
 Wounds should be irrigated during your initial assessment to more effectively and accurately assess all aspects of the Wound, in addition wounds should be irrigated every time you perform a dressing change.
 Normal saline is considered the standard as far as irrigant solution in the healthcare setting; however, there is evidence based reports in circulation currently that elude to tap water resulting in faster wound healing.
 THE MOST IMPORTANT Consideration to Irrigation is no doubt Irrigation Pressure. Without enough pressure being applied during Irrigation, the process will fall short of removing surface bacteria, debris, and contaminants. In the event this happens, the potential for Wound infection is greatly increased. On the other end of the spectrum providing too much pressure can actually force contaminants downward into the wound bed and also disrupt and damage granulation tissue. The optimal Irrigation pressure should be between 4 and 15 psi, to achieve this in the healthcare setting an 18g blunt tip catheter is attached to the end of a normal saline flush.
With the above considerations in mind, let's walk through, step by step, on how you should perform the Irrigation of a wound:
Gather all the necessary materials to preform your intervention, set up and stage your area appropriately
Preform hand hygiene and then position the patient to provide the best access and visualization of the wound.
Don gloves and remove the old dressing, throw away the old dressing and the now soiled gloves, perform hand hygiene 
Drape the patient and pad around the wound with towels or padding to absorb the irrigant solution.
Don protective equipment (eye protection, gloves, and gown and mask). The likelihood of splash back should be heavily considered and protected against
Irrigate the wound using the appropriate pressure (4-15 psi, accomplished by using the appropriate size needle to achieve pressurized stream), of note studies have long reported a psi of 10-15 to be most affective, for that Pressure an 18g needle can be attached to the flush 
Pat dry any intact skin with light pressure and cover open areas with sterile gauze 
Redress the wound only after performing any necessary interventions such as debridement.
Dispose of dirty/soiled materials
 IMPORTANT NOTE: You should be careful to allow the solution to flow from the CLEANEST to the DIRTIEST area of the wound. Do not force irrigant solution into any wound pockets such as any areas of tunneling. 
So in closing lets cover some key points to take away from this write up. Performing wound irrigation is easy if you understand the principles behind doing it, in addition it's relatively quick and effectively promotes wound healing. Having the proper tools to carry out your interventions readily available to you will make the process more efficient and limit the chance of Wound contamination, and thus, risk of infection. Irrigation can literally be carried out on almost any Wound, on any part of the body, and can be done in virtually any setting. So, if the injury results in any debris being present in the wound, if you suspect any contamination at all (and you always should), if you have any concerns at all, FLUSH , FLUSH, FLUSH

↓↓↓  UNSORTED  ↓↓↓

* dental: abscess

An abscess at the end of a tooth is called a periapical abscess. An abscess in the gum is called a periodontal abscess.

Dentists will treat a tooth abscess by draining it and getting rid of the infection. They may be able to save your tooth with a root canal treatment, but in some cases the tooth may need to be pulled. Leaving a tooth abscess untreated can lead to serious, even life-threatening, complications.

* dental: plaque

* dental: canker sore / apht / ulcer

* mild ear infection: itchy ear canal / ear entry

Does the skin around your ears feel dry, itchy, or irritated? There are a number of things that may be causing your ear discomfort, such as heat exposure, harsh soaps, or a possible chronic skin condition.

check for "swimmer's ear"

An outer ear infection (otitis externa) causes pain, redness and swelling in your outer ear canal. This is the tube that leads into your ear. Outer ear infection is usually caused by bacteria. But they may also be caused by a fungal infection, irritation or eczema in or around your ear canal.
"ear scabs"

alcohol + vodka + glycerin !
before, and after swimming
also, for mild treatment
alcohol does NOT kill bacteria, only dries out water (supposedly)


seems Guarana helps !

Guarana refers to the seed extract of a natural stimulant native to the Amazon forest.
Of the herbs discussed here, guarana most resembles ADHD stimulant drugs. It contains xanthine alkaloids such as caffeine, theophylline and theobromine.
The alkaloids in guarana not only boosts stamina and energy but they also reduce mental fatigue. Caffeine, for example, increases the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. At the doses in which it is supplied, it actually has a calming effect on hyperactive ADHD kids.
Theophylline also stimulates the central nervous system and it improves mental alertness. Theobromine, on the other hand, improves mood.
Therefore, all the medicinal effects of the alkaloids found in guarana can help improve different symptoms of ADHD.

* hemorrhoids

    * Tea-tree / Lavender / ... essential oil
        → 🔗essential-oils

    * Reduce / avoid caffeine during treatment
        "consuming high amounts of caffeine may lead to digestive issues that prevent hemorrhoids from healing, it is commonly recommended to avoid the stimulant during treatment for hemorrhoids."

        ____________________caffeine containing beverages
        * Guarana -- natural powder contains ~3-4% caffeine
            "Doses greater than 250-300 mg daily have been linked to side effects"
        * Coffee -- contains ~2.8% / "95mg per cup"
        * Black tea -- 47mg per cup
        * Green tea -- 33mg per cup

    * go to bathroom when you feel the urge, take time... :)

    * [...]

more info:

* (suspected) wrist fracture

* be very careful, it's not neccessarily obvious (painful, etc)

* natural remedies for bone healing:

* ###

Periungual warts

    * how to asses if this is a & differentiate from bad forms of HPV?
    * how to differentiate from cancerous/malignant skin forms


also see → Blepharitis

“When Demodex mites are identified as being present, the treatment is straightforward. However, because of the nature of the mites, they can multiply at a rapid pace, so they must all be removed,” Dr. Wolle says. “The best way to go about this is through lid scrubs and tea tree oil, which cleans the dandruff from the lash root and irritates the mites enough for them to move out of the skin. Like anything else, maintaining proper hygiene is essential.”


Blepharitis causes red, swollen and itchy eyelids. It can normally be treated by washing your eyelids every day. The condition is not usually serious, but can lead to other problems, such as dry eyes, cysts and conjunctivitis, especially if it's not treated.

Symptoms of blepharitis include:
  • sore eyelids
  • itchy eyes
  • a gritty feeling in the eyes
  • flakes or crusts around the roots of the eyelashes
  • red eyes or eyelids
  • eyelids sticking together in the morning when you wake up
good article


[!] Salicylic acid
works best for blackheads and whiteheads. When used regularly, this ingredient may also prevent future comedones from forming. 
Form    Percent of salicylic acid    How often to use
gel    0.5–5%    once per day
lotion    1–2%    1 to 3 times per day
ointment    3–6%    as needed
pads    0.5–5%    1 to 3 times per day

[!] Benzoyl peroxide
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, benzoyl peroxide is the most effective acne-fighting ingredient available without a prescription. It works best on traditional red, pus-filled pimples (pustules). 
1-10% , ~2% seems ok
"Peroxiben 25mg/g" (2.5%), has:

[!] tea tree/eucalyptus oil
apply DILUTED:
    with cotton swab+alcohol (direct)
    or diluted in water (for wash)

[!] Benzalkonium chloride
found in:
    "URAL ALCOHOL SANITARIO 70°, con cloruro de benzalconio":
        100g alcohol 70°
        0,1g cl de b
for acne:
    → (with Differin):
        "A phase 4 multicenter trial combiningadapalene gel 0.1% (Differin) witheither topical or oral antibiotics provedsafe and effective for the treatment ofmoderate-to-moderately severe acne"

__________ suggested

20210825 <stvarnik
"to destroy from inside"

Acne scars
Acne has a prevalence of over 90% among adolescents and persists into adulthood in approximately 12%–14% of cases with psychological and social implications. Possible outcomes of the inflammatory acne lesions are acne scars which, although they can be treated in a number of ways, may have a negative psychological impact on social life and relationships. The main types of acne scars are atrophic and hypertrophic scars. The pathogenesis of acne scarring is still not fully understood, but several hypotheses have been proposed. There are numerous treatments: chemical peels, dermabrasion/microdermabrasion, laser treatment, punch techniques, dermal grafting, needling and combined therapies for atrophic scars: silicone gels, intralesional steroid therapy, cryotherapy, and surgery for hypertrophic and keloidal lesions. This paper summarizes acne scar pathogenesis, classification and treatment options.
* Alpha hydroxy acids
* retionids
* Salicylic acid (~4x strong, 30% professional application)

Seborrheic dermatitis
Seborrheic dermatitis is the most common cause of beard dandruff. It may leave you feeling as though you don’t have good hygiene. Dandruff is actually caused by yeast growth on your skin called Malassezia.

____ causes
it's basically highly suspected to
* be a fungal form
* "associated with vitamin B6 deficiency"
* too much sexy hormones:
    """Eunuchs, owing to their low androgen levels and small sebaceous glands, do not develop seborrheic dermatitis.[17]"""
* ###

____ cures
→ Ketaconazole
Ketoconazole is an antifungal medication that helps to kill fungus and yeast and prevent them from growing back. You can find it over-the-counter, but strong doses of the shampoo may require a prescription from your doctor.

→ "Other options may include:
    [!] salicylic acid,
    [!] coal tar,
    [!] benzoyl peroxide,
    and phototherapy.[3]"

... "scalp itch" / "psiorasis" / ###

cotton ball + 3% hydrogen peroxide
Good ol’ cheap 3% H2O2 bought at any drugstore or grocery store will stop your psoriasis and itching too. Immediately when you get that itch and feel those spots coming up, get a cotton ball, soak it in 3% hydrogen peroxide and rub into your itchy spots until you see the spot turn white. The area may scab over, but thats ok as it will heal quickly
"you need to wash to remove dead skin; wash it with special shampoos"

Foreign object in eye
(D @ 20210922)

* wash out in slightly warm water

* watch out for eye pus (possible sign cornea is damaged or there is still a part inside)
* watch out for Endophthalmitis:
    "is severe inflammation of the inside of your eye caused by a bacterial or fungal infection"

sociogenic tics ?!
But I also noticed that watching other people tic made me tic.

Ears / TMJ

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems
The  TMJ  is the jaw joint that has a cartilage disk in it. With ageing and wear and tear from dental conditions, this joint can degenerate and start clicking on opening and closing the mouth. In this case, you would be referred to a dental specialist.
+D has this problem
5 signs

Angular Cheilitis (corner of lips)
can be mistaken for herpes simplex
Causes of dry, cracked lip corners that can trigger angular cheilitis include: 
  • Atopic dermatitis or eczema. 
  • Dentures that don’t fit. 
  • Drooling during sleep. 
  • Fungal or yeast infections in the mouth, such as thrush. 
  • Misaligned teeth. 
  • Skin allergies. 
  • Sucking on a thumb or a pacifier.
  • Wearing a face mask. 

* has possible connection to #dental
* tingling
(SLO) "mravljinci"
* ###

    Vitamin E defficiency!

Cracked skin on toes
Deep Cracks - Use Liquid Skin Bandage:
  • Deep cracks of the feet or toes usually do not heal with ointments.
  • Use a liquid skin bandage that will completely seal the crack. Many brands of liquid bandage are available. No prescription is needed.
  • Start with 2 layers. Put on another layer as often as needed.
  • As the crack heals, the plastic layer will be pushed up.

Myasthenia gravis (rare, autoimmune)
Myasthenia gravis (MG) is a long-term neuromuscular disease that leads to varying degrees of skeletal muscle weakness.[1] The most commonly affected muscles are those of the eyes, face, and swallowing.[1] It can result in double vision, drooping eyelids, trouble talking, and trouble walking.[1] Onset can be sudden.[1] Those affected often have a large thymus or develop a thymoma.[1]

Acne in ear

→→ applied benzoyl peroxide, great
(not ototoxic)

Tetanus (shot)

[!!→] @@newcomers — should be a precondition

* two types of vax:
    * regular immunity building:
        must have minimum 3x + not more than 10 years from last booster
    * TIG ( — after injury, if not already in regular immunity, OR IF UNKNOWN

* take it asap, 24 hours best, up to 72 hours

(L:)[!!] SYMPTOMS/PAIN/TREATMENT— Backpain after injury
via 20220819 D's injury @IHI during moving boxes +Matic

* Apply heat or ice to the painful area. 
    Use ice for the first 48 to 72 hours, then use heat. 
* Take over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB) or acetaminophen (Tylenol).
* Sleep in a curled-up, fetal position with a pillow between your legs.


What are the symptoms of serious back injury?
  1. difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.
  2. problems with urinating or passing stool (poo)
  3. numbness or pins and needles to the arms, legs, hands or feet.
  4. fever.
  5. paralysis.
  6. blood in the urine.

PSYCH— Suicide prevention

[!!] 5 / 20 minute "training" to recognize + assist

TOXIC— Jellyfish burns
* treat with saltwater
* non-direct ice
* keep out of sun
* get some cream from pharmacy

NEURO— Brain solidification
For those who want to stimulate their brain, Swart recommends learning a new language or musical instrument. Or any “energy intensive” challenge that requires “conscious processing of inputs, conscious decision making, complex problem solving, memorizing complex concepts, planning, strategizing, self-reflection, regulating our emotions and channeling energy from them, exercising self-control and willpower,” Swart says.
To have the energy to keep your brain flexible and “plastic,” Ancona and Swart say your physical health needs to be in good shape, especially since your brain sucks up such a massive amount of your body’s nutrients. The hydration, nutrients, and rest you need are even more important as your brain learns, unlearns, and relearns behavioral patterns.



[m!] Ear infection (cont)

20230303 cuba ER visit
* otitis externa
* take:
    * Prednisolona (steroid) & chloramphenicol (AB), 3 drops / 8 hours each:
    * co-trimoxazol (400/80 sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim), 2 tablet / 12 hours:
    * pills: 2h/14h
    * drops: 14h/22h/5:30h

Drink plenty of fluids while taking this medication to lower the unlikely risk of kidney stones forming

Caution, ineffective with:
Streptococcal infection (group A β-hemolytic)—Sulfonamides should not be used in patients with this condition. 
(will be asked if you have "sore throat")

(alt ear infection)
(was being prescribed for 3 or 4 days in Slovenia, supposedly very strong)

"Jammed finger" / "Mallet finger" (strained tendon)
(basketball injury)
* Ice the first 2 days, a few times per day
* Rest it, don't use it

* "RICE" works great
* just putting finger under running cold water ... if living in Alps ;-) ... a few times a day for 30sec works great

Basketball finger → cartilage growth

    3 months after "tendon" injury (basketball finger) in right-middle finger it still hurts
    it's possible to feel lower fold to be fatter
    doctor V suggest it might have had a "hairline crack", that lead to this
    ... but that it is okay, that it will fix itself, "better than a tendon break"

    ok, should i have done something else?
    do i still need to diagnoze it?

hairline fractures

"Ignoring a hairline fracture can lead to a more serious fracture or break occurring, which is more difficult to treat."

Kidney stones ... manifest as testicle pain

* burst of pain
* lasting ~month
* recollection of early kidney (lower back) discomfort, tiredness

* [r!!] monitor testicles
* blood & urine tests:
    Blood tests to check calcium, phosphorus, uric acid, and electrolyte levels
* ###

Fissured tongue

* lack of B12 !!!
* also...
  • iron
  • folate
  • zinc
* ###

    * ###

Supraspinatus rupture (upper back / shoulder blade muscle)
The supraspinatus (PL: supraspinati) is a relatively small muscle of the upper back that runs from the supraspinous fossa superior portion of the scapula (shoulder blade) to the greater tubercle of the humerus. It is one of the four rotator cuff muscles and also abducts the arm at the shoulder. The spine of the scapula separates the supraspinatus muscle from the infraspinatus muscle, which originates below the spine. 

<-------------------- (new)+ —BAD— CONDITIONS / PROBLEMS / TO TREAT ↑



should separate by categories
(pills, natural, "alternative", whatnot)


* Ibuprofen:
    less toxic
    "using ibuprofen and alcohol together can greatly increase your risk of kidney problems"

* paracetamol:

* alcohol:
    as a last resort?

    "His team systematically evaluated the different results in previous studies and were able to “reliably conclude” that alcohol is an analgesic. They were also able estimate the amount of pain relief a certain dosage of alcohol provides.
    For example, they found that around two pints of beer or two medium-sized glasses of wine resulted in a 24 per cent drop in pain ratings. And the higher the blood-alcohol level, the greater the pain relief (up to a blood-alcohol level of .11)."""

    L in 7C notice that with 1 glass of red wine (mixed with water) her backpain is remarkably less severe!
       "I can move again without stiffness / muscle strains"
       ... which is probably good for their general condition, as opposed to my cramped movements of last few days...

( Essential oils )


Aloe vera


Calendula cream

It can draw out deeply embedded dirt. Calendula cream is wonderful for minor cuts, scrapes and falls. Calendula cream prevents too early granulation of the wound, thus assisting in scarless healing. It helps with painful wounds and wounds that tend to break open.

Witch Hazel


Apple cider vinegar


Cayenne + saltwater

(gargle for sore throat)


will cure ear infections

("pig ear", "donkey ear", etc)
(SLO: "natresk")

Diatomaceous earth

is this same as:
    SLO: galun
    ENG: alum


Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled protist. It is used as a filtration aid, mild abrasive in products including metal polishes and toothpaste, mechanical insecticide, absorbent for liquids, matting agent for coatings, reinforcing filler in plastics and rubber, anti-block in plastic films, porous support for chemical catalysts, cat litter, activator in blood clotting studies, a stabilizing component of dynamite, a thermal insulator, and a soil for potted plants and trees like bonsai.

A chemical substance that contains aluminum sulfate and a second chemical, usually potassium sulfate. It is used to shrink tissues, to stop bleeding, and to boost the immune response to a vaccine.
Modern Science View
Alum has extremely impressive benefits for teeth. It has antiseptic properties that help to fight against tooth decay. This further prevent cavities and strengthen the gums[11].
Ayurvedic View
Alum is an effective remedy for teeth and gums related problems. Alum helps to prevent tooth decay and also control bleeding gums because of its Kashaya (astringent) property.
1. Take a pinch of Alum powder.
2. Mix the powder with warm water.
3. Use this solution as a mouthwash daily.
4. This mouthwash tightens the gums and helps to manage toothache.

Talcum powder


Oil pulling ?


Benzoacine (Otogen ear drops)
Benzocaine, sold under the brand name Orajel amongst others, is an ester local anesthetic commonly used as a topical pain reliever or in cough drops. It is the active ingredient in many over-the-counter anesthetic ointments such as products for oral ulcers. It is also combined with antipyrine to form A/B otic drops to relieve ear pain and remove earwax.

Chlorhexidine (CHX)

We have Belgian Astrexine ("for use on skin")
Astrexine is an antiseptic agent. Astrexine is active against vegetative forms of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria and yeasts, dermatophytes and lipophilic viruses. This medicine has effect for bacterial spores only at elevated temperatures. It cleans and disinfects the skin without causing damage.
For local use of Astrexine Pharmaniaga: trichomonas coleitis, cervical erosion, itching of the vulva, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases ; gingivitis, stomatitis, aphthae, paradont, alveolitis, disinfection of removable dentures, sore throat; postoperative care for patients in ENT and dentistry.
Treatment of wounds, burn wounds and surfaces, disinfection of the patient's skin.
Treatment of surgeons', nurses' hands and operating field before diagnostic manipulation operation.
Disinfection of work surfaces of devices (including thermometers) and equipment which heat treatment is not desirable.


In endodontics, chlorhexidine is used for root canal irrigation and as an intracanal dressing,[11][12][13] but has been replaced by the use of sodium hypochlorite bleach in much of the developed world. 


Chlorohexidine as Mouthwash
About 20 mL twice a day of concentrations of 0.1% to 0.2% is recommended for mouth-rinse solutions with a duration of at least 30 seconds

Chlorhexidine is a cation which interacts with anionic components of toothpaste, such as sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium monofluorophosphate, and forms salts of low solubility and antibacterial activity. Hence, to enhance the antiplaque effect of chlorhexidine, "it seems best that the interval between toothbrushing and rinsing with CHX [chlorhexidine] be more than 30 minutes, cautiously close to 2 hours after brushing.".[22]


### evaluation protocol [!!→]
#) check side effects → toxicity market withdraval, in any form
The formulation that is taken by mouth was withdrawn in the European Union and in Australia in 2013[14][15] and in China in 2015.[16] In addition, its use was restricted in the United States and Canada in 2013
However, topical ketoconazole, which does not distribute systemically, is safe and widely used still.[15]

#) find possibly better (and related) replacements
"ketoconazole has largely been replaced as a first-line systemic antifungal medication by other azole antifungal agents, such as itraconazole, because of ketoconazole's greater toxicity, poorer absorption, and more limited spectrum of activity"


#) side effects, hormonal
at high dosages (>800 mg/day), it potently inhibits the activity of several enzymes necessary for the conversion of cholesterol to steroid hormones such as testosterone and cortisol

Medicinal carbon pills (anti-toxicity, digestion, etc)

(L:) ANTI-INFLAMMATORY— Devils Claw gel

(20230724 @huje Lies' neck injury)
aka "hudičev krempelj"
Preparations of the plant or its extracts, such as harpagoside,[5] are presumed to have uses in folk medicine and phytotherapy as an anti-inflammatory herbal drug or dietary supplement. Although there is no accepted clinical evidence of its efficacy and bioavailability, limited effects were noted for treating lower back pain and osteoarthritis.[1]

also →

_______ alternative: "Horse balm"
  • Eucalyptus: For an immediate feeling of relief and lightness. Eucalyptus is used as an ingredient in pharmaceutical preparations to relieve flu and cold symptoms and to relieve coughs.
  • Common yarrow: Due to the essential oils and other active ingredients it contains, common yarrow is often used in folk medicine, mostly to alleviate inflammation.
  • Hops: It was most often used for its sedative effects and beneficial effect on sleep disorders.
  • Common fennel: relieves skin inflammation, relieves muscle pain.
  • Melissa: Improves the skin's defense mechanism and promotes its renewal. It protects, softens and nourishes the skin.

<------------------------------ (new) —GOOD?— SOLUTIONS / PHARMACONS / TREATING ↑




    * separation & quarantine

    * space sanitation

    * precaution measures

    * [...]

For patient

    * have & communicate a clear idea what's going on, and the expected timeframe

    * do not unreasonably hinder the work process

    * ask clearly what you need of others:

    * maintain what is expected of you:
        * hygiene
        * [...]

For space


CHT responsibilities ...:
    to establish !!!
    A) we need to "nurse you back to health"
    B) bring you to a doctor, get an airbnb / get a flight
    C) you're on your own b* !
    D) [...]

Similarly -- how would this look like...:
    * ... on your vacation?
    * ... during work?
    * ... at home "with your friends"?
    * [...]

Open questions

* Do you have priority over work, OR not?

* Can you get others to move out, OR can others get you to move out?

* Do you get ejected? at what point?

*** PAD

Improving immune system

* 🔗fisculture

* get enough vitamins:
    * ### !!!
    * how to track this?
    * can you cheat an do it 1/week ?
    * supplements really are bullshit?
    * "minimum viable fruit"
    * [...]

* how to test this?:
    watch for ... what signs?

* propolis

* [...]

[!!*] Pneumococcal vaccine policy?
(Is the shot together with flu?)

(general): how to test what I had, f.e. in the ear?


"Chandrasekhar says if bending your neck forward to touch your chin to your chest really hurts, it could be a sign of meningitis."

antibiotics 101

________ g: "is it bad to take antibiotics if you don't need them"
Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI or C-diff), also known as Clostridium difficile infection, is a symptomatic infection due to the spore-forming bacterium Clostridioides difficile.[2][5] Symptoms include watery diarrhea, fever, nausea, and abdominal pain.[1] It makes up about 20% of cases of antibiotic-associated diarrhea.[1]  Antibiotics can contribute to detrimental changes in gut microbiota; specifically, they decrease short-chain fatty acid absorption which results in osmotic, or watery, diarrhea.[6] Complications may include pseudomembranous colitis, toxic megacolon, perforation of the colon, and sepsis.[1]
Clostridioides difficile infection is spread by bacterial spores found within feces.[1] Surfaces may become contaminated with the spores with further spread occurring via the hands of healthcare workers.

__________ ###

DENTAL— Saltwater daily is bad for teeth?

Can I use salt water as mouthwash everyday?
Saltwater is acidic, and gaggling it every day can soften the teeth enamel and gums.
Therefore, you can't gargle salty water daily
Also, people with special medical conditions such as those with high blood pressure should take extra precaution or simply look for other alternatives they can use.

DENTAL/ESSENTIAL OILS— Eucalyptus oil (etc) for tooth pain / as mouthwash

Conclusion: An effective alternative to chlorhexidine, eucalyptus oil, can be used as mouthwash for effective oral hygiene maintenance. The present results, therefore, offer a scientific basis for traditional use and awareness about eucalyptus oil mouthwash.Apr 23, 2018

Certain essential oils possess pain-relieving qualities, including clove, nutmeg, eucalyptus, or peppermint oil.
Use a cotton swab and dilute one of these oils, then apply it to the problem tooth and/or gum area. Repeat the process as needed. This can also be done with apple cider vinegar.

[!→] NATURAL— Natural mouthwash

### (great one @trucko)
aloe vera vs chlorhexidine

[!→] NATURAL— Acacia
The  patient was prescribed a topical application of  herbal gel acacia catechu 134mg and acacia  farnesiana 134mg thrice daily and tablet  diclofenac sodium twice daily for three days.  Acacia catechu, has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial,  analgesic used for swollen gums and  stomatitis. Acacia farnesiana, used for treating  bleeding gums, stomatitis and dental caries

Etheric oils ... fumigation
SLO: "sopara"


Measles & immune amnesia ?!
Enter "immune amnesia", a mysterious phenomenon that's been with us for millennia, though it was only discovered in 2012. Essentially, when you're infected with measles, your immune system abruptly forgets every pathogen it's ever encountered before – every cold, every bout of flu, every exposure to bacteria or viruses in the environment, every vaccination. The loss is near-total and permanent. Once the measles infection is over, current evidence suggests that your body has to re-learn what's good and what's bad almost from scratch.
Scientists have known for decades that even after they recover, children who have been infected with measles are significantly more likely to fall ill and die from other causes. In fact, a study from 1995 found that vaccinating against the virus reduces the overall likelihood of death by between 30% and 86% in the years afterwards.

First measles infects memory cells, then somehow the immune system learns how to identify the virus itself. Once it's started producing immune cells specific to measles, they travel around the body, hunting down infected memory cells  So you end up with cells that can identify measles systematically killing off cells that can identify other viruses. The virus leads us to destroy our own immune memories.  
Eventually, measles ends up replacing all your normal immune memory cells with ones that can identify it, and nothing else. This means you're only immune to measles – while all other pathogens are forgotten. It's a counter-intuitive strategy, especially from the virus' perspective, since it won't be able to sneak into the body again without being recognised.


[!] So ... Measles = Herpes Zoster right?

Dental pain relief

It is often helpful to alternate Tylenol and Ibuprofen every 4 hours. In other words, take 800 mg Ibuproven every 8 hours. Four hours later take two extra strength Tylenol (2 x 500mg) and take the Tylenol every 8 hours. Do not take either one more frequently. So every 4 hours you will be alternating 800 mg Ibuprofen with 1,000 mg of Tylenol. That should help with the pain. Tests show that is as effective as Codeine and not nearly as addictive. The antibiotics will take 48 to 72 hours to fully kick in. Once it does, the need for pain medication will decrease. I hope that helps. Dr. Silberman

Arm Tingling / Numbness / Pins & Needles
SLO: mravljinci

________ with dental abscess & connection to TMJ
Abscesses Cause Tenderness and Tingling
Some people feel a tingling, numbness, or itching in their jaws before an abscess forms. The affected tooth or teeth may be sensitive to pressure, cold foods, and sugary drinks. The affected tooth and gum area may also feel as if it's raised slightly.May 2, 2018

_________ pinched nerves

“The nerves originate from the spinal cord in the neck and travel down from the spine into the arm and hands. When there is a problem in the neck, such as an irritated or pinched nerve, this can cause symptoms like tingling or numbness that travels into the arm.”Jan 22, 2020

[!!] Vaccine: Tick-borne Meningitis

also → 🔗antiticks

[!!] ORDERING/OTHERS/LIM0— Get insider help with supplies

maybe +Hema can help get us this?
or doctors we know.

    A) precarious:
        "i need this is there any way bla bla"
    B) advanced:
        "here is a list, what do i owe you? ok thanks"
    C) regular:
        "thanks for the new package!"
        "i added more stuff to the pad"
        "thanks for adding new stuff to the pad"
        "I don't need this, I'll send it onward there"
experimental drug

[!!*] SPECIALIZATION— Nevrology 101

[!!→] general level
* what are most basic conditions? how are they diagnosed? how common are they?
* what are some possible DIY methods for:
    * preventative
    * diagnostic
    * curative
    * ###
* ###
* rare conditions & experimental drugs
* ... and potential use of those for other conditions
* ... and advanced understanding of the body AND the industry through these


[!!$] PSYCHOLOGY/DOCTORS/DIAGNOSTICS— Contemporary doctor—patient relations

claim: "there's many psychopaths in the profession, because of obvious reasons"
ja delavcih ja. zdravnikih. velikrat se izkaze. nekak v splosni medicini se psiho somatiko prevec locuje in predvsem ne postavlja dovolj pozornosti psihi. kot drugo nek empat tezko dela na oddeku s pacienti z neozdravljivimi boleznimi. te to crpa in ne hrani. pod tri pa tolk usmerjena specializacija. in kombo vseh treh je z lahkoto psihopat v beli halji. s cemer ni nic narobe, ce prides do psihopata po tocno doloceno zadevo za katero je on specializiran.

* ja respect, ti kar študiri vse o tem, zadnjič sem visel z sošolko iz gimnazije, ki ima autoimuno bolezen, pa mi je tudi razlagala, da je dosegla izboljšanje preko lastne iniciative, s stvarmi, ki jih je priguglala
* ja, problem komuniciranja zdravnik-pacientka je ful resen. oni se tega ne učijo pomojem na konstruktiven način:
    oziroma gotov ni posodobljen na sodobno psihologijo komuniciranja, sploh za folk, ki zna sam študirat, advanced introspektira, itn
example: communication with dentist ("zoning in")

Eye drops == Ear drops == Nose drops ??

2022/07 situation:
    D got prescribed MAXITROL:
        (== Neomycin, Polymyxin B, And:
            A) Hydrocortisone?
            B) dexamethasone(?):
        3x3 drops, "10 minutes"
        The (RIGHT EAR) tragum bloated (painful to touch!) after taking "eye drops"
        "They would not leave ear for 15 minutes, eardrum felt bloating as they were applied)"
neomycin, polymyxin B, and dexamethasone

Intestines cleaning (because of poisoning?) ... Enama / Clyster 

(19th century, [SLO])
Če pa ni štrkalice, ali človeka, ki bi jo znal rabiti, napravi iz mila svalke, pomoči jih v olju ali jih namaži s kako mastjo in potisni v danko. Nehati pa moraš ravno tedaj in tako, kakor smo gori povedali.

————— 20221128↓

[r!] Breast self-checks (breast cancer)


[r!] Prostate checks (prostate cancer)
"most dangerous for men between 24-40"

Morning-after pill
aka "MA pill"


Amoxiclav (antibiotic)
(good general info, dosing, etc)
dosing: 2 or 3 times per day?
### how long should you take it?
When to take?
  • Amoxicillin is rapidly absorbed after oral administration and peak levels are reached 1-2 hours after dosing. However, it may take up to 24-72 hours of regular dosing before infection symptoms start to abate.
So, given 20-24h is peak (Ear) infection period, should be T-1h, so 7-11pm.

Probiotics? No:
Doctors who recommend probiotics typically suggest that people take them a few hours after their antibiotic. Otherwise, the two medications can cancel each other out. Some doctors even suggest waiting to start probiotics until a few days after you've completed your course of antibiotics.Jun 29, 2020
[!!] what to eat during/after AB?
Some foods interfere with the effectiveness of antibiotics.
These include grapefruits, can stop the body from breaking down and correctly absorbing the medication.
Also, some research indicates that foods fortified with high doses of calcium, such as some orange juices, can interfere with the absorption of certain antibiotics.

[!!*] TOREAD/COMMUNISM— Social Medicine
Social care traditionally takes a different look at issues of impairment and disability by adopting a holistic perspective on health. The social model was developed as a direct response to the medical model, the social model sees barriers (physical, attitudinal and behavioural) not just as a biomedical issue, but as caused in part by the society we live in – as a product of the physical, organizational and social worlds that lead to discrimination (Oliver 1996; French 1993; Oliver and Barnes 1993). Social care advocates equality of opportunities for vulnerable sections of society.[4]
German physician Rudolf Virchow (1821–1902) laid foundations for this model. Other prominent figures in the history of social medicine, beginning from the 20th century, include Salvador Allende, Henry E. Sigerist, Thomas McKeown,[5] Victor W. Sidel,[6] Howard Waitzkin, and more recently Paul Farmer[7] and Jim Yong Kim. 

(2023/7→8→ basketball experience: general body, injuries, regularity, extra rest, etc)


[r!!**] Internal inflammation (anti-inflammation) herbs

Fenugreek is one of the best anti-inflammatory herbs because of its many benefits for digestive health and cardiovascular health. It can reduce inflammation of the stomach and has been shown to improve inflammatory issues, like mouth ulcers, bronchitis, chronic coughs and metabolic disorders.

    [!**→] nice site!
Today, yarrow is sometimes suggested for the following uses, although there is a lack of scientific evidence:
  • Loss of appetite
  • Indigestion or heartburn
  • As a diuretic, to increase urine flow
  • Amenorrhea (irregular menstrual cycle)
  • Menstrual cramps and pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Inflammation
  • To fight infection
  • Fever (brings temperature down through sweating)
  • To reduce bleeding
  • Wound healing 

[m!!] Symptom checker / diagnosis protocol

slovenian "blue book" <D
not bad

[!!f] Ulcerative Colitis
(friend of D...)

Believe it or not, but there is actual scientific research that shows that drinking fresh cabbage juice can help resolve peptic ulcers or a troubled tummy. Cabbage may also have a beneficial effect on gut health. 

[!!**fo] Clinical flowcharts
g: clinical flowcharts (80€ subscription → #todll) [!!]

Cough & listening to lungs (stethoscope)

* is this accessible / teachable to non-experts?:
    at least at some basic level (only tries to establish positives?)
* (!) blind spot: it's not possible to listen to some part of lungs, only x-ray can establish this
* ###

    * "pljučnik"
    * :
        """Acetylcysteine, also known as N-acetylcysteine (NAC), is a medication that is used to treat paracetamol overdose and to loosen thick mucus in individuals with chronic bronchopulmonary disorders like pneumonia and bronchitis.[7] It has been used to treat lactobezoar in infants. It can be taken intravenously, by mouth, or inhaled as a mist.[7] Some people use it as a dietary supplement.[10][11]"""
        (slo: fluimukan)
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* bacterial vs viral:
    ### [!!]

* Diagnose with stetoscope ("listening to lungs")

* ... but there are types which cannot be heard
"""While listening to the lungs with a stethoscope can provide valuable information, it may not always rule out pneumonia definitively. Pneumonia can sometimes present with subtle or early signs that might not be immediately audible through a stethoscope examination. Additionally, not all types of pneumonia produce distinctive sounds that can be easily detected with a stethoscope.""":
    → viral, interstitial, "deep lung", early, ...

* ... so x-ray is reccomended

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