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Bag for Living

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by sam81452667
comments, suggestions - please mail me at sam@catbull.com

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( preliminary )
Since the term "Bug-out bag" might have some negative connotations, even right-wing ideology connected to it, I'll call this a "Bag for Living". The fundamental question: what is the bare minimum you need, to have everything essential for your life with some precious comforts, to keep your life worth living, remains valid.

Why a bag (or two) and not more?
While transport is available in most circumstances, you need to be able to carry your own stuff, also some forms of public transport (German ICE trains e.g.) have no real storage options left for passengers.

Depending on your physical strength, the weight limit will be different for different people (for me personally this lies at slightly above 30kgs).

Depending on your reasons, that force you to leave your current shelter, and with no guarantee to ever come back home, you might concentrate on a specific SHTF scenario, however this collection of items is for more than just one scenario, the idea was to find common aspects of bad events in life, whether these are war-situations, natural disasters like wildfires, earthquakes, floodings, just to name a few, or more general personal events, that need you to leave home on a short notice.

This collection was, with the at the time alpine wooden landscape in mind, although it works just as well in places with less dense forests, also it was meant to provide for at least 2 people. It took approximately 3 years to consider, find the right equipment, order and make personal modifications, while money wasn't an issue at the time, some items are second hand, some were broken and I repaired them, some things are self-build. Camping trail runs to test out these items have been done a few times, during winter with lots of snow, also during summer with 42*C... When building such a kit, I'd really recommend such test runs, some earlier items proved to fail quickly.

Only when you figured out most aspects of your life, have you got the physical and mental strength to provide assistence to others for extended periods of time.


(### this list will grow more detailed with more notes and pictures over time)


* Hilleberg Nammatj 3GT olive - because you might not be alone, you need enough space for storing your gear, and a good sunshade

* 24 Titanium Tent Nails, 10 aluminium tent screws (for snow, ice and sand), 6 'fishbone' hooks (for wooden patios, piers and the likes)

* Hilleberg Tarp 5 dark olive - because you don't want to cook (with a wood stove) inside the tent, even when it's raining, is also a more airy sunshade, can be used to collect rainwater, and is also a great raincover for your bag fo living:
    (why olive colour? - some might like the aspect of stealth, for me it fit's better into nature, isn't as painful to the eye, and provides better shadows.)


* Fjallraven Move in Bag Long:
    more space, down feathers lightweight at 730g

* Thermarest LuxuryLite Mesh Cot,XL:
    with anti-scraping feet (find right term) and Thermarest Thermoblanket underneath (stops humidity and cold creeping in you 

* Pillowcase with some clothes inside

* Enkeeo SB-6057 USB rechargable Bug Zapper and Light (because everyone hates to noise of mosquitos, while trying to sleep, even if you're not prone to stings)


Is basically divided into two sections - the small utilities, which are personal and essential in every case and the larger tools, which you could work without in some situations, but for a complete kit you'd like to have them as well, and I do...

    Small cooking utilities

* 2 Snowpeak Titanium plates

* 2 Snowpeak Titanium bowls

* Snowpeak H300 and H450 insulated mugs

* 2 Lifeventure Titanium Cutlery sets - spoon, fork, knife

* 2 Sets of AMG Titanium Chopsticks

* 1 Set of AMG Titanium smaller cutlery with coffee spoon, smaller forks:
    for hot corn e.g.

* 2 Keith Titanium Drinking Straws

* 2 small Titanium tea cups, or sauce pots

* Forever Ceramics foldable kitchen knife

* Victorinox mini peeler

* Cuisipro collapsable 3-way rasp

* AMG Titanium barbeque tongs

* Uniflame Titanium ladle

* Titaner Titanium Tooth-Pick

* Small stainless steel Superkim can opener

* Foldable stainless steel Fackelmann bottle opener/ wine-bottle cork screw

* Stainless steel tea infuser

* Boker Plus MA Titanium tactical knife

* Joseph Joseph Tri-Scale - foldable kitchen scale, max 5 kgs

* Pen sized fishing gear + spool, hooks...

* Aluminium Handle - when you use your plates as frying pans

* Ultra small Petzl Head lamp

* Biolite coffee press kit:
    works also as strainer, only in combination with Biolite Kettle Pot

* 3 Mini ceramic pepper mills AdHoc with Sechuan Pepper flower, black pepper, green pepper

* National Geographic 6 spices rack with garlic, oregano, chili, dill, salt and sugar

* 4 Keith Titanium 120ml flasks with with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, alcohol (vodka) and soy sauce

* Small dish washing brush with washing liquid inside - fits perfectly inside the smaller mug

* N-rit mini towel for dishes

* LightMyFire fire rod mini

* Lighter

    Larger Cooking tools

* Biolite Camp Stove 2 with Grill add-on Kettle pot, dimmable USB light (Flex-Light) and gooseneck extension, selfmade fries strainer:
    runs on branches, twigs, pellets, paper... (but not coal, as you'd kill the peltier and melt the steel),
    produces clean white ash, which is great for soap making.
    The internal fan and peltier element produce intense heat - enough to make french fries in a short amount of time,
    USB charger is not that powerful, but can help out with a dead phone, or run lights for cooking in the dark.:
    (Yes technically not essential, unless you're stuck in drought conditions with a ban on open fires, in flood conditions, where everything is wet or in snow and ice...)

* Backup hiking gas stove with gas bottle

* EBEMATSU 13-inch Titanium wok - lightweight from Japan, doubles as large indestructable bowl, can also be used as helmet for a hailstorm, or wildfires (but use some rolled-up clothes for cushoning inside)

* Waeco 36l peltier cooling bag (12V, 3A) with 3 same sized solar panels at theoretically 60W:
    directly pushing power to the peltier, without regulator/converter,
    don't care about efficiency of peltier element, as long as I get my 3A.
    Only works when sunny, or at least some daylight (less cooling),
    inside I have:
        * Klean Canteen Reflect 532ml, uninsolated stainless steel for milk, or cooling down drinks
        * Black+blum Box Appetit 900ml stainless steel container for food with bamboo cap, which doubles as cutting board
        * Several small stainless steel food containers (ECOlunchbox) in different sizes for butter, berries, vanilla sugar, honey, jams etc
        * Stainless steel 2l keg for water (5 kegs still in austria incl brewing caps and beer dispensing system)
        * Dimmable USB rechargable led light with magnet holder for inside the cooling bag

* 1L stainless steel bottle with oil:
    for making french fries, with strainer to capture impurities - hot oil can be filled back in bottle right after use

* 3 Zip-lock food grade silicone storage bags

* Sportsman's axe, 12-inch Estwing E14A:
    when no smallish twigs can be found for the wood stove, can also double as hammer for tent nails

* Wakizashi, 43cm overall length, 27cm blade length, in rose wood shirasaya:
    for cutting large pieces of meat and fish - could also be used for self defense

* Graensfors swedish grinding stone:
    to keep my tools with an edge, razor sharp

Water, washing and such

* Sea to summit pocket shower 10L with a small thermometer on the underside

* Scrubba clothes washing bag 10L

* Fjallraven 15L Fresh Water bag in UN-blue

* Katadyn Ceramics water filter

Sewing kit

* Mini tape measure, 1m

* Wooden needle box with needles (a lot), also leather needles

* VICTORINOX swiss army pocket knife (53012 Classic SD Silver Alox Mini - with sissors)

* Ceramic finger cup - when sewing leather needed to push the needle through

* Some safety pins

* 2 spools of high strength thread in dark grey and black

Toiletteries bag

* Philips HS 198 USB rechargable shaver

* Colgate ProClincal Pocket Pro USB Rechargable Electric Toothbrush

* Toothpaste

* Contact lens kit with liquids

* Natural spnges

* Shower gel

* Hair washing gel

* Bar of soap

* Skin cream

* USB cable?? interesting, didn't remember that... for tooth brush, shaver

* Condoms

* Ear plugs (ohropax)

* Small mirror

* Some band aids

* Desinfectant wipes

* Foldable hair brush

* Nail brush

* Set of swiss-made Rubis nail scissors, glass nail rasp, medical tweezers

* Small towel (cotton)

* 2 hiking towels, one from Lifeventure, the other huge noname

* Menstrual cup

* Waterproof toilet paper roll holder with one roll

* Small folding stainless steel shovel to dig and close a lantrine

Medical kit

* Desinfectant wipes

* Dry swabs

* Glue-on wound closing sutures

* Mirror

* Blood lancets

* Lots of different kind of band aids

* Allume sticks

* Manganese powder

* Celox hemostatic agent (powder)

* Condoms

* Small hikers heat pack, can be recharged by cooking for some minutes

* Respiratory sheet for mouth to mouth

* Small bandana/tourniquet

* SAM medical splint large

* Emergency blanket

* Pressure wound dressings

* Normal wound dressings

* Scissors

* Bar of soap

* Pack of tissues

* Sterile gloves

* Small glass syringe and stainless steel needle, can be easily sterilized

* Small stainless steel suture kit with both the vanishing thread and the stable one

* Paracetamol

* Ibuprofen

* Anti-histamine

* Potassium iodine

* Acetyloystein

* Anti-cough pills

* Heart rate, blood pressure metre

* Blood oxygen sensor

* IR thermometre

* 3 10ml stainless steel flasks with desinfectant liquid, after bite, liquid iodine:
    (steel is not so great with such a corrosive substance)

Offgrid-Power solution

(besides stove with USB power output)

* 2 Vinsic 20 000 mAh Power banks, with 2 2.4A USB Power Outputs each:
    (why two power banks? so that I can recharge one, while using the other)

* Silvercrest SLS 13A1 Foldable USB Solar Panel with 4 Panels, 5V upto 2A Output:
    (also 60W 12V solar panels for the cooling bag)

* Since all powered gadgets run on 5V USB power (except a few CR2032 batteries) nothing more is needed!

Computer Stuff

* 2 Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 8:
    dual boot Windows and Debian (non-modified kernel) with one plastic stand (can be taken apart),
    USB rechargable - two for redundancy

* 2 Adata 720 Pro 5TB rugged external USB 3 Harddisks:
    containing my personal data, photos and a collection of ~2000 movies and over 500 TV shows

* Sennheiser Momentum V2 wired and wireless noise-cancelling headphones, USB rechargable

* JBL mini in ear bluetooth head-set, USB rechargable

* JBL on tour micro speaker, USB rechargable

* Microsoft foldable bluetooth LE keyboard with 2 BT addresses, USB rechargable

* Elecom Capclip Mobile IR BT Mouse, USB rechargable, without the unnecessary clip-case

* Netgear Aircard 720s mobile router, USB rechargable

    Pen case with USB tools

* 2 micro USB cables (really short)

* One USB3 Host to microUSB3 adapter, one more with additional power input for my tablets

* Several USB Sticks, also microUSB stick

* USB to MicroSD card converter

* Ledger Nano crypto wallet

* Philips USB audio card U108

* Tiny USB DVB-T stick, with 10cm antenna, based on RTL2832U, works great for SDR

* 2 micro USB to USB-C converter for my smartphone

Electronics kit

* Mini ARM DSO212 DS212 Portable Digital Storage Oscilloscope Two Channels T8J7 with all probes and such

* TS100 soldering iron in see-trough sleeve with 5 different iron tips:
    made to run from 2x 2.4A USB Ports (selfmade), stand with sponge, MINI Earth Clamp, normal 
solder, silver solder, flux, silver flux, guitar pics (when nails arent sufficient)

* ES120 with 80 4mm bits, all available, philips, +, torx:
    all 'asshole'-bits in selfmade cloth bitholder, that can be worn around the arm
    note: I have the earliest version with locking planetary gear, later versions have not such a good mechanical design (as the producer went with a cheaper option)

* Aneng mini multimeter with probes

* 3D-Doodler pen, with all different tips available, ABS and PLA sticks, selfmade USB cable:
    not as amazing as my 3D printer, but great if you need to repair some plastic parts, doubles as hot-glue gun

* Spyderco the smallest of their knives, stainless steel, strong and sharp, blade length 3cm, overall 7cm:
    perfect for taking apart some things

* HOZAN P-899 stainless steel tweezers/pliers, extremely powerful and very exact

* 30X Illuminated folding magnifying glass with LED, with real glass lens:
    can double as fire starter during the day

* Tiny self made lock-pick set

Smoking tools

* Juul e-cig in USB rechargable battery case (fuul) - keeps you cig charged, many pods...

* Cigarette holder metal - against broken cigs

* Some lighters

* Pax 2 vaporizer for the good stuff, with travel charger (of course USB, some more mesh inlets, mouth piece...)

* Match package sized scale with 0.01g upto 100g

* Pelican case - when it shouldn't smell, also some airtight containers (Spacecase)

Other things

* 12.6 inch Titanium tire iron/ catbar - handmade from Russia

* Uco long burning lantern with beeswax refills:
    spilled/unburned beeswax is great to make things waterproof, or repair leaks in shelter

* LuminAID Spectra - small inflatable, floating, waterproof multi-colour solar light

* Respirator gas mask with charocoal filters

* Btech UV 5X3 mini tri-band ham radio, fully programmable by menu or CHIRP (linux), USB charging station, better antenna than original

* MSA Altair 4X Multigas sensor with selfmade usb charging cable

* Samsung NX Mini Camera with screw on macro lenses and filters, USB rechargable, MicroSD storage 64GB:
    can be used with android app as a remote viewfinder, but GPS must be enabled for the app to run (fucking bastards)

* Unihertz Atom Smartphone - the smallest android phone I could find

* Nokia 7280 Phone:
    my ancient trusty nokia phone, still works, was the only option in Kenya, where network standards are too old to run with current smartphones

* Mont Blanc Silver Fountain Pen and writing booklet


* Large deer leather coat with hoodie:
    not only good against sun, rain and snow, but also an effective fire blanket

* Leather pants

* Wool jacket

* T-shits

* Underwear

* Socks

* Swim suit

* Silk scarf

* Short pants

Backpack stuff

* Fjallraven Friluft 35L backpack Lappland edition:
    large backpack, containing most items inside and strapped to it

* Fjallraven Kanken #2 olive:
    small backpack for front, as a counterbalance, containing sensitive equiptment like electronics and computer stuff, money, 
identification ...

* Pacsafe exomesh 120:
    with an additional bike lock to secure around a tree for example, plus normal lock with keys

* North Face Flyweight 17l backpack for shopping

( ... )

My seeds kit, geiger counter, climbing gear, inflatable kayak and compound bow are still in Austria (far far away atm), as I took all my clothes with me I was weight and space limited and travelling with an obvious weapon (bow) in public transport crossing several borders is not recommended.

I have been living out the contents of my 'Bag for Living' for 10 months now and can say it's very complete to me, even during a pandemic (which was not one of the scenarios I considered tbh) it has proven a valuable complete resource.

*** (comments & questions)

* what's your main backpack? don't see it written down

* "with no guarantee to ever come back home"
what's in a home, what does it mean? why do you need, or want this concept?
aren't you able to make a home whenever you drop your backpack?
... and: I would try arguing that overcoming the "home" concept - definitely for 100% of people not owning a property, and probably most who do - would actually allows them reaching the very qualities they might be lookingfor when they refer to that concept

* >sam !!!!!! should all have this?:
    if that is the case, would it be both sensible and maybe even humanitarian, but also enterprising, to assemble it into a kit?
    in addition to saving time and making it accessible to a greater number (though not representaion), better prices, could imaginably be had. on the other hand, demand might raise prices, and if this is tools for living, The Rich might prosper and get ahead (yet again) more easily, instead of "people that hear about it organicaly". so? /// #POSTRELEASE

* "are you only preparing for yourself? is this individualistic?":
        1) "to be able to help others, you have to first help yourself"
        2) "this is actually better used by several, maybe 2-4 people"

* q: of depreciation - wear - maintenance - spares etc:
    mark things which need to be changed?
    depreciation, wear, etc?
    how to ressuply?
    how to replace

* q: of not just tools, but skills, and pre-work ... anything else?

* q: scenarios (and associated oversee of gear), etc ... and tactics, and pre-work

* ... and diplomacy (solo hermit vs ad-hoc groupation castling vs ...)

* subsets (and how to keep it together, tear it apart, etc)

* multi-person kits

* q: marine soap?:
    ... and other tails of weird reconfiguration of essentials

* how about 🔗vaults ?

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