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CHT6-C : Collaborative Open Plan

<D R A F T>


  🔗planning𝌡   !

As announced on:
    * Mastodon, 2019-05-10
    * Diaspora, 2019-05-09
    * [...]

*** Programme

Prefix legend [by project type]:
    * SYS = systematics
    * INFRA = new infrastructure & maintenance
    * PR = public relations, project spread
    * THEORY
    * MEDIA = hypermedia, representation systems
    * STUFF
    * OP
    * DEV
    * [...]

Suffix Legend [by work activity type]:
    * PC = @computer (and telephone???), can happen anywhere
    * LANZA = physically exploring, meeting, being present in Lanzarote
    * LIVE = present, but anywhere


See 🔗season6-A𝌡 !!!

... All of these will get merged here ...

Pretty convinced this is the way to go for the project.
It is a #type4 (mobility + "Harbours") direction.

Need to figure out:
    * what kind of boat
    * where to get it
    * where to keep it
    * the complete financials
    * the legalese
    * alternative models of ownership (sharing, allying, parasiting existing boats, etc)
    * [...]

So, small steps in this direction:
    * meet people with boats
    * systematize harbours and other resources
    * possibility to get these "1€" boats
    * how to obtain knowledge ... talk to +javi !
    * define possible routes:
        a) Nearest Africa ~ 2 days ?
        b) Americas ~ 3 weeks ?
        c) Cape Verde ~ ?
        d) Gibraltar + Balearic + Greece + Adriatic ~ 3500km, 1 month
    * merge with and Floating Point + Techotsukumogami [...]

INFRA: Second Van "> LANZA + PC
We found a candidate: A white ~1985 Syncro (4x4) Dokka T3. ("Platform Chassis").
Is it worth betting 1000€ (500€ buy + 500€ fix) on the second van?
What would it be?:
    * A containerized tiny-house platform?
    * A food truck?
    * A to-distribute copy of 🔗trucko𝌡 ?
    * [...

SYS: Research and list other island activity. | PC + LANZA + FUERTE
We have never been there and know not much about the initiatives or people there.

--> 🔗canarias𝌡 !
Starting with Fuerteventura and Tenerife.

Need to:
    * list, map (PC)
    * go there
    * send 100 mails to these places:
        * write generic communiques !!!
    * [...]

MEDIA: Website cleanup. | PC + LIVE
Make user tester group.
Reread all content also from other pods-internals, old wikis etc.
Develop better content release graduation (by PRIORITY, CURRENT STATE, etc).

THEORY: Postinternet content & goods distribution. | PC + LIVE
Vaults, coop logistics.
Coming soon: 🔗postinternet-distribution𝌡 !

INFRA: Trucko van | LANZA + PC

  Fixing & Parts | LANZA + PC


* left signal -- does not get stuck in place! ... 20€

* door rubbers ... 50€

* change & fix left spring ... 50€:

* centering ... 20€

* tires ... 120€

* pedal change ... 50€

* transmission oil / "make nicer" ... 50€:,15700019,15700186,15700191,15700253&usg=ALkJrhiSi4kObjXtDvcSt6GN2DsEYxJX6A

* ensure no more break fluid leaks !!!

maybe also:
* speedometer cable ... 30€
* hand-brake does not work:
    new cables needed? cables x2 🔗trucko-new𝌡 ... 20€
* [...]

  Tidy-up the van situation | LANZA + PC
    * proper doors security (locks, etc)
    * alarm & location for keeping
    * make drivable by other people
    * downtime protocol:
        * last check
        * keeping location
    * [...]

  Prepare for travels | LANZA + PC
Insurance next level.
Have mechanics everywhere.
Where to do ITV in September?

PR: Project Spread | PC + LIVE 
Figure out how to find more executive people for the projects, a semi known problem.

SYS+THEORY: Revectorize alliances. | PC
Alike page is good but lacking.
Needs to merge with 🔗intersub𝌡 and even 🔗postmarket𝌡. No more "two timing punks", no more poseur alliances.
"Call-out culture" for anyone involved with.
Who are really our closest organisations? Are we comrades, or are we "friends"?
S14, paillard, sqek, pekinpah, Constant vzw - who are they really?

OP: Position to win grants. | PC
Pekinpah, dyne, paillard, s14, constant, ljudmila all do it.
We need an executive semi-associated form.

THEORY: Post-Postmodernist Art | PC + LIVE
After classic-mimetic, modernism, and postmodernism, it's time for a Fourth art.
Random, out-of-context, inconsequential art, not dealing with the "topics of our time", is now just ugly.
Assemble manifesto and practices:
    * Establish measure of Urgency, and a consequent ethics-politics-aesthetics. 
    * Call-out all the bullshitt.
    * Classification, and new curatorial strategies
    * [...]

OP: Program for Trucko van a mobile hackerspace | PC + LANZA
The van: 🔗trucko𝌡
Contact local organisations.
Make independent events and workshops happen. <- 🔗teaching-pau𝌡
Get sponsors to finance travels.

RESEARCH: Birds and Cats | LANZA + PC + LIVE
Birds are amazing.
There are existing organisations working with that. (WWF, Punctum photographers, etc)
It used to be people but now it is primarily cats killing them.
What is the population, and other factors that can be (or are) traced?
What is the scale of the problem?
What can we do to counter this?
Are there laws in place, are they respected?
What is the state of protected areas?

INFRA: Lanzarote second storage / #Vault | LANZA
Move the stuff we can't fit into the van, from current place of @MB1, to some new place.

DEV: Server todos >david | PC
* fix the server extra disk drive:
    * local server + remote backups !!!
    * #ttarchive
* [...]

DEV: OsmAnd offline location sharing | PC
Continue work from CHT6-B +korentin.

<------------------------------------------- (new) add above ...

*** Pre-season Orders


See 🔗ordering-new𝌡.
Addresses at 🔗shipping-new𝌡.

For more on Van see 🔗trucko-new𝌡.

Trucko: Hand brake cables? [=> NO ORDER NOW]

<pau tries:
    * hand-brake cable left OEM 281609701C ~8€ :
    * hand-brake cable right OEM 281609702D ~10€ :
    * [...]

____ includes:
    * delivery for small parts to France, order under 120€ ~6€ (oversize parts ~37€)
    * says 1 to 2 days delivery <- consider 3 to make sure !

Trucko: Front Coil springs [==> STILL DECIDING]
>david : take a serious look and give feedback !!!

"confusion on front coil spring":

    * front spring
        * coil spring OEM 281411105B (281-286) ~8kg ! :
                "Monroe SP0190" ~98€
                "Sachs 997430" ~106€
                "Lesöfors 4095024" ~51€
                    <- displayed as compatible on aftermarket, not compatible on merchant site...

        * reinforced coil spring / heavy duty OEM 281411105F (M325:281-296) :
                "Bilstein 36-232987" where did I see that ?

    * it's part #11, either:
        A) 11281 411 105 B coil spring // F >> 28-G-015 891
        B) (11)281 411 105 D reinforced coil spring // F 28-G-015 892>>
    * OK, from what I see:
        * they advise to change both HOWEVER +pepe said we'll do one for now, so that's what we'll do
        * if we can get HEAVY DUTY cheap we'll do that

____problems from shop choices:

now refering to LT running gear edition 1983
    * heavy duty coil or not ? page 4
        <- probably... we need standard:
            19,4mm "wire diameter"
            yellow paint marks
            heavy duty for M325 ... blue paint, 19,8mm wire... >pepe ?
    * different lengths mm (347, 364, 368...)
    * different diameters mm (19,5, 20, 21...)
    * why so much price difference ?
    * compatibility incoherence...

____ seals [which ones: for all doors]
... ask in forum >pau !

  Message sent 2019-05-12


@ LT fb forum

Dear LT lovers,
Here we have a LT 28 in need of a front left spring and rubbers for all doors.
More about the van: VW LT 28-35 Diesel - 2.4 BOX (281-363) - RWD 1979-1992

Coil spring:
    from researching it seems that we need 281411105B or 281411105F (heavy duty)
    How do we know which one to get ? and what about the wire diameter and length of coil ?
    Online shops are confusing, with lots of choices and price differences...
    Any experience is welcome!

Door rubbers:
    Basically the info on D-shape or whatever-shape rubber seals feels like encryption for a non-educated person.
    Rains pours through front doors, side door and back door, what do you recommend ?

For now that's all, thank you for any help !!

  ... answer bits:

    1) "change [both springs] IN PAIRS !!!" [==> NO]:
        * Pepe say we'll do only the broken one, so that's what we're doing.
        * [pau:] common sense:
            * do a centering with an unbalanced coil system make sense?
            * rust role : new tensions will be created if the broken side - which was lower - becomes higher than the other
            * we will probably loose the older "still good" one pretty quickly
            <- we saw how it already needs zip tighs to hold in place...
        * [david:] >pau if you want, ask him and "present your arguments". but:
            * it takes about 4 hours of work to change the springs
            * what you think is "common sense" is your lack of understanding of legacy system mechanics.
            * lesson #1: IF IT IS NOT BROKEN, DO NOT FIX IT.
            * ¤¤¤ DONE.

    2) Brickwerks recommendation:
        ACTUALLY CHEAPER !!! ~50€
            281 411 105 D as heavy duty (GREEN):
            NO Aftermarket info here...
            281 411 105 B as standard (YELLOW) <- safer choice ?:
            ~50€ + POSTAGE : ~80€ ...
        (asked pepe what paint is on ours):
            <- "no se puede ver tiene mucho oxido "

  last before ordering

* check return policies:

    * @Brickwerks
"" We are legally obliged to accept returns for 2 weeks after first purchase, we will honour returns for 1 month from the date of initial purchase but items recieved back after this 1 month grace period will be subject to a 10% restocking fee. ""

    * @Alvadi
"" In case you want to return the goods for any reason, you need to notify our specialist of the matter. In the letter, specify:
- Order or invoice number
- Part code
- Reason for return
Only an accurate description of the problem will allow our specialists to return money to you in the shortest time possible or to send a new part. ""

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