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"CHT#1" was a house in Mala, Lanzarote (Canary Islands/Spain). A coliving hackerspace, an experiment, the original hackbase. It hosted >150 people that stayed an average of 2 weeks.

It documented itself as a 🔗hackbase-type1, including the 🔗manual, 🔗subfinance, 🔗hacking-housing, etc - defining, discussing and touring the "hackbases" concept online and IRL. The project assembled a commons of equipment (→🔗stuff), that it took onto its next iteration as a 🔗hackbase-type2, operating since 2014 on. It had been a great place to hack, financially sustainable without little initial investment. Life costs were 100€/week, all included. The location was ideal, away from tourism, with the beach and barren mountains in walking distance. It had been fun & the crews got work done, iterating and documenting through major problems.

Finally the base overgrew the house's size. With 3 small bedrooms, a living room & a roof terrace, it had a last-season average of 7, and up to 16 crew. When the property was reclaimed for family reasons — the base's future was up to a decision between either scaling ("bigger house"), replicating ("several houses"), or reconfiguring the model altogether ("not house anymore").

The last appeared best - finding land & living outside would definitely be more organisationally and infrastructurally challenging, but also more scalable & generally replicable, eco, cheaper ...  and ultimately, more transformative and inclusive — MORE REAL → 🔗season4

This page will continously add media & documentation from that period.

More info:
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    * first public website (2012-06-22)
    * CHTv1🔗cht1 ← #tomerge [!!!**]
    * ### actually there was the google sites before ... share that [!!*] #PREHISTORY