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      C   /   H   /   T    
        Y        I       O      
          B        P       T      
            E         P       A      
              R          I       L      
                            E       I       

Hello from after the 36c3,
Happy New Year!,

The Chaos Communication Congress (Leipzig/DE) just ended, and we are on our way to the next hackbase subseason:

*** CHT7-B, January-March/April 2020 ***

Are you free right now? No work, or can take a vacation? You should join - flights are 50€ one way, and a week of life at the base costs around 100€.


TRUCKO, the mobile base van, is road-ready. First we need some luck with moving the fixed project storage (first part of January). Then we will be heading to FUERTEVENTURA (the nearest other Canary Island). *Nobody was ever there!*, so expect the setting up of a series of desert wilderness camps in these undiscovered territories. The main focus will be on exploring and mapping these new surroundings, the social/cultural/natural schemes there, and to keep up with CHT's main goal - to prototype and document post-capitalist ways of living for everyone that wants it right now!

To do so, we are looking for a crew of paranormal operators;
an operator should be generaly engaged with making this lifestyle progressively more possible and powerful, and less improvised and  precarious. Next to the typical survival stuff and computing time, there will be hanging out at the beach, trekking the desert, reflecting on daily activities, writing protocols about basic activities, etc.

Right now we are URGENTLY looking for drivers for January! So if you think you could come spontaneously in the next few days, please say so.

As said, flights are cheap as always. Check, for example for more info.

If you have any more questions please ask .
See you in 2020! Hack the planet!

P.S. For current weather, see ! It's ~20-25 degrees. ;-)

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