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*Online* channels, discussion groups, lists, circles, communities, networks, forums, ...
Generally oriented around CHT base's focal points: hacker infrastructure, communism/mutualism/left-wing politics, ecology, self-organization, commons, etc.

    ~2018 last updated
    20210502 separated out from 🔗alike

Ties to:
    🔗alike — IRL communities
    🔗list, 🔗channel — CHT's own online circles
    🔗intersub — how to relate to others, in the context of a common struggle
    🔗left-media — affinity news
    🔗postuni — (progressive academia, might include networks)

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* Newspeak house / Ed Saperia's list:
    "A repository of open channels containing people working on political and civic technology."
    FB groups, mailing lists, Meetup groups, Slack, weekly teleconferences, github repos, [...]

* :
    Riseup mailing lists!

* [...] !!!!!!

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    * :
        kind of dead? check archives + should be revitalized:
        NEW!: ### [!]

    * nettime:

    * liberationtech:

    * unciv:

    * unSYSTEM:
        "Revolutionaries on standby."
        Also see other lists →

    * hackademia:
        "Many of us who went to the Chaos Computer Club camp in Germany met to discuss the study of hacking (whether through scholarly, activist or artistic work). We have created a mailing list to continue the discussion and plan for future meetings. Please join if you are interested"

    * squattingeurope (sqek):
        (by invite/introduction only)

    * Platform Cooperativism:

    * artsec:
        "This is a meetup series and mailing list for artists and technologists exploring the intersection of computer security and media art."!forum/artsec

    * Cryptography:

    * Cypherpunks:

    * Cryptome:


    * CHT project list:
        → 🔗list

    * HACC (hackers against climate crisis) list:

    * Thk -- Public list for the organization of a transcultural hackmeeting:
        (via )

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+++ 250 P2P-LEFT 150 Hackbase Architecture 5000 12000 ecology of systems thinking (christopher chase) 220 debtors united 220, Community-Tours by ECO-BASA.ORG

### add more to "+++" category 180k nomads a life of alternative travel 4k→5700  "The Earth Organisation for Sustainability is a non-profit association aimed at developing, testing and advocating alternative socio-economic systems. At the current rate, our established systems are depleting the soils and freshwater reserves of the planet, destroying the eco-systems and disturbing the balance of the atmosphere." 1800 institute of network cultures ... calls / #grants 5200 decentralized autonomous society (cryptocurrency) 7600 (mike butcher) 1000 20k public academic library. finding books. 1700 Sustainable Living Village Network (kamiel choi) 2000 Community Network and Resource Mapping 2000 Global Nomads (full-time travellers) 800 nomadbase 100 DIY Sustainability (bilal etc) "Exploring hacker/maker culture in a transitioning world." 7000 world revolution (climate change revolution) 1200 trebor scholz coops groups 3500 ACL, long desc! 2000 : BrowserBased functions as a practice oriented, open research platform which deals with the browser based context and net-culture as a space for knowledge creation and dispersion. We organise live coding sessions, gatherings for guest speakers, workshops, international exhibitions and more.  /// Currently, the geo-marker of BrowserBased is set in Amsterdam, where the group was first formed from the need to organise a physical hub for the networked arts. We offer a platform for net art, maintain archives of recorded streams and our exhibitions and run an open page on Facebook. /// BrowserBased focusses on the progressive and dominant influence of the Internet, spurred on by the net being the central medium for communication, research, discourse, (re)presentation of art and art itself. Since we do not believe in geographical constraints and the governing academic conventions, we are constantly looking for collaboration with like minded, international communities. 1000 Association of Autonomous Astronauts 300 citizen kino (paolo podrescu) 400 survival park (ewan chardonet): This group is dedicated to study our lifes in the planetary Survival Park : metaphysical studies for catastrophist times 1000 Labcraft is an emergent Community of Practice around how social labs cultivate change through experimentation and collaboration. It started with 12 lab practitioners coming together to write the book Labcraft. We are committed to continue to share and evolve this craft. You are invited to join us!  /// Learn more about Labcraft book: 400 "Solarpunk is a vision of the future through the technological eyes of today’s green movement, but with the aesthetics of the art nouveau era, and an added ethos of decentralizing the West as the dominant global culture. We are here to share art, fiction, philosophy, technology, and ideas." 300 wild economics "Questioning what truly resilient cultures and economies look like, and discovering other ways of being human – ways that are not dependent on money." 700 nomads workation spaces 790 (nina breznik) 200 coworking rural spaces 2000 700 600 "This is a group for those who recognize the enormous potential to merge the local (living environment, neighborhood, source of life, home, community, nature, needs) with the global (thinking environment,virtual design sphere, knowledge, communication)." (Franz Nahrada) 11k ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION GROUP 2500 Leftovers : "Communist discussions since 2015." 2000 NEO-TRIBES (alexa clay)

SPECIFIC COLIVING PROJECTS 700 new project (mark mason) 200 SLO LOCAL GROUP ("let's squat an abandoned village) 1000 Digital Nomad Eco-Village (place in Spain)

SPECIAL INTEREST 1200 coops in UK 700 Pixelache (Finland event) 500 META ! for the software. 1700 1700 OSCE event page 1400 Technoprogressive Library


more → 🔗canarias

→ (mostly self-named "smartworkers", having "drinks", renting bungalows, offering yoga lessons & trying to find bachata partners) 820 Lanzarote Digital Nomads meetup (since 2020-12) 800 lanzarote digital nomads 3800 Fuerteventura Digital Nomads and expats 700 canary nomads (nacho)

← (...something more?) 20 people 200 lanzarote sostenible 880 Lanzarote & The Canary Islands Art Scene


Michel Bauwens is toxic to the comuunity since ~2018, see this statement. 6k P2P main group 2k P2P RESEARCH CLUSTER
"""The P2P Open Technology and Cosmo-Localism Group is a new project of the P2P Foundation designed to promote the sharing of knowledge and designs for distributed manufacturing, i.e. what we call cosmo-localism. As of March 2020 we also focus strongly on the collaborative and open source responses to the Coronavirus crisis."""
since 2012 .... 1300 @ 2020-10

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topics, more general

topics, more specific
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specific projects
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Suggested to use, works well via Matrix web interfaces (like

(list of lists)


(IRC & Matrix)


#hackerspaces of



### explain: how to bridge, etc

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Telekommunisten @ Discord


(person 1 ~2019)

# howto

- IRC + TOR:
- IRC + OTR:

#  networks

# channels

### attention: Freenode is dead (2021/06→)


(person 2)

depends on what you're interested on. I know Freenode from long ago so my information might be outdated, but for learning languages there used to be ##deutsch, ##francais and ##english at least. FOSS software packages? used to be that almost everything had a channel on freenode.I'm currently on [01:15] [Freenode] *** * channels:  #SeaMonkey #nextcloud #nodemcu #openwrt #openscad #hackerspaces #card10badge          +#BalCCon #spacemacs #midori #notion #lima #panfrost #emacs #duangle #hackzogtumCoburg

I also recommend #netbsd, #chicken and #panfrost, they're friendly
OFTC also has interesting tech channels, but IRC is very tech centric in general IMO
matrix isn't? I haven't looked at it yet unfortunately

(person 3)


* Freenode:


    * Lanzarote tech:
    * [...] ###

    * [...]

    * [...]


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    * 🔗podcasts
    * [...] !!!

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    * BeWelcome
    * Diaspora?
    * Mastodon?
    * [...]

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"corporate version of HACC, great communications"

David Potocnik It's been a long time for me. My main relevant experience was being on the Austrian economics Yahoogroup when I was writing Mutualist Political Economy, and sharpening my arguments about marginalism against economics professors. I'm on a listserv for NAASN, an anarchist scholars group, but it's pretty sporadically active and doesn't have much in the way of theory debates.

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