season6-A-pre TASKS BEFORE CHT6-A

This will be done mostly by >david and >pau !


    * buy flights:
        >david >nace >pau
    * order van parts !
            >david >pau #ordering
    * figure out van insuring !! :
            * problem is, that somebody WITH A DRIVERS LICENSE and SPANISH NIE NUMBER needs to take the van insurance on their name.
            * David does not have a drivers license.
        >pau : calls EU companies
        does international insurance really work in Spain?
            A) international insurance thing works
            B) pau gets NIE & residency in Canarias
            C) we find and bribe a local person
    * fix
        v1 and v2 problems, have a stable v3 >david
    * general ordering:
        see , also 🔗ordering-new !
    * talk to +MB1 >david
        * discuss if we can use the space, and occupy the empty room for some time?
        * financials?
        * security? ... make a locked door?


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