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+gal kirn @ICI BERLIN
The ICI Berlin is an independent research centre dedicated to exploring how diverse cultures can be brought into productive rather than pernicious confrontation.
The Institute enacts an expansive and deliberately dissonant understanding of culture that includes cultural formations (involving categories of class, gender, sexuality, and race) as well as fields of knowledge production (science, art, economics, law, media, politics).
"""I started a masters degree in Political Ecology, Degrowth, and Buen Vivir in Spain. I worked all year and but I am short the remaining fees for the university ICTA UAB, which are €3,960. """ < Cassandra Kiki Ami

* Radical Networks :
    publishing books !!!
    definitely try to collab on #bookproject

* Commune Magazine:



* !!!:
    "A collaborative experiment in autonomous radical learning. Self-organised education as direct action. Antiuni 2018 is on 9-15 June. #AgitateEducateOrganise"

* generation R & associated:
    * :
        San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment
    * [...]

* GCAS: (PhD application by 1st oct, dublin)

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