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david bollier's podcasts on commons

slovenian student radio since 1968

Luna Oi (45k)

Life in the Soil Podcast Episode 6: Sustainability – Healthy Soils, from Farms to Cities
Soil is full of amazing life with its own intrinsic value. Just like many other species, we humans benefit from it: Healthy soil not only provides food, feed, fiber and fuel, it also contributes to the stability of the whole Earth system. But living soils are at risk all around the world. So, in this episode, podcaster Anja Krieger and soil ecologist Matthias Rillig take a look into the sustainable future: How can we, as individuals and societies, nurture and restore the ecosystems of the soil? Get ready for the final episode of this series.

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People's Pulse Radio is a Marxist-Leninist podcast recorded and produced by the research fellows right here at the Center for Communist Studies. In the landscape of contemporary communist podcasting, PPR takes a unique approach—through the eclectic combination of music, analysis, and critique from the scholarly lens of communist and subaltern action, we aim to bring attention to geographies typically underrepresented by conventional socialist investigation, such as the Global South, the Middle East, and more. Where communist political action thrives in the world, there do we, as a podcast, turn to shed a bit of light of the politics, the music, and the culture of those regions.

Hacker Cultures: The Conference Podcast       Paula Bialski & Mace Ojala               
          This year, Covid-19 turned most conferences virtual, so to combat Zoom-fatigue, we decided to try another format and turn a conference session into a podcast. This series comes to you from the 2020 joint Society for Social Studies of Science/European Association for the Study of Science and Technology conference, titled "Locating and Timing Matters: Significance and agency of STS in emerging worlds" which took place from August 18th-21st. Among hundreds of panels, papers and sessions, the Hacker Cultures panel rounded up all sorts of researchers who study what it is to be a hacker, and what hacking, programming, tinkering and working with computers is all about. The hosts of this podcast are Paula Bialski, who is an Associate Professor at the University of St. Gallen, and Mace Ojala, a lecturer at the IT University of Copenhagen.  On-site recording and production was done by Heights Beats at Hotmilk Records. The theme song is titled "Rocky" by Paula & Karol. Funding for the editing of this podcast comes from the University of St. Gallen.        

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"when you talk about media, you have to talk about, reflect, the materiality of the media"

* in general:
    * "only then and there" logic — ephemeral, whimsical and momentary
    * not editable, not participative
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* overproduction

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