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Brief introduction

The Totalism Cooperative is a general labour association, operating since 2016. We specialize in applied research, consulting and educating in the fields of information & knowledge technologies, collaborative organization, and artistic co-production.

Our cooperations prioritize common-goals alignment, so they are better for everyone involved - affordable, rapid, exciting and cheerful. This in turn changes our labour's accessibility, and inclusivity.
### both?

The broader logic, and implications for our labour cooperants, can be found here:
    → 🔗coop-manifesto.


    ( Brief )
###[!!*] just merge this, should be visible from the TOC

General software and information technology research, development and deployment.

    * full-solution specification

    * open-source software deployment
        → 🔗hacker-tools

    * development + support:
        → 🔗workflow, 🔗dev-index
    * openhardware research and "free industry" production:
        also see → 🔗openhardware

    * develop for bounties
    * research, systematics and overviews

    * teaching and workshops:
        → 🔗teaching

    * GNU+Linux system administration, dev-ops and hosting infrastructure
        ->>> #servercoop

    * events support (audio, video, network, workflow)

    * Data consulting: quick transform dive [onsite, 2w:100h]

Every contemporary organisation and each individual can benefit from improving their organisational processes, regarding how they handle data — authoring, collaborating, organizing, search & retrieval, representation and visualization, conceptual models, data mining, etc.

2 week focus:
    * Figure out the main organisational and technical problems & actionably document them
    * Rapidly document, specify, develop and deploy a solution to a painful "quick fix" technical problem
    * Sketch & rethink the internal research & development practices, towards an innovative direction
    * Consider ethical and legal challenges & opportunities
    * Concord a longer term smart data strategy
### can be expanded further to ... 1) help make other problems actionable ... 2) by TCO direct work or stewarding

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  

Example outcomes

#1 (Belgian software/media company):
    * Rethought the database model (conceptual clearing for future proofing, performance improvements)
    * Made plans for graph database and "extended use of data"
    * Made foundation for reinforced learning on example that influenced search weights
    * Made foundation for statistical test infrastructure
    * Quick-fixed a broken "Solr" search engine instance
    * Written up a single page executive report for future tech (was immediately used in a successful VC round)
#2 (UK open hardware project):
    * base structure and vision-setting for this "zero stage" (🔗non-shitty) startup
    * for results, see XXX🔗voxelcraft ###RECOVER !!!

    * Topic consulting / outsourced research [offsite, 4w:50h]

    * Initial creative storming & direction-setting
    * Regular consulatory briefings
    * Prototype specification & development
    * 3/4 term main presentation
    * Compile a white paper or executive report
    * Outline open directions for possible further work
### past clients: UK University, International climate research non-profit

    * Overview: Groupware (collaboration/ideation/knowledge software & processes) [50h + Y:100h]
### merge [!!!]

    * Investigation: work to understand the main collaborative culture & challenges
    * Preparation: suggest several formats
    * Setup & introduce a new solution
    * Regular Maintenance, small consultations, upkeep & adjustments (~10h / month)
(Not unlike project.)

    * Data expansion: Semantic web positioning & compliance [20h]

Consultation: positioning within and taking advantage of the Linked Data ecosystem.
### future prospects
### can include prototype

    * Hosting software for collaborative groups [20h + Y:50h]
### could merge with "groupware overview" above, or differentiate on ANALYSIS + IMPLEMENTATION + INTRODUCTION/CONSULTATION modules

We host on & administrate exclusively GNU+Linux servers.

    * initial setup
    * regular upkeep
    * support: introduction & small consultations
    * select hardware and responsible/reliable shops/isp services
Typical work effort (~50 hours):
    * 8h talk + preparation
    * 8h initial education
    * 8h setup
    * 16h yearly upkeep
    * 16h yearly support requests

    * Own & free software deployment and integration

    → 🔗dev-index (own solutions)
    → 🔗hacker-tools (free & libre/open source software for any need)

        * Replacing proprietary software

With FLOSS alternatives:
    * support
    * teaching & consultations
    * custom directioned development

    * Development projects

        * Directioned improvement of existing (FLOSS) products
Typically software development on top of products we already use.

        * Custom specification / R&D services per specification
Micro (<10h), mini-projects (<50h), and larger projects (~500h).
Broken down in several deliverable stages.

        * Participating in a larger creative projects
    * Co-develop and concord specifications
    * Care to transfer responsibility to wider community later
    * Analyze broad community, political and legal implications, challenges & opportunities
    * ###

    * Procure & maintian affordable, reliable hardware

See → 🔗laptop.


Collaborative projects always struggle to capture and maintain their document systems. Their tool choices are often improvised, and thus incomplete, unkempt, and unconsolidated.

A Document Steward position ensures regular quality overviews:
    * pushes adoption of standard processes, from the basic (onboarding, archiving, meeting agenda setting, ...), to more advanced & custom
    * directly resolves complex problems with key document duplicates, mergers, etc
    * upkeeps styles and document hierarchies
    * keeps the processes functional & active
    * passes methods to an internal group of stewards-in-training, to adopt & pass on

References from a number of associations, companies & collectives available.


In-person, online, or mixed.
High variety of topics, levels and customization, see → 🔗teaching.

    * Beginner programing course in schools (Python, Scratch, or equivialent)
    * Varied-skill e-textile crafts
    * Navigating information & the internet effectively (from basic to expert)
    * Simple hardware projects (soldering & basic microcontrollers)
    * E-studying (from primary education, to complex digital scholarship setups)

    * Workshops (for groups, public)

High-intensity, customized units, typically 2-10 people.

    * Individual mentoring
young people (in schools, etc)

Mentoring and individual consultation on a wide-variety of technical and organisational topics.
We connect with existing institutions, to support their current audiences & reaching out to new ones.


Specification, positioning & comparative analysis of goods.
Consulting on & setting up ethical & effective supply chains.
End distribution .

Also see:
    → 🔗lim0
    → 🔗ordering


Artistic, research & entrepreneurial grants.

Strong in ideation & material organization, collaborative technology, network-stewarding, software specification & leadership, proofing.

    * artistic production & execution

Technical and conceptual support .
Cross-media, speculative, and wide range of fine arts.

    * Quommoning (with Željko Blaće), 2019 — collaborative graph
    * canal boat sound art (with, 2019 — graph, production, performance assistance
    * CCQO: R2A, 2020 — research, graphical notation
    * ###

Usually as a part of a group, coordinated under a grant.
Usually includes (re)deployments & advanced configuration of existing software, presentations, and running support.