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Brief introduction

The Totalism Co-op is a general labour association, operating since 2016. We specialize in information technology, organisation processes, and applied research.

Cooperations are established on top of common-goals alignment. Thus, they can be better - cheaper, faster, more exciting, and more cheerful. This in turn changes the labour's accessibility and inclusivity, on both ends.

The broader Co-op's manifesto can be found here:
    → 🔗coop-manifesto.

Information Technologies

    ( BRIEF )

Software and Information Technology R&D:

    * opensource development + support:
        also see → 🔗workflow

    * openhardware research and "free industry" production:
        also see → 🔗openhardware

    * hardware platform resale & configuration:
        also see → 🔗laptop

    * develop for bounties

    * research and overviews

    * teaching and workshops:
        also see → 🔗teaching

    * system administration, dev-ops and hosting infrastructure
        ->>> #servercoop

    * fixing computers

    * [..]

Other technology:

    * events support (audio, video, network, workflow)

    * [...]

    * Quick transform dive [onsite, 2w/100h]

Every contemporary organisation, or individual, can benefit from improving their organisational processes, connected to the way they handle data. Tproduction, collaborationauthoring, collaborating, data, search & information retrieval, conceptual models, representation, machine learning, etc.

In 2 weeks... :
    * We figure out the main organisational and technical problems, and fully document them
    * Quick Fix:
        We rapidly document, specify, develop and deploy a solution to a painful problem
    * We re-align and re-sketch the internal research & development into an agreed, innovative direction
    * We concord a longer term smart data strategy

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  

Example outcomes

#1 (Belgian software/media company):
    * fixed a broken Solr search engine instance
    * rethought their database model (conceptual clearing for future proofing, performance improvements)
    * made plans for graph database and "extended use of data"
    * made foundation for reinforced learning on example that influence search weights
    * made foundation for statistical test infrastructure
    * written up single page executive report for future tech (can be used when looking for VC)

#2 (UK open hardware project):
    * base structure and vision-setting for this "zero stage" (🔗non-shitty) startup
    * for results, see 🔗voxelcraft ###RECOVER

    * Consult / outsource research [offsite, 4w/50h]
    * Initial brainstorming
    * Compile white papers / green papers / executive reports
    * Hold regular consulatory briefing
    * Prototype coding / development
    * [...]

    * Overview: Groupware (collaboration software & processes) [50h + 100h/Y]

Work effort:
    * 15h talk + preparation + investigate
    * 15h setup
    * 15h overview + fixes

    * ~10h/month
(Not unlike project.)

    * Hosting + system administration for small collaborative groups [20h + 100h/Y]

Use GNU/Linux.
Especially as the only administrator.

    * initial setup
    * regular maintenance
    * support + educating
    * updates
    * select hardware and responsible/reliable shops/isp services

Work effort:
    * 5h talk + preparation
    * 16h setup
    * 8h initial education
    * 8h support requests

    * ~10h/month

    * Software deployment and integration

    * own software:
        → 🔗coop-assets

    * other FLOSS software (especially with existing know-how or priority to learn)

        * Replacing proprietary software

With FLOSS alternatives.

    * support
    * teaching
    * custom directioned development
    * [...]

    * Development projects

        * directioned existing product improvement

    * software development on top of products we already use
    * ... especially FLOSS

        * custom development ("services", "R&D", etc)

    software, design, ...

    * micro-projects, <10h
    * mini-projects, <50h 
    * larger projects, ~500h:
        always break down in 100h max deliverables!
    * [...]

        * participating in a creative project ("R&D")

    * with other groups:
        develop specifications
        take care to transfer responsibility to wider community later
    * art projects:
        usually as a part of a group, that is coordinate under a grant
        usually also includes (re)deployments, presentations, etc
    * [...]

Teaching and educating

    * Workshops (for groups, public)

Typically 2-10 people, on set topics.

    (this offering could be auto-generated from THOUGHTSPACE)!

    * Mentoring young people (in schools, etc)

Connect with existing institutions that coordinate.
Fill any voids in coordination.

    * Scratch course (or equivialent)
    * Simple hardware projects (eg arduino, raspberry)
    * Navigate the internet

    * available on site regulary (once a week, 2h, all year)

    * Individual mentorship

    * in public space
    * [...]

    * local / in-person
    * online!

Re-Sales, Supply chain operations

Also see → 🔗lim0.

    * re-selling specific base goods, see 🔗ordering
    * researching and deploying ethical and effective supply chains.
    * [...]


    * Applying to grants

    * systematics
    * our open code work
    * model work!
    * improvements of existing projects
    * [...]

    * Applying to contests / bounties / freelance work

    * contests
    * bug bounties
    * [...]

___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  

    + can do it when there's no other work
    + quick turnaround?
    - jury receives work from everyone, then decides winner:
        maybe get zero compensation
        they might steal parts of work, and incorporate it into end solution


    * Open to receive donations

Must be able to receive donations in some form.

See 🔗donate !

    * Open to receive investment ?


Who knows?:
    a) subversive
    b) "startbursts" aka "spinoffs"
    c) indirect profitability (better environment, support from locals)

    * existing projects
    * new undertakings
    * [...]



    * produce from cybernetic farming

    * art-on-demand

    * high-tech camping workshops & outings

    * own software products:
        * online deployment
        * sales & support
        * teaching, workshops

    * [...]

*** PAD

TOMERGE -- "For more, also see..."
    * 🔗coop \ "Coop finds and coordinates"
    * dcht00🔗bizcase, dcht00🔗bizmodel
    * other segments from 🔗non-shitty
    * CHT🔗portfolio!
    * tons of stuff written under #meaningful, #databyro, #coop (david)
    * bits on 🔗season4, CHT🔗portfolio, ...
    * [...]


from 🔗coop-alike:
    * (via +substack) !
    * [...] "what we do":
    * "product definition"
    * "Quality Assurance, Reliability, Compliance and Certification"
    * [...]
    * [...]


    By Location

    * in-house / on-site
Work at the institution.

    * remote 1 : collaborative work (individual contact)
Have an individual to communicate.

    * remote group : project work (several developers)
This is how companies usually lead work.
Also "out-sourcing".

Preferred way - always work doubled or tripled down:
    * can be a learning experience (especially for part of group set)
    * increased reliability, quality (because reviews)
    * [...]

    Special modes/attributes
    * anonymous work:
        * only from employer: does not employ you directly, might not know who you are!
        * from all: specific payment paths/options!

    * work-as-donation

    * [...]

    Domain knowledge expertise

    * information technology:
        * software design
        * hardware
        * groupware, collaborative software
        * FLOSS / open innovation
        * data-driven
        * semantic web
        * security
        * documentation
        * [...]
    * automation
    * politics
    * philosophy, theory, humanities, scientific research
    * conferences and events
    * outdoor, camping
    * journalism, investigative journalism
    * publishing, media, hypermedia
    * cooperatives, new productive models, peer to peer
    * systems thinking
    * territories:
        * Slovenia
        * Balkans
        * Canary Islands
        * EU
    * architecture
    * music, studio, composition
    * dietetics / nutriology, nootropics
    * film
    * project management
    * [...]

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